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John Boehner to critics of his, um, "leadership skills" [sic]: "I just let that s--t roll off my back."


stepped in it

Yes John Boehner, by all means, defend the sequester and defund Obamacare again. That worked so well for you the first 41 times. Of course, there is now a clash on #ObamaCare that has opened up a GOP civil war.

please proceed

Way to get things done! Way to avoid the real problems this country faces, like, oh you know, poverty, education, unemployment, voting rights, rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, women's rights, the environment, stuff like that. Did I mention that President Obama accused Republicans of extortion?

But that's not important now. What is important is what The Boehner had to say to the critics of his "leadership skills" [sic].

Did I say leadership skills? My bad. I swear, I was only quoting what I read.

Via The Hill:

People say a lot of things about me,” Boehner told GOP lawmakers in a closed-door meeting, according to two people who attended. “People outside this room. People inside this room. I just let that s--t roll off my back.

Shorter Boehner: Meh, I'm doing a lousy job, so what?

See? He lets that s--t roll off his back...

...and then he steps in it. Again.

And again:

boehner worst speaker ever


Republicans Eating Their Own, Episode 2549387: Clash on #ObamaCare opens up GOP civil war


Republicans eating their own smaller

It's time for another episode of "Republicans Eating Their Own," sponsored by the tea party, the group that brought us those stellar paragons of nutballitude, Sarah Palin and Jesse Helms' BFF Ted Cruz along with their umpteenth quest to repeal Obamacare.

After all, 41 attempts by House GOPers just won't do! Nosireebob, those perversely determined righties are likely aiming for the Magic Number: 44! See how cleverly that relates back to our 44th Kenyan dictator president?

Those scamps, they think of everything.

In this installment, "Republican lawmakers are growing increasingly frustrated with what they say is a lack of communication from their leaders," and wowzers, boys and girls, hijinks ensue!

Via The Hill:

Both centrist and conservative members in the House believe that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his lieutenants could have done more earlier this year to counter the Tea Party's effort to defund ObamaCare. Some Republicans on Capitol Hill say such an effort is politically impossible with a Democratic-controlled Senate and a Democrat in the White House. Regardless, the rift on what to do on ObamaCare has opened up a civil war within the GOP.

That deep division is flaring at a time when fiscal showdowns are front and center following the August recess. A number of lawmakers, who spoke with The Hill on the condition of anonymity, say they are upset that their leaders don't appear to have a strategy and didn't communicate more with them during the summer break.

And for their part, GOP leaders are not exactly thrilled with conservatives who have threatened to defect on spending bills. To quote The Hill, those threats have "handcuffed" John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy.

Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy in cuffs: Paints quite a mental picture, doesn't it?

Many GOP lawmakers share that frustration privately and several have gone so far as to call their party "leaderless."

Many of us call their party senseless, brainless, and heartless... but I digress.

“Here we are complaining about a president who can't lead [on Syria], who leads us into this morass and we're doing the same things to ourselves on ObamaCare, on the debt ceiling,” one conservative complained.

Ooo snap, the ultimate slap in the face: Comparing each other to -- dun dun dun-n!-- President Obama.

Tea party members and conservative groups zapped a brilliant plan by House leaders that called for the Senate to vote to defund the Affordable Care Act. And by brilliant, I mean a complicated epic fail. The vote on the legislation was canceled.

Now the GOP is biting what's left of their nails over how House Republicans can avoid an October government shutdown. See, then Democrats would blame them for the mess, voters would blame them for the mess, and Dems could win back the House. GOPers are not thrilled at the prospect of history repeating itself.

So there you have it: All out infighting over another shutdown, because that worked so well for them last time. May they suffer every negative consequence for their incessant reckless buffoonery.

And that concludes another episode of "Republicans Eating Their Own."

gop disaster zone


#BlameObama... who has 51% approvals; GOP leadership "among lowest approvals from either party in 20 years"


dee-lish smaller

5-8-13 #1

A Pew Research poll shows that the very president whom Republicans love to blame for everything has rising approval numbers and that GOP congressional leaders suffer from suckitude:

President Obama continues to hold a substantial advantage over congressional Republicans in public regard. Obama’s job approval is back in positive territory at 51%, after slipping to 47% in March. By comparison, just 22% approve of the job Republican leaders in Congress are doing, among the lowest approval rating for congressional leaders from either party in 20 years.

