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VIDEO: Here's a little "clip-and-save" GOP moment for you


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I live for these Rachel Maddow moments:

Notice anything about their selections?

Here. Here is the whole group of who the Republicans picked to run their committees. They picked these 19 guys. Notice anything?

So, yeah, this is what you can clip and save for the next time someone in the beltway tells you how "seriously" the Republican party is taking its diversity problem this year. Clip and save, fellas.


Rep. Pete Stark to replace Charles Rangel as committee chair


By GottaLaff

"Liberal" is such a pretty word. Let's use it often:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has picked liberal firebrand Rep. Pete Stark to replace ousted Chairman Charles Rangel on the tax-writing committee, according to a House leadership aide. [...]

In Stark, Pelosi is picking a fellow Californian to head one of the House's most powerful committees. [...]

In a statement, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Executive Director Melanie Sloan said, "By forcing Rep. Rangel out, Democrats undercut Republican efforts to portray them as soft on ethics, the very strategy that returned Democrats to the majority in the 2006 elections."

Too bad Dems are soft on so many other things.