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Raw Video: First Lady Meets Sikh Temple Official


She exudes compassion.

First lady Michelle Obama met with the families of the victims of the Sikh temple shooting on Thursday in Oak Creek, Wis.

The meeting at the Oak Creek High School was private and reporters were left outside, according to the pool report. The first lady, in Wisconsin for campaign events, took the afternoon off for the meeting.

President Obama called India's prime minister, Manmohan Singh, the week of the incident to offer his condolences but has not visited the community.

The first lady told Oak Creek Mayor Stephen Scaffidi and the secretary of the temple where the shooting took place that she hoped to lend the community her support.

"It's my honor to be here with you,” she said. “I'm sorry it's under these circumstances, but I am anxious to meet with the families and lend whatever support I can."


Video- O’Reilly Tries To Use Family Research Council Shooting To ‘Prove’ He Was Wrongly Accused In Dr. Tiller Shooting


Been a while since Billo stopped by the blog to lie for us, so here you are! Via Newshounds.


AUDIO: Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman relentlessly mocked, bullied colleague at work


The Florida state prosecutor interviewed a former work co-worker of George Zimmerman:

"So you described him as a bully?"


Via Think Progress: (at about 4:15)

He repeatedly called the man a “fucking moron” and mocked him using the voice of “Achmed the terrorist.” Zimmerman’s stories about the man would involve “bombing,” “I’ll kill your family” and other “jokes” about “Middle Eastern stuff.” 

That went on "for days and days."

He said he was referred to as "the fucking moron" because he was "the new guy."

The co-worker went on to say that, more than racism, "I was an easy target for him. That was more important than anything else"... "to make himself look good."

However, he was "extremely professional to your face... such a convincing guy" that the man actually started doubting himself after "all those weeks of being very upset."

And a few months later, "they got rid of" Zimmerman; he was fired.

And to pick up on Paddy's earlier rant, I'm getting tweets and comments from oddly gleeful Trayvon critics that amount to "A-ha! He smoked the evil weed so he's no angel and deserved what he got!"

I smoked pot in college, and ended up graduating from UCLA cum laude. Trayvon Martin had traces of pot in his system, and he ends up getting blamed for his own murder.

Oh, and other than THC, Trayvon also had a bullet in his system.

He was stalked, despite warnings to Zimmerman to stop following him. He was unarmed. Pot is not exactly a substance that creates hostility and aggression. If you're going to defend  Zimmerman, at least consider using a little rational thought and a modicum of logic.


FBI looking into a hate crime charge against George Zimmerman


AP Photo/Sanford Police Department

Per WFTV in Orlando (video), the FBI is looking into a hate crime charge against George Zimmerman. Adding that charge, if he's found guilty, he could face life in prison or the death penalty.

Of course, prosecutors would have to prove that he acted out of hatred of African Americans, enough hatred to motivate his shooting of Trayvon Martin.

As of late Monday, Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, told WFTV that he's gotten the first prosecution documents containing the evidence against his client. O’Mara said he's gotten a redacted witness list with 22 witnesses listed only as numbers.

O’Mara said he believes there are recorded interviews and some documents, but he said he hasn't even opened it yet. [...]

O'Mara, wants Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. to keep some of the key evidence, especially witness statements, out of the public eye by writing a motion to keep it sealed. [...]

In the meantime, a photograph recently surfaced which is said to show Zimmerman's mother in the arms of her grandfather, who is black. [...]

State prosecutors said Zimmerman gave several inconsistent statements to Sanford police, which is, in part, their basis for charging him with second-degree murder.

Stay tuned.