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PhotOH! Immajin wut a thret gun zelluts wud bee if thay kud spell!

Via my pal Lu Cifer

Via my pal Lu Cifer

Illinois gun "enthusiasts" sent out an anti-Bloomberg, anti-Robin Kelly postcard...and managed to misspell both Debbie Halvorson's name and-- wait for it-- "February".

Here's an idea:

use spell check 2

use spell check

Imagine what would happen if gun zealots could spell! Thay kood beekum a reel thret:

gun nuts misspell Halvorson in postcard ad gun nuts misspell February in Halvorson postcard

The above images were sent to me in an email, and they come to us via @dkoselections. I edited them to highlight the errors and also added the arrows.

but wait there's moreThis photo comes by way of the Downtown Asheville Facebook page. I edited it down a little for size only, but the image is intact:

gun nut sign misspelled Via Downtown Asheville FB page

Yes, according to Very Dedicated to the Constitution Guy, we are to "suport" the right to "own bare arms"... according to the "Secont Ament." I'm relieved to hear that, since I own two bare arms, and even a bare the-rest-of-me.

Actually, the Second Amendment mentions a little something about a "well-regulated militia," presumably in uniform. A bare-armed militia would get plenty of laughs, but not much protection from the elements. And don't get me started on the chafing.

As a special added bonus I'm adding a few other choice examples of the genius behind right wing messaging:

secede texastea party misspelled sign2tea party misspelled sign

romney misspelled ad Amerciamisspell10misspell8misspell1


Man building homemade bombs arrested in alleged plot to kill CA Dem. lawmaker who pushed anti-assault weapon laws


gun nut inside

So there's a guy who makes bombs who allegedly wanted to kill a San Francisco Democratic senator (Leland Yee) who doesn't like military-style weapons falling into the hands of guys who make bombs. Yes, here we go again, this time involving some Bay Area loon who was threatening to kill Yee if he kept pushing legislation to restrict assault weapons.

And firearms "enthusiasts" still insist on giving three patriotic cheers for these homicidal gun nuts' rights?

Via the L.A. Times:

A Bay Area man who authorities say was building homemade bombs has been arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill a state lawmaker.

Everett Basham, 45, was booked Tuesday on multiple charges, including possession of a manufactured explosive and illegal possession of chemicals used to make explosives.

A loaded handgun was found in the suspect's car, per a CHP spokesman. When they went to his house, they discovered “precursors to homemade explosives.”

So remember, kiddies, if you don't like laws that prevent you doing things your own way, or that stop you from having the weapons you want, shoot the person who makes the laws.

Of course, you first need to make sure that person you want to murder doesn't pack heat or drive a tank or control a drone himself, because the Dorner case dispels the “nutty notion that a citizen can be heavily enough armed to fight off the government”


Dorner case dispels the "nutty notion that a citizen can be heavily enough armed to fight off the government"


no talking points

George Skelton's column in today's L.A. Times makes so many good points, it's hard to know where to start. Here's as good a place as any:

The nutty notion that a citizen can be heavily enough armed to fight off the government went up in smoke near Big Bear Lake.

Then Skelton went on to share some emails he's received from, erm, ardent gun owners. Here are a couple of excerpts:

The [purpose of the] 2nd Amendment is to enable 'the people' … to protect themselves against government tyranny." [...]

Then there are the right-wing racists, like Pam:

"When that redistributionist Marxist [deleted] Obama decides to take away decent people's homes and businesses and give them to the black criminal gangbangers, the garbage illegal aliens [deleted] and the rest of the low information welfare/food stamp crowd who voted for him, we who have our guns can meet them at the door, loaded and ready."

And there are many like Bryan, who asked: "What if the German Jews had been well armed" against Hitler?

My answer: They would have been slaughtered by the Nazi Panzer divisions.

The French and Poles were well armed. How'd that work out?

Skelton describes how many people believe the part about the Second Amendment right to bear arms "being necessary to the security of a free state," but ignore the part about the militia being "well regulated."

He explains how it should be "obvious to everyone by now that the right to bear arms can be 'infringed.' We're not allowed to bear bazookas. Or machine guns. No automatic rifles."

