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Dep't. of WTF: #Christie, George Will, Obama urinal cakes (!), Planned Parenthood edition


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Every so often I read a cluster(f***) of stories that simultaneously has me shaking my head, mumbling "no words..." and screaming WTF!?  Today is one of those times. There were more stories than I could list in the headline, so you get a bonus link. Suffice it to say, I need a Valium. Or at the very least, some Pepto Bismol with a chaser of Pinot.

Welcome to today's Moments of WTF. Let's start the show off with everyone's favorite fallen GOP star, Chris Christie:

I have complete faith and confidence in Scott,” Christie said, according to The Bergen Record, adding: “I believe he has great integrity.” (via TPM)

Seriously, Gov. War on Drugs? You have "complete faith and confidence" in this Scott?

Then again, look who's talking. Moving on to George Will's horrible rape column. Via Think Progress:

...Washington Post columnist George Will wrote a column claiming that being a rape victim is now a “coveted status” that college women seek out. Will argued that complaints of rape and sexual assualt on college campus were overblown. He also suggested that women claiming to be raped were “delusional.”

Pot. Kettle. Delusional. Speaking of which...

A George Will column about sexual assault, which received lots of criticism and caused one newspaper to drop the longtime syndicated conservative columnist, had all male editors, the Washington Post's Erik Wemple reported on Friday. (via TPM)

Par for the Republican course.

Next up: Faith And Freedom Conference Features Obama Urinal Cakes. You read that right. Far, far right:

Classy, guys, real classy. Remind us to point this out again the next time someone complains that we called GW Bush a chimp.

So are you ready for the Planned Parenthood link yet? I'll wait while you get something sharp with which to poke your eye out.

All set? Here we go, a field trip to WalkerWorld. You remember Walker, right? He's the guy Chris Christie has "complete faith and confidence" in. Via the Green Bay Press Gazette:

MADISON — Planned Parenthood will close its family planning health center in Fond du Lac on Sept. 25 after 36 years of service to the community.

It is the fifth Wisconsin Planned Parenthood health center to close due to state cuts in the last budget cycle, according to a Planned Parenthood news release. [...]

The centers provided birth control, cervical and breast cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, Well Woman Exams, pregnancy testing, and HIV testing. None of the health centers provided abortions, the release said. The centers provided 18,848 health care services to 3,104 patients each year... Gov. Walker ended state funding for women who receive health care at Planned Parenthood. This, coupled with the governor’s rejection of federal funds to expand health care coverage and the drastic rollback of BadgerCare coverage, has increased the need for affordable health care options. These politically motivated actions will have a significant impact on women seeking affordable health care.”

What "great integrity" Scotty has, right Chris Christie? When you're done gagging and pledging donations to Democratic candidates, I'll resume.

Okay, here we go, today's final WTF Department entry. There are plenty more where these came from, but there's only so much we can take in one sitting. This story involves the always-and-ever-vile and thankfully-former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL). Need a refresher course on this asshat? Here you go, scroll your hearts out. Via HuffPo:

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois), the outspoken, tea party-backed congressman who was ousted in 2012 after just one term in Congress, went on a Twitter rampage Thursday evening after being kicked off his own radio program for using racial slurs on-air. [...]

Walsh, by his own account, used several epithets during a discussion on the Redskins' controversial name, including the n-word."

Please link over for the details. In fact, link over to all the stories, because a snippet does not the whole story tell.

And that concludes today's Department of WTF.

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VIDEO: "They should start tying a bell around these [GOP fringe] guys so we can tell when they're coming."


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Rachel Maddow did a great job highlighting the fringiest of the conservative fringe. Here are excerpts of her segment wrap-up, but please watch the entire video. She nailed it, as usual, especially the bell-the-cat suggestion:

"They can mingle in"? What exactly is the argument here? Latinos crossing the border won't be able to tell if there's an Arab secretly trying to cross the border with them because they all look alike and they might accidentally help bring an Arab over here, mingled in?

