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Fvx Nation Is ON The Presidential Lack of Feck - even early of a Saturday


They were abuzz with where to fixate blame first … on Obama's Leading From Behind, sanz feck, in the conservative-appropriated Israel and Gaza, or the situation in the Eastern Ukraine that has Hannity et al frothing at the mouth and getting John McCain, Grampy McBombBombs, to share his 'wisdom'; as we reported earlier, yesterday, and in past months, link here for the gamut.

Earlier today, at an ungodly hour, Huckabee expounded on Obama's lack of leadership and had the whole Ick Couch backing him up in a chorale of deck-bemoaning tut-tutting and pooh-poohing.

Poster courtesy our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54 on the Twitterz

Poster courtesy our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54 on the Twitterz. Click to enlarge.

Fvx is reporting that Obama is too busy getting manscaped with Putin to be interested, no feck in sight ... so the only debates are about whether he is failing worse in the Mideast or Eastern Ukraine.

 I just don't completely understand when liberals allowed Fox Nation to appropriate Israel -- was there a memo I missed? My blood family is too dull to be Jewish, but adult family/friends have filled in ... when did defending Israel become Fox Noise's and Limpbaugh's job?? Assisted by boobs like these:

You have to be sympathetic to the people of Gaza, the regional tragedy ... it's heartbreaking, but the politics in the U.S. have given it such obscurifying and odious undertones, I struggle with knowing how to report on it.
I suspect it all goes to the creepy religionist appropriation of Their Holy Lands for either the Rapture, salacious future ownership or rights to the mythical lands beloved of Their God or could hypothetically contain some location where Jesus slept? It's going to be touristy, if they get their sick Final Days wishes. Shudder.

The Curvy Couch of Ick was fully loaded.

Hasselbeck, Tucker Carlson, The Goodly Governor Huckabee of the evening Fox Noise lineup for failed neo-con GOPpers rescued by Murdoch or Ailes.

Here's the audio, apologies for Fvxing you early.


'Poking bears' was actually used by Huckabee in what he pitiably felt was a modern analogy.

When they added a Fvx Nation expert, Max Boot, it didn't improve.

For sanity purposes, allow me to add some Melissa Harris-Perry takes on the events that will bring your head back around to the front … and salve some understandable phobias.

And a more global look.



Former W&CheneyCo National Guard Chief Warns Against Fox Hysteria at the Borders


When WaPo is going the way of one of W and CheneyCo.'s erstwhile immigration strategists about the crisis on the borders, the Right has jumped the shark on crisis amplification.

Let Shark Week ensue.

President Obama has yet to visit the site of the humanitarian crisis we are all allegedly seeing through a distorted and divisive politician lens, the mainstream media with a liberal bent. Or, as we like to call it, reality.

Where Jon Stewart is asking Hillary Clinton the tough questions, getting the good answers and all of a sudden The Plum Line at The Washington Post (and no matter how much we love us some mustachioed Gene Robinson, they are still the right-tilted paper of record for the Beltway Bubble) calls out Fvx Nation and Governor Good Hair Perry and the frenzied-up masses.

There's less of an appetite for harsh No Amnesty rhetoric that you thought, eh GOP power rain-makers? Interesting.

From The Washington Post.

But in an interview today, the head of the National Guard under George W. Bush said he had not yet heard a clear rationale for sending in the Guard and suggested it might not be the appropriate response to the problems at the core of the current crisis, though he did say he could envision the Guard playing some sort of part in a broader solution.

So no need to send in the militias? Do proceed. You, H. Steven Blum, are actually someone qualified to speak about Katrina and that hardly ever happens.


“Until mission requirements are clearly defined, it can’t be determined whether this is an appropriate use of the Guard in this particular case,” H. Steven Blum, who was the Chief of the National Guard Bureau from 2003 to 2009 and has been a career military man for decades, told me. “There may be many other organizations that might more appropriately be called upon. If you’re talking about search and rescue, maintaining the rule of law or restoring conditions back to normal after a natural disaster or a catastrophe, the Guard is superbly suited to that. I’m not so sure that what we’re dealing with in scope and causation right now would make it the ideal choice.”

