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VIDEO-- Mitch McConnell: "They want to take me out."


mitch mcconnell make obama one term president

"This is not Bill Clinton. There's no indication [Obama's] moving to the political center. ... Obviously he wasn't my first choice, but he won. And I'm prepared to do things that I think are correct for the country, but it's going to require the president to move to the middle."

"Now, the reason you're here today is cause they want to take me out. This is the only race, as I indicated, in the country with any national significance. And that's why we're up and running this far in advance."

I wouldn't want to take Mitch McConnell out. No. Way. Well, maybe if he offered to pay for the meal and a really good wine, but ... Wait, hang on, I'm hearing something come through my imaginary ear piece. What's that? He's not talking about that kind of taking out?

Ohhh, got it. McConnell was referring to primary challenges, and a Democratic one, in an attempt to boot him out in the coming elections. My bad.

McConnell said as much at a gathering of about 60 supporters at his headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. This was awfully amusing considering how clear he made his own intentions to take President Obama out:

karma police

Via The Hill:

And he balked at the idea of deep rifts in the Republican Party, charging that Democrats have just as many differences, but because "the Democratic Senate hadn't done anything," those differences have not yet been revealed.

Oh, there are rifts, Mitch. Trust us.

UPDATE-- Here's another one: Rove’s Move Into Republican Primaries Enrages Tea Party


Video- Karl Rove: Mitt Romney Had A ‘Butt Ugly’ GOP Primary


Blame flying everywhere except where it belongs. Added- I guess he doens't say "butt ugly" in this clip (Via).


Rove made the case that Romney’s campaign took severe damage at multiple points throughout the 2012 presidential campaign. The brutally long Republican primary campaign had “way too many debates,” Rove said, adding that they tended to focus on social issues and less on the economy at hand.

“Mitt Romney had what I scientifically call a butt-ugly primary,” Rove added.

Other critical moments, according to Rove, included the “good” Republican convention that didn’t match up to the Democrats’ great convention that was aided by President Bill Clinton‘s well-regarded speech; and the “October surprise” of Hurricane Sandy, which Rove said gave Obama a chance to look presidential and bipartisan while touring and dealing with the storm-ravaged New Jersey with the state’s Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Rove’s use of the phrase “butt-ugly” is one of a slew of recent scatological and/or gluteal phrases major Republicans have used while describing Romney’s defeat. On Monday, Grover Norquist told CBS that Obama won by successfully painting Romney as a “poopy head.” This morning, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said the GOP needs to undergo a “proctology exam.”


CNN Projects Mitt Romney Wins Massachusetts


Another CNN alert. That makes Virginia, Vermont, and Mass for Mittster, and Newty clings to "homestate" win in Georgia.

Mitt Romney will win the Massachusetts Republican primary, CNN projects based on exit polls.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, is also projected to win today's primaries in Virginia and Vermont.

Thirty-eight of the 41 Massachusetts delegates are tied to the Super Tuesday contest, and the state will award those delegates proportionally. A total of 1,144 delegates are needed to clinch the GOP nomination.


VIDEO: Tea Partier: "John Boehner Is A Socialist"


Via TPM:

David Lewis, a 26 year old Tea Party activist believes the man he is mounting a primary challenge against, Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), is a "socialist."

David Lewis apparently took charisma lessons from Alvin Greene, and I suspect his intellectual role model is Rick Perry. He's a perfect fit for the tea party, minus any passion whatsoever. But he is pretty young and has plenty of time to acquire more zing and a few bad tea bagger habits.

As for The Boehner, welcome to Socialist Central. You're one of us now!

Added: Paddy first posted about this dim bulb here.


Poll-itics: "Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have seen their scores hit new lows."


This Gallup poll was taken prior to Monday night's CNN/Tea Party Republican presidential debate in Florida:

Jon Huntsman: -1? Oy vey.

Via a Gallup email:

Rick Perry continues to lead the 2012 GOP field in generating strongly favorable reviews from Republicans familiar with him. Mitt Romney may have some momentum, as his Positive Intensity Score has improved in recent weeks. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have seen their scores hit new lows.

Much more here.


Poll- Democratic Insiders: Romney, Huntsman Biggest Threats to Obama


I'm of the mind that Huntsman would be the biggest threat if they packaged him right. He has a lot less history and baggage than Romney, alot more room to mold a narrative whereas Romney's already got his set in stone. h/t Taegan.

Democratic operatives and party strategists believe that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, followed closely by former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman would be the strongest candidates that the Republicans could nominate from their field to take on President Obama, according to the results of this week's National Journal Political Insiders Poll.

Who would be the Republicans' strongest presidential nominee in 2012?
(100 votes)
Mitt Romney 27%
Jon Huntsman 25%
Tim Pawlenty 20%
Chris Christie 11%
Rick Perry 5%
other 12%

While he was hardly their runaway choice, Democratic Insiders who thought Romney would be the GOP's strongest nominee cited his knowledge of the economy and business, and his experience as a White House candidate in 2008. At times they sounded as more positive than Republican Insiders who thought Romney was the candidate most likely to win the GOP nomination. "[The] Republican establishment will need to grit their teeth and realize it's Romney or four more years of Obama," said one Democratic Insider. "He's relatively road-tested, compared to with most of the list [of GOP contenders]," noted another.