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VIDEO: "We bought an assault rifle, or an Uzi, in a Babies R Us parking lot."


gun sales parking lot

Please watch this video, it's a jaw-dropper. Via KDVR, Fox31 Denver:

The weapons weren’t purchased from a gun store or licensed dealer.  They were purchased from total strangers in public parking lots.

The transactions were part of a month-long undercover investigation by FOX31 Denver. [...]

[O]ne guy pulled out a 22 caliber Uzi in the parking lot of Babies “R” Us.  “I mean the beauty of this gun is it’s pretty well balanced when you’re holding it with two hands,” he said.

When asked if it was an “appropriate” location to sell an Uzi the seller replied, “I feel safer here than I do in my own home.”

Here's what an NRA lobbyist said when asked about these transactions:

“Well I think it’s up to each individuals perception as to what they see as appropriate or inappropriate,” said Carey.  “To me I don’t have a problem with it.  To you, you may.  To some folks in the audience they may agree or disagree with it.”

'Nuff said.

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Cartoons of the Day- Gun Sales Surge




4th annual obama's gonna take your gun sale



As gun biz was hiring 13,000 people a year, its product was being used to kill more than twice that



David Lazarus has a column in today's L.A. Times that is titled "Job Creators, Life Enders" about the gun industry, regulation, and more.

In it, he interviews Larry Hunter, one of the organizers of Gun Appreciation Day, a former vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a congressional staffer who now heads Revolution PAC, a conservative political action committee.

Here are a few of the words Hunter chose to use while discussing public safety regarding the common sense regulation of firearms: Liberty, freedom, police state, runaway government power, tyrannical, and "preventing the government from overthrowing liberty."

He also said the NRA doesn't go far enough in its defense of gun rights.

Or as I like to call it, extremism.

Then Lazarus went on to write about the firearms industry:

Gun and ammo companies accounted for nearly $32 billion in economic activity last year, according to a recent report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry group based in Newtown, Conn., where 20 little kids and six adults were shot to death last month. [Laffy Note: I wrote about them and their chillingly ironic location here.]

The foundation emphasized that its members are, first and foremost, job creators. [...]

But left unsaid was the fact that as the gun business was hiring about 13,000 people a year, its product was being used to kill more than twice that number.

Read that last part again. Some track record.

Lazarus then quoted a few more stats: Guns were used in 11,078 U.S. homicides in 2010, and in 19,392 suicides, and every year, about 600 fatalities are a result of accidental gun deaths. He then reminds us of a 3-year-old boy in Washington state who discovered his father's gun under a car seat and fatally shot himself in the head. (You can read about many, many more firearms “mishaps”  here.)

And that leads us to regulation of not only guns, but also other products that can kill. As Lazarus rightly notes, "guns are inherently dangerous, just as cigarettes and alcohol are." But gun supporters are reluctant to acknowledge the obvious:

We heavily regulate smokes and booze to minimize as much as possible their threat to society. Why shouldn't the same thinking apply to guns?

That doesn't mean anyone should or will be taking away people's handguns and rifles. We don't do that with cigarettes or liquor.

But just as the goal of much of our tobacco and alcohol regulation focuses on keeping these products out of the wrong hands and preventing them from being misused, regulation of firearms needs to focus on reducing gun violence.

Of course Hunter (ironic name) insists that "The problem is not gun violence. The biggest problem is that we live in a culture that is suffused with violence... and psychiatric drugs." And while Hunter insists on insisting that anything-but-guns is the problem, Lazarus insists that "guns, like cigarettes and alcohol, have a track record of causing harm to their users and others" and that our very non-tyrannical president is simply prioritizing transparency and limited access to specific weapons "whose sole purpose is to kill people."

In other words, lives matter.

We tend to regulate any product that causes needless deaths. Lazarus uses cribs and power tools as examples of items that at times have proved to be unsafe, and notes that gun zealots (my word, not his) don't object to crib/tool control, but when it comes to gun safety, uh-uh, verboten, no way, no how.

Hunter expressed his concerns that stricter weapons oversight would lead to complete prohibition, as happened with alcohol back in the day. I don't know about you, but I've heard that argument a lot lately. Lazarus responds with this:

He needs to look around and realize that liquor is legal and available; cigarettes are legal and available. But they're regulated to improve the public welfare. No one would argue that, absent such regulation, the country would be better off.

Take note, "freedom" defenders and "pro-lifers."


VIDEO: CO background check submissions for guns break all records. "Gun manufacturers profit off of mass violence."



The Denver Post is reporting that, per the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, there's been a new record set for single-day background check submissions with requests to buy guns jumping to more than 4,200 on the day after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre:

The surge following the massacre was so massive it overwhelmed the system, Medina said. So many background checks were submitted the process that normally usually takes minutes turned into wait times of more than 12 hours. [...]

Saturday morning the wait time on a check was a little more than 15 minutes. By Sunday, it was 18 hours, Medina said.

And by Monday, the wait times increased to about 19 hours. Let's hope whoever checks all these backgrounds is thorough.

So are they afraid of more massacres or of that evil Kenyan in the White House who will take their guns away? And by take their guns away, I mean supports reasonable and responsible deadly weapons regulation to prevent more needless deaths.

As Gawker points out in this must-read article, "gun manufacturers profit off of mass violence in America. See for yourself." Yes, they make a bundle, they get rich while contributing to efforts to kill people. How's that for "pro life" family values, hmm?

Maybe that's why Gun Safety Advocates Protest At NRA Offices: ‘End The Murder’ ‘Stop The NRA’:

You can demand a plan to end gun violence here.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Co-Chair and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was joined today by survivors and family members of victims of gun violence to release personal videos demanding that elected officials in Washington D.C. take immediate action to reduce gun violence in America. The videos can be viewed at


Oil company profits and gun sales booming. It must be that secret plot by President Obama!




That evil commie Marxist socialist Barack Hussein Obama is ruining everything! He's clearly hurting gun sales with all those new anti-gun policies, and messing up Big Oil by  increasing the number of U.S. oil drilling rigs more than George Bush ever did, which is clearly ripping into their profits!

Oh wait:

AP: Firearms-related businesses in Wisconsin say they are having a difficult time meeting demand from rising gun sales in the state. Wisconsin’s gun sales follow a national trend, and businesses say the rising demand is being driven by various factors, from Wisconsin’s concealed carry law to presidential politics. [...]

This year, though, it’s off the charts. [...]

Wisconsin’s concealed carry law also is cited as a factor. The Wisconsin Department of Justice has issued more than 100,000 concealed weapons permits since the law took effect in November. In announcing the 100,000th permit, the department said it continues to receive hundreds of applications each day.

“We’re seeing a lot of new shooters and a lot of women shooters,” Nugent said.

I'm sure Trayvon Martin would have been thrilled by such good news.

Everyone knows every bit of this boom is due to that secret plan President Obama has to take no steps to infringe upon gun ownership THIS term, because he's been waiting around, tapping his foot, looking at his watch, until his second term... during which he's going to abruptly switch gears and TAKE EVERYONE'S GUNS AWAY.

He's the cleverest president ever!

It's obviously the same plan he has for Big Oil. Why, the president is simply giddy over the prospect of taking them down! The Hill:

Exxon Mobil Corp. topped this year’s Fortune 500 list of the country’s largest corporations, with two other oil companies rounding out the top five. [...]

Two other major oil companies, Chevron and ConocoPhillips, were ranked third and fourth, respectively.

The list gives President Obama and liberal Democrats more political ammunition in their long-time fight to kill tax breaks for the largest oil companies.

Of course, Republicans will fight any new legislation like that tooth and nail, because, see, the poor oil companies are hurting, and we need to give them a few more handouts.


VIDEO: Gun sting. Illegal gun sales run rampant on the Internet.


While Darrell Issa is doing his GOPutz best trying to get Attorney General Holder fired for the Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation, we have a rather enormous firearms problem right here, right now, that very few people seem to talk about, lest the Big Bad NRA bite them.

And yes, I wanted to say "lest".

As you can see from the sting documented in the video above, it's easy for even a teenager to purchase a gun, because they are sold over the Internet with minimal oversight. Calling them regulations would be overstating it.

Hey parents out there, imagine the voice on that recording is your child.

Via HuffPo:

In the report released Wednesday, entitled, "Point, Click, Fire: An Investigation of Illegal Online Gun Sales," investigators found that sellers on Craigslist agreed 82 percent of the time to sell guns to a purchaser who admitted they probably couldn't pass a background check. Not that anyone is supposed to be selling guns on Craigslist. The website, which depends on self-policing, claims to ban firearms sales yet thousands of guns were found listed for sale there, according to the report. [...]

More than 4,000 websites offer guns for sale, according to the Department of Justice. As the new report illustrates, the anonymity of the Internet has spurred huge growth in online sales. [...]

Federally licensed firearms dealers are required to conduct background checks on all buyers, whether in person or online. But unlicensed "private sellers" are exempt from conducting background checks. This so-called "gun show loophole," along with the Internet, now accounts for about 40 percent of U.S. sales, fueling what law enforcement officials say is a huge black market for illegal guns.

Please link over for more disturbing details.


Quickie- Republicans vote to allow unmonitored multiple semi-automatic weapon sales


I read and hear this crap every day, but sometimes something like this just slaps me in the face with the sewage that is out there masquerading as "lawmaking". Who in their right mind think it's a good thing to let someone buy ten, twenty semi-automatics at a pop?

>House Republicanson Wednesday voted to strip funding for a new Obama administration policy that increases reporting requirements for some gun dealers who sell semi-automatic rifles.

The rule from the Department of Justice (DOJ) requires dealers to report within five days multiple sales to the same person of semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines.

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) sponsored the amendment to the fiscal year 2012 Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies appropriations bill that would nix funding for the rule.

"For more than a decade, efforts to track rifle purchases and create a national gun registry have failed to gain support in Congress, so the ATF is working to implement these regulations using rules written by unelected bureaucrats," Rehberg said. "I’m going to keep this government accountable to the people."