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VIDEO: Over 100 law school grads walk out to protest anti-gay speaker Sen. Rob Portman


Why any law school-- let alone the Michigan Law School-- would ask Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) to speak at a graduation where the grads understand the Constitution better than he does is beyond me. He is no friend of the gay community, and clearly has no grasp of “the equal protection of the laws.”

Two words, Rob: Civil rights. Welcome to 2011.

Ann Arbor Journal:

Portman came under fire for his voting record. He has opposed gay adoption in Washington, D.C. and opposes gay marriage. A number of students who took part in the protest said that such views are incompatible with basic, human dignity. [...]

Almost immediately after announcing Portman as the Senior Day speaker, Caminker was contacted by students who took objection with the choice. [...]

About 60 percent of the graduates wore rainbow buttons or ribbons on their gowns or rainbow tassels on their caps.

Via Think Progress, here are Michigan Law grads walking out of Portman’s speech:

Two recent polls find that a majority of Americans support marriage equality, as opposed to just 36 percent shortly after Bush won the 2004 election.

I recently had an argument (the usual frustrating one) with a YouTube commenter who insisted that being gay is a choice.  And yes, I did ask him when he made the choice to be straight. I never did get an answer to that.

More here.


1990 VIDEO: Rachel Maddow's high school graduation speech


This was at Castro Valley High School, in California, back in 1990. Rachel Maddow, complete with Birkenstocks, makes a speech as a teen that rivals any adult speech I've heard.

Amazing then, amazing now:


The gutsy 17 year old Rachel Maddow gives a daring speech at her high school commencement.

"Close mindedness" is not an easy thing to eradicate, is it Rach...?

"Make them change."

"I warn the rest of this community, here we come."

She didn't disappoint.

H/t: Jazzcattrio


Christine O'Donnell's 2008 My Space page


Patrick over at Palingates linked me to Christine O'Donnell's old MySpace page, back when she was running for Senate in 2008.  Take a look:

Meet her bestest friends!

Now take a closer look. See if you can spot a problem:

I don't see a graduation date, do you?

Twenty-one years after she began her undergraduate work, Republican Christine O'Donnell can accurately call herself a college graduate. A spokesman for Fairleigh Dickinson University says the tea party-backed Senate candidate earned her bachelor's degree in English literature on Wednesday. [...]

O'Donnell has been dogged by questions over her claims she graduated from the New Jersey school; she later conceded that while she attended graduation day in 1993, she did not collect a diploma.

She got her degree this month. September, 2010.

We knew about this whopper, but it's interesting to see it in black and white teal.


Photos: Quality Photos Of President Obama’s Graduation Speech In Kalamazoo & A Smile!


Taken by my incredibly talented friend Wizardkitten. Nice to see the President smile, haven’t seen that here lately. Here is her blog, here her Flickr page.


Audio- Limbaugh sub Mark Davis says Obama went "a little gangsta" with comment about "whose ass to kick"


There is no winning this game.


LIVE VIDEO FEED: President Obama's commencement speech at Kalamazoo, Michigan's Central High


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Can you imagine being a high school graduate, shaking President Obama's hand? He's planning on greeting each grad.


White House planning 'a very special event': President Barack Obama to greet each Kalamazoo Central graduate


That's alot of hand shaking. Guess this means Monday it'll be NBO* on all the local stations. Oh, and my friend Cat is going to the graduation, so we're guaranteed some good pics.

KALAMAZOO — President Barack Obama will shake the hand of each member of the Kalamazoo Central High School Class of 2010 at their graduation ceremony Monday, said an official involved with planning the event.

“Absolutely,” the president will be shaking graduates’ hands, “and then some. That’s all I’m going to say,” said Pete Strazdas, WMU’s associate vice president for facilities management.


Last month, Obama picked K-Central as winner of his first Race To The Commencement Challenge, a nationwide contest to honor a school that is improving academic outcomes and creating a college-going culture. The first-place prize was having Obama as graduation speaker.

Strazdas said it appears that University Arena will be set up to accommodate more than 5,000 people.

*Nothing But Obama