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President Obama Has a Full Day of New Conferences on Africa - LIVE FEED


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The president has had at least six weeks from the depths of hell.

We've seen the Regressive Right and Fvx Nation pound President Obama, pummeling him about Gaza, Israel, the crisis at our southern borders, and the neo-con backlash that festers away, Obamacare Delusionalz, Ebola hysteria … and being facetiously sued by John Boy Boehner.

No wonder the man is growing grayer than most presidents have in only six years.

The Lipton Brigade and luminaries like Man Coulter, Rushee Limpbaugh and ole Sean Hannity have turned hate and disdain into a bloody cottage industry.

Today, President Obama will take some tough-as-nails questions and fierce follow-ups as the Summit on Africa closes for the day. Other vids here at

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Obama had already spoken today on the hot topics of foreign affairs rather beautifully earlier on the situations in Africa that we as a country need to hear. 

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

And he then addressed economic issues of the continent.

From John Podesta at

This week, more than 40 heads of state and government from across Africa are joining President Obama in Washington for the first-ever U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. Since 2000, the continent has seen enormous progress. Rates of extreme poverty and hunger are down. The number of new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa dropped by almost 40 percent between 2001 and 2012. Access to education and health care is on the upswing.

The actual press conference is slotted for 5 p.m. +/- VT, 2ish in California. Will get that code in when available.


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"Man Up!" Three Boys Kill Themselves Every Day Because Of That Philosophy


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Gender identity places huge expectations on children. Girls should play with dolls, boys with weapons or baseball bats. We mold children into how we think they should be, then we take umbrage when they don't grow up to our expectations. Even worse, these instituted minds become personalities who find ways to fall "short" of the expectations we place on them and we fault them for the rest of their lives.

Who hasn't said to a child, especially a male child, at least one of the following: "Just be a man?"  "Don't be a pussy." "Tough it out." "Handle it like a man." "Men don't cry." "Faggot." "You're behaving like a little girl." "Man up." "Grow some balls." "Act like a man." "Stop crying, girls cry." "Enough with the tears."

All of these put downs or chastisements stigmatize children, separating them from finding their own personal emotional level. This kind of false expectation over formulating, malleable minds lead to adolescent and adult unhappiness. And in the formulation stages, contribute to long term psychological problems, even death/suicide.

The following short video does a masterful job of pointing the burden we place on our children. It's worth taking a look from the other side.


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