Shut Up! No need to set our hair on fire and find rural causes and "bus lookout" posse meet-n'-greet-ups somewhere near a border to bring loaded guns and Tea Party wackadoo to this week? Hannity is going to be so dreadfully deflated.

And he pouts.

Last night he was primed and ready to incite. And he had Rudy Noun, Verb, 9-11 Guiliani riding shotgun.

Seriously? "An insecure border leads to terrorism?" Oh, Rudy. A New Yorker should just have more common sense than you display.

There is nothing sensible about Fvx News, and they plan to keep it that way.


Pastor on Fox Noise Freaks Out About Free Medical Marijuana in Berkeley



It's [the Evil Weed] going to cause Berkeley to make the poverty rate and the income rate to move down over generations …

This is Fvx's new favorite irrational hate target:  The city of Berkeley and their 'free weed' giveaways to the low income population for healthcare' purposes. You won't believe it until you see it, so find those Fox Noise Nausea Meds and I'll meet you on the other side.

stfu wheel of fortune wall

They had former addict and practicing Religionist Bishop Ron Allen on to opine. Twas his erudite quote, above. Gag.

"Why don't Berkeley give 'em free pipes n' papers, also?!?" … This is going to go through generations, and be a really bad deal," summated Fvx's Bishop.

Oh My Christian God … The Good Bishop actually said pot makes you lazy and tripled down on Paul Boy Non-Wonder Ryan's 'generations of unemployed' meme.

Asshat of The Day Award, won.



Fvx Nation Turns Their Hysteria Periscope To The United Nations


It's a pretty good deal to work at the U.N., isn't it?!" brayed Tucker Carlson to Fvx guest 'expert' Michael Warren (from The Devil Bill Kristol's, slime-site 'The Daily Standard')) on Fvx and Friends this fine Saturday morning ... and not in regard to a Wall Street High Roller, either.

"We are sending billion$ to groups of people that hate us!!" was The Tuck's next hyper-ruption. [Can anyone Believe Carlson used to be on prime time messnbc?]

Just imagine the Fox Noise Muckety Mucks pondering the Pro column of their next Red Meat Scapegrace  … with graphics.

Fvx Nation is on the case.

Fvx Nation is on the case.

So. Obama is exiting fairly cleanly, he did (technically probably) take care of Bin Laden, our machination of the Idjit Tea Party effectively put an Out Of Order sign on Congress ... and we could not actually prove that the imposter-president did indeed have the IRS concoct Benghazi.

We need us a new vintage conspiracy theory that dovetails seamlessly with old school tin-foil hat conspiracy memes. Enter Fvx, with a segment block entitled: Money pit: How much of your money is going to the United Nations?



It's a tad early to aim the heavy artillery at Hillary Rodham Clinton [did Morris the Dick go on sabbatical?] ... But of course! The U.N. By very definition it's not about U.S. !It's the Perfect Cluster Phuque of a Fox Fantasy non-news story.

Creak, creak creak, they crank the Fvx Periscope wheel to set their sights on New York Cit-ay and beyond. Cue the hysteria and xenohobic self-serving claptrap.

OH NOes! The Obama administration in 2010 stopped publishing the [assuredly horrific] pay details from what the U.S. contributes in 2010!!!???!!! Get out your lighter fluid and a Patriotic Bic, time for some coiffures to go up in flame.


The U.N. workers apparently make as much as the Koch Bros., have an out of control benefits and pension package, and are sucking Our Amurika dry.

The self-proclaimed Math Whiz, Daily Standard Dude, said it was even more of a salacious scandale than American Taxpayers feared: 30% of U.N. Workers are considered 'high paid' [let us just assume that means slightly more than USD minimum wage). They're going be buying their own individual Special Ops helicopters by 2016.

How on our-God's own green earth do we REGULATE this, in other words.

Agan, hate to give you Fvx, at any hour, but you have to hear it t'believe it. Audio with Siri's help, below, video hopefully to come if it doesn't arrive at Fvx Online by 'publish minute'.

Fox Sheeple, you have your early morning marching orders, retrain those crosshairs onto the ole' Winger Bugaboo, the U.N. ... you have been slacking there, to be quite honest.