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Can You Trust The FBI?


ibrahim-todashev live

Wow, there's a loaded question that Melissa Harris-Perry took head on the other night. She was reporting on the Whitey Bulger trial in Boston. That led to reporting on Whitey's involvement with the FBI and their corruption. This brought her to the shocking and thought-provoking diatribe on Ibraham Todashev.

You don't know who Todashev is? Well, thanks the the FBI, his status is now, "was." No one will get to know him anymore. Todashev was a voluntary witness cooperating with the investigation of a triple homicide that took place in Waltham, Mass. This triple murder was tangentially being looked into as a bi-product of the investigation into the two suspected Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers.

The FBI in Boston contacted Todashev and requested he make himself available for an interview about these three murders and the Tsarnaev brothers possible connection to it. Their request was granted and the FBI flew to Florida where Todashev lived with his family. The agents were granted not one, but four interviews, each lasting for hours. Then, suddenly came the news report that the FBI had shot and killed the cooperating witness in his house. They ripped his body apart with seven bullets -- six to the torso and one to the back of his head, execution style.

Ibraham Todashev

In the hours immediately following this brutal killing of this unarmed and seemingly cooperative victim, the FBI manufactured and concocted a series of contradictory excuses for their justified use of a hail of gunfire. Try as they might, they still haven't settled on one story yet in the weeks that have followed. Considering the victim was unarmed at the time, you have to give the FBI a chance to manufacture a credible excuse. Their first four attempts failed the sniff test, miserably.

Now comes the reassuring news that in answer to the victim's parents pleas, with an assist from the ACLU, the FBI WILL investigate itself. Yup, they will look into this incident (their word, not mine) without any outside police or other justice department oversight or cooperation. The FBI assures us they can be trusted to do this because they've had to do this before. Over the past 20 years, there have been over 150 cases where the FBI has investigated itself. And fortunately for us, they've found that they never made a mistake or used undo force. Their record is unblemished. A perfect 150-0. You could almost be suspicious of this if it were not the FBI.

I don't know about you, but I'm sure feeling confident that this newest investigation is going