And for good reason, despite the recurring case being made these days about the right to own semi-automatics ("assault weapons") and large capacity magazines.


As of this writing, it's not clear what suspected killer Christopher Dorner had in his arsenal. But it was enough to hold off law enforcement in Tuesday's shootout until someone upped the firepower, literally, by lobbying incendiary tear gas into the cabin where the axed cop apparently was making a last stand against the government.

The government virtually always wins.

He then reminds us that Jefferson Davis's rebels failed to fight off northern "tyranny" — and "back then the U.S. government didn't have tanks or drones, let alone ballistic missiles."

There's that.

But neither Washington, D.C., nor the LAPD is a foreign power. Americans are not going to permit Uzi-armed citizens to rebel against their country, regardless of any "tyranny" some disgruntled misfits might perceive.

Some in the Los Angeles Police Department who were on the lookout for Dorner ended up shooting at women and others who bore no resemblance to the suspect, a controversy our own David Garber wrote about in his post Mistaken Identity or Trigger Happy?

But as Skelton notes, "that calls for firing, not armed citizen rebellion."

As he also notes, guns are for hunting and for protection. I haven't seen too many arguments against those assertions, even from people like me who are no fans of guns in general. Of course, if it were up to me, I'd prefer that no animals be killed for sport, and that guns be as rare as "pro-lifers" would like abortion to be.

Skelton ends with this:

Guns to overthrow tyranny, irrational. That's why our founders gave us the ballot box.

The Second Amendment remedies for "government tyranny" just don't make sense. The way to "overthrow" government officials is to vote them out, not shoot at them. And in the unlikely event that the American government actually were to become a real threat, assault weapons would be no match for drones, tanks, or anything else in the government arsenal.

Time to retire that talking point and way of thinking and enter the real world.


Largest gun show in DC raises admission to help bankroll fight against Obama’s gun safety measures

Stop Handgun Violence sign Massachusetts gun shows background checks

Stop Handgun Violence sign, Massachusetts


What is so damned hard about processing this Constitutionally protected right and fact: America, you are still, and will continue to be, able to "keep and bear your guns."

Oversight and common sense safety measures to keep more children and adults from being sprayed with bullets will not infringe on anyone's Second Amendment rights. You know what infringes on rights? People who kill other people with weapons that belong-- exclusively-- in the hands of our military service members.

"Right-to-lifers" might want to check their hypocrisy at the door for two minutes and think about who and what they're defending.

They might want to consider twenty children and their right to not get killed.

They might want to have just a tad of empathy for those who couldn't fight back against an angry gun owner who fully intended to slaughter living, breathing human beings with his seemingly endless stream of bullets aimed at their heads... like Gabby Giffords, for example.

Or the five-year-olds at Sandy Hook Elementary whose little faces were blasted and shredded beyond recognition.

But clinging to the "right" to an assault rifle trumps men, women, and children clinging to their last breath.

And to make matters worse, these same self-righteous gunners prioritize lobbyists and profit over real liberty: The freedom to breathe.

Via The Hill:

Thousands of gun enthusiasts are descending upon the “Nation’s Gun Show” at the Dulles Expo Center this weekend and, for the first time in five years, are being greeted with a higher cost of entry as the gun rights community wages a tough, and costly, campaign to stop Obama and Congress from stiffening certain gun laws.

Admission has gone up because we are using the money to fight so you can keep and bear your guns,” read the sign on the front doors to the gun show.

“We have already spent $25,000 this year to stop impending legislation by hiring lawyers, lobbyists, and writing bills.” [...]

“Got to get them while you can,” said one man, who had just purchased an AR-15 assault-style weapon for $1,599 and a 42-round clip for $45. He did not want to be identified.

It has been well-established that military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines are not necessary for hunting, nor have any gun "enthusiasts" documented a case in which they've been used to defend a homeowner from an intruder.

That much was made clear at the Senate hearings on gun violence and in this video of Lawrence O’Donnell eviscerating gun hugger Gayle Trotter. But that didn't stop "the steadily paced stream of gun buyers slow[ing] to a stop in front of the dealers hawking assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines."

It's rather important to note that the largest gun show in the DC area allowed for private sales. That means no sales tax and no background checks required.

What could possibly go wrong?