Is that the argument? Seriously?

Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Donald Trump, that guy running in New Jersey, Art Robinson, okay. This guy's chair of the ... Armed Services Committee in the House, thanks to the Republican party!

They should start tying a bell around these guys or something so we can tell when they're coming.

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GOP Rep. Stacey Campfield mocks Sen. Feinstein, gun safety efforts, Boston Marathon tragedy with pressure cooker joke


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Only days ago I posted about GOP Rep. Stacey Campfield running away from an 8 year-old, calling her a “prop”, and then calling his constituent a “union thug.” Remember him?

campfield screen shot child prop

I'm sorry to tell you he's back. This time, instead of mocking a little girl, he's mocking Sen. Dianne Feinstein, gun safety efforts, and anyone who was affected by the Boston tragedy, in his personal blog.

He thought it would be a real hoot to joke about banning pressure cookers. Color me crazy, but I'm guessing Boston Marathon victims-- and those who came close to being victims, like my own son-- aren't laughing. Here's what he posted:

His blog title: "Here comes Feinstein again"

campfield pressure cooker

This from a guy whose party is fine with people on terrorism watch lists not being blocked from buying guns.

Here's what Campfield said when he got slammed for being an insensitive putz:

Tennessee State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R)  blog


If my post was inappropriate  talking about "crock pot control" then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? Im sorry if I exposed your double standard....

 Well, not really.

1. It's "I'm," not "Im," genius.

2. There is zero humor to be found in any way, shape, or form when people are blown up with makeshift bombs made from kitchen appliances, none. People died. People lost limbs. People's lives were changed forever. People were traumatized, devastated. I know I was, and my son wasn't even hurt. In fact, still burst into tears when I watch the news coverage of what happened in Boston, and I'm miles away in California. I can't begin to imagine how a family member or friend of someone who was maimed, hurt, or killed would react upon seeing this piece of s**t's blog posts.

3. The asshatitude of elected officials in the Republican Party is ass-tounding.

4. I'm being as polite and controlled as I can be right now, I really am. But Stacey, do me a favor?


H/t: Think Progress


VIDEO: GOP Rep. Stacey Campfield runs away from 8 year-old, calls her a "prop", calls constituent a "union thug"


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Crossposted from FreakOutNation with permission, because Anomaly a really good friend and extremely cool person who knows how behind I am today:

State Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-TN) on Thursday withdrew his highly criticized bill which would tie welfare assistance for needy families to their children’s grades. Even Campfield’s Republican colleagues refused to support it.

Think Progress reports, “As Campfield walked to the Senate chambers, he was presented with a petition of more than 2500 signatures collected by Clergy for Justice to protest the bill. The deliverer of the petition was an 8-year-old girl, Aamira Fetuga, whose mother, Rasheedat Fetuga, is the founder of a local child advocacy group. 

As Aamira prepared to explain to Campfield why she was worried about his bill, Campfield dismissed her as a “prop” and hurried away, repeating over and over again, “Using children as props is shameful” as Aamira and her mother tried to talk to him.”

Normally I’d call someone out if they used a child as a ‘prop’ but since this bill affects them greatly, while putting undue stress on a little kid, then it’s appropriate. Again, she’s only 8 years-old and hardly has a notebook full of ‘gotcha’ questions’.

Toward the end of the video, one of Campfield’s constituents tried to talk to him about his disapproval for the bill, only to be dismissed as a “union thug” by the state senator.

Campfield acts so pompous and condescending toward his constituents. There is something very disturbing about this man. Who in the hell calls one of their constituents a union thug?

My two cents: Stacey Campfield is not only pompous and condescending, he's a bully. He got in the face of a little girl, put on his syrupy voice, and called her a prop... to her face. He spoke to her mother as if she were dirt, as he did to the "union thug" who dared to tell this smug little bottom feeder that he was ashamed of him.

It was easy to see why he was trying to run away.

Hey Stace, I love it when state officials use children as photo opps to show their true, slimy, disdainful, ugly colors.