Furthermore, a record-high 80% say Obama and Republican leaders are not working together to address important issues facing the country, and by nearly two-to-one (42%-22%) more blame Republican leaders than Obama for the gridlock. [...]

Following the failure of gun control legislation backed by the Obama administration, most continue to say that Obama stands up for what he believes in (76%) and that he fights hard to get his policies passed (67%). Most also say that Obama is a strong leader (56%); 40% say he is not a strong leader.

I sure don't agree with the president on some of his policies, but this Moment of Schadenfreude is dee-lish.

Much more at the link.


Awkwa-ard: Sanford win could spell trouble for House GOP leadership


Via Via

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We've already seen that Mark Sanford– cheater, hypocrite, trespasser– has no wisdom to impart. And yet he won an election, mainly because Republicans in South Carolina have the kind of wisdom and judgment skills that are surpassed only by Sanford's credibility and sense of ethics.

This despite the National Republicans pulling the plug on Sanford’s congressional campaign. What could all this mean to the Congressional GOP?

The Hill:

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) is heading back to Congress — and that may not be good news for House GOP leadership.

Sanford owes party leaders nothing, as they refused to spend money on his campaign in the closing weeks and held him at arm's length for much of the race. 

He's also a vocal — and stubborn — fiscal conservative, and will be sworn into the House at a time when GOP leaders are battling to control an unruly conference.

The first potentially awkward moment will come when Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) swears Sanford in, likely in the next few days.

The Boehner couldn't even bring himself to mention Sanford by name when he was asked if he’d be welcomed back. To make matters worse, Sanford is due in court on Thursday to face his ex-wife’s accusations of trespassing. That could push his swearing-in ceremony back until next week.

While it’s likely Sanford and House GOP leaders won’t have a warm and fuzzy relationship, it’s unclear whether he’ll be accepted by House conservatives either.


But you know where he will be very welcome? Fox.


Video- Peggy Noonan Blames Obama For Congressional Inaction On Guns After Previously Downplaying GOP Obstruction


The word "tool" was invented for Noonan. Via.


WI Gov. Scott Walker slams "ineffective" House GOP (coughPaulRyancough) over sequester


scott walker dumb look

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has come right out and admitted that Republican House members are losing the sequester battle. As you can see from this Politico quote, he certainly isn't defending them or the GOP leadership, and pretty much smacks them upside their empty little noggins:

Walker, too, said congressional leadership has been ineffective in bringing about any solutions to the impending cuts.

“We’re not here speaking on behalf of Republicans on the Hill, we’re speaking on behalf of Republican governors,” he said. “The difference is, we’re providing leadership.”


Of course, he, and fellow governors Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley (who has a secret and disturbing climate change report to contend with) haven't exactly come forward with any new-found GOP make-overtures intended to improve their image. Instead, they slammed President Obama too, but that's a given. But going after Paul Ryan et al? Noteworthy.

It's also entertaining. There's nothing more schadenfreudey than watching Republicans eating their own.

Republicans eating their own smaller


GOP: The party of no ideazzzzzzz


The GOP is "the party of big ideas”? Seriously? Don't make me laugh.

Actual policy plans? Oh come now.

Solutions to real problems? Feh.

Meaningful proposals? Puh-leeze!

Details Americans can hang their collective hats on? Hardly.

Ultra super duper double whammy partisan rhetoric? Now you're talkin'.

Then again, Republicans have had, erm, difficulty accepting reality.

Jonathan Bernstein at Salon draws our attention to the rehashitude of the more outspoken up-and-coming "leaders" of the party, or as I like to call them, deficient blowhards:

Start with Jindal. An alleged policy guy, he ... had all of two ideas: a Balanced Budget Amendment and term limits. In other words, the same old ideas that Republicans have been trotting out since …well, certainly since the Reagan administration. [...]

Marco Rubio? ...  His big idea, as Dave Weigel reported this week, turns out to be the exact same policy ideas that Republicans have been giving for some time now but labeling each one as a benefit for the “middle class.” Which mainly involves reciting the words “middle class.” [...]

Paul Ryan... as Jonathan Chait put it... has “no policy to offer the poor other than the incentive of being hungrier and sicker.”

And the money line:

For the last several years, the way to get a big reaction in conservative circles is to make a teleprompter or a birther joke, not to bring up unsolved problems in the nation.

Wake up GOP. The self-described Big Idea Party has devolved into a slumber party. And you know what they say: