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Showing Some Heart


Showing some heart

Some things speak for themselves.  This video has heart, is about heart and shows heart. It's nice to feel good, and this clip will surely make you feel that. When you see how people can overcome loss, grief and their own impending fatality, you know that whatever is greeting you today, could be worse. So enjoy living better.

A choice to donate your organs when your time comes can be a beautiful thing, allowing you to live on in others. Being on a waiting list myself for a vital organ, I can tell you how wonderful it is when you see someone become a recipient. Life is good. Share it.


Zombies, No. Heartless, Yes


Science keeps us going.  And here's what may be happening next. A heartless society. And that may be the key to living forever -- or at least as long as we wish.  Tomorrow is nearly here -- thanks to science today.  Don't let the Republican led fight for education and scientific cuts go through.  You want good health?  You need good research and well-educated minds.  It costs money.  But aren't we all worth it?


Video Mid Day Distraction- Kennedy Center Honors Led Zeppelin: Heart's Tribute "Stairway to Heaven"


That f'g rocked.


VIDEO: "Many people will now be wondering what happened to Dick Cheney’s old heart."


Via the inimitable Next Media Animation:

Former US vice president Dick Cheney had a heart transplant on Saturday, scotching long-time rumors that he didn't actually have a heart.

Doctors at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia declared the heart transplant a success, while experts denied the vice president for George W. Bush had used to influence to jump the queue for a new heart.

A statement said the Cheney family do not know the donor of Dick's new heart, but that they were "forever grateful."

Social media was ablaze with commentary and jokes at Cheney's expense. Some saying he didn't deserve a heart, others saying they thought he didn't have one, and others even hoping Dick Cheney's new heart would reject its host.

Many people will now be wondering what happened to Dick Cheney's old heart.


Dick Cheney: Pulseless in Alexandria


The New York Times has a piece on post-pump Cheney. Here are a few random tidbits:

  • He's headlining a fund-raiser for Maria Cino, a former Bush administration official who is looking to replace Michael Steele as RNC chair. [Money and power were always the big attractions for BushCo.  Nothing new here, move along.]
  • He's back to hunting and socializing. [If he does both at once, some hard core face protection will be in order.]
  • His new found pastimes: Writing his memoir and navigating life with his new pump. [He's all pumped to document the atrocities, then?]
  • His new mechanical pump leaves him without a pulse because it pushes blood continuously instead of mimicking the heart’s own beat. [Insert heartless joke here. You know you want to. I don't. Medical issues don't make me laugh.]
  • On very the serious side, the pumps are implanted as a last resort either for permanent use or as until a donor heart can be found. He now has to decide whether to get a heart transplant within months; because of his age, he soon will no longer qualify for one. The device he has may, or may not, work for a number of years.
  • Very serious side, Part 2: He likely has to wear a power line that emerges at about waist level and connects to a minicomputer that plugs into a pair of rather large 12-volt batteries. He also probably wears a black mesh vest over his clothing that holds the computer and batteries.
  • Heart pump patients usually cannot shower and have to settle for sponge baths. [Not the visual you wanted, I know.]
  • He donated $4.5 million to help create scholarships for students to study overseas. [Great. Now he's outsourcing college kids.]
  • He looks like this now:


A gaunt Dick Cheney is back on the road, vows more appearances


Oh my, Dickette's dad looks a little wan, a tad fragile. Of course, that's understandable. He is, after all, a "walking zombie". (That was not a joke, that is a direct quote, follow the link.)

He was in my home state of California this weekend strutting all that Cheney charisma in front of 10,000 people at the Bakersfield Business Conference.

Dickette's mom was with him:

"She's been my nurse, my negotiator with the medical community," her husband said, "and in return for all of that great help she's given me, today I've agreed to let her interview me."

So he needs a negotiator to deal with the medical community, does he?

Would that be the same medical community that he accessed in order to save his life, unlike so many of his "fellow Americans"? Did he have to pay a dime for that?  And what kind of negotiating did they engage in exactly? How much air time to devote to Big Insurance? How to assure his buddies that Citizens United has taken all the risk out of special interests buying elections?

He then went on to say his proudest accomplishment was preventing another terrorist attack. That's notable for two reasons: 1) He actually admitted at least one an attack happened on his watch (Psst! Rudy!) , and 2) he lied about there not being another attack.

Yep, he's nearly back to normal.

H/t: @BleuZ00m


Dick Cheney still in hospital after heart surgery


Gee, I hope Dicky Dearest is enjoying the benefits of his health coverage while millions of Americans are ill and dying from a lack thereof:

Former State Department official Liz Cheney made some news Sunday when she told "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace that her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney," remains hospitalized after undergoing heart surgery in early July.

The Dickette also told Wallace that Daddy Dicky Dearest gets out later this week and plans on doing some fishing and hunting. I hope the next guy he shoots in the face has decent insurance, too.

[Insert obligatory "we wish him well" here]