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Chuck Todd Tackles N.C. Governor - McCrory Out For Season


Pat McCrory

Chuck Todd today was left scratching his head, trying to understand the concocted, convoluted thinking of North Carolina's Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican. The infamous governor who stacked the elections oversight in his state, every district supervisor is a Republican, has some contradictory things to say. He's living in the state or denial, not the tar heels state.

The Governor somehow feels that lopping seven days off of early voting isn't cutting hours, it's "compacting the calendar." That's one way to turn a phrase. It's tantamount to telling a person who's had an arm removed that it wasn't amputated, it was just compacted.

If you shorten the early voting time from 14 days to 7, there's no way that's not voter suppression. Dropping Sunday pre-election voting  to McCrory is, get this, just giving the election personnel family time, ignoring the fact the Blacks historically vote after Church the Sunday preceding election Tuesday.

The word salad out of the state chief executive's mouth doesn't stop there. When questioned on stricter ID laws, he doesn't hesitate to bring up that in his state you needing an ID to buy Sudafed at the store. What he forgets is that a student ID is okay for controlled substance identification but not for voter registration or actual identification at the polls.

He has pushed and succeeded so far in getting the state to not accept student ID's to vote and has even gone so far as to remove any voter polling places on campuses. To combat criticism, he's increased the total number of polling places -- but only in Republican leaning districts. He's eliminated a number of voting locations, all in predominantly student or minority districts. His purpose is clear. He wants to weed out voters in Democratic leaning precincts.

Watch Chuck try to pin McCrory down and what comes out of the Governor's mouth. Neither he, nor what he says, can be trusted. The 2013 elections saw three of McCrory's Republicans go down to defeat in their contests, so it's looking like the Gov is headed for a benching, before he is cut from the team.


Chickens**t Excuse


chicken shit

Governor McCrory mixes up "common sense" with "biased, politically motivated horse turds" He just signed a draconian voter ID bill. Now if he really believed in it, he'd have signed it in public like he did the abortion bill and all other bills he's signed since he took office. Why not this one? Because voters and protesters were prepared to picket and show up at the signing and let him know of their displeasure. So he took to the Internet to bring his slanted, far askew defense of the bill. He even goes so far as to blame the Democrats as promoting scare tactics involving this voter ID bill.

No longer will student or government subsidy ID's be allowed. Free state ID's will be provided at DMV's across the state, assuming the elderly, the ill, the poor who lack transportation can make it in to get theirs.

But free or not, he skips over the fact that the new bill will cut down early voting by a week, will prohibit Sunday voting, eliminates same-day registration, ends pre-registration for 16-and-17 year-olds and a student civics program, kills an annual state-sponsored voter registration drive and lessens the amount of public reporting required for so-called dark money groups, also known as 501(c)(4)s.

McCrory said the bill was necessary even if there are very few reported cases of voter fraud. "Even if the instances of misidentified people casting votes are low, that shouldn’t prevent us from putting this non-burdensome safeguard in place," he said in a Raleigh News and Observer op-ed. "Just because you haven’t been robbed doesn't mean you shouldn’t lock your doors at night or when you’re away from home."

not the brightest

Way to go, Pat. A similar argument could be made-- just because you're not too bright doesn't mean you have to open your mouth and prove it.

The very governor who recently went back on his word that he wouldn't sign any bill restricting a woman's right to an abortion, asks us to take his word once again. In court, the jury is admonished that if a witness lies once, all of his testimony can be tossed out. Well, Gov. Pat, your lying is well documented on the Internet. So there's no reason to believe anything you say here as truthful or honest. I'm even wondering if you are who you say you are. Has anyone checked your DNA to make sure you're not some alien who took over the governor's body?

If you want to see what a liar looks like in action, here's the cowardly lion hiding from the public and putting out his response, not in person, but rehearsed, in a studio. Yes, a studio. He wouldn't even appear from the governor's mansion. What's this man hiding except the truth?


VIDEO: GOP #NCGov #McCrory accused of ducking children delivering petitions; he was playing catch, er, "in a meeting"


mccrory protest kids petition education public schools

mccrory protest kids petition education public schools wagon

Rose Higgins:

"I think their mentality is, in your face, 'Na na na na na na. Have your little hippy protest and we're going to carry on with our day.'"

More than 50 public education advocates accompanied by several children pulling little red wagons schlepped petitions signed by 16,000 people to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory at the State Capitol.


ABC affiliate WTVD:

They asked to see the governor, and were told he was in a meeting.

And by meeting, they meant he was playing catch with Chief of Staff Thomas Stith and a state trooper. Of course, his story is that the photos of him tossing a ball around were snapped after the petitions were delivered. Uh huh.

Kim Genardo, McCrory's communications director:

"Taking the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama, the governor each day attempts to get some exercise, yesterday throwing the baseball and today walking from NC State's campus back to the Capitol.

"Governor McCrory will be back out tomorrow throwing the baseball perhaps with children who share his All-American passion."

Ohh, we get it now. He's a Michelle Obama fan who gets sudden urges to heed her advice whenever he gets wind of activist kids, kids who aren't as "American" as the kids who "share his all-American passion."

See what a coward role model Gov. McCrory is? He not only dodged children delivering petitions about cutting funds for their education and then implied they weren't real Americans, he also taught them that lying, avoiding, and deceiving are the keys to handling anyone who disagrees with him.

Family values, right Pat?

McCrory North Carolina playing ball

family values my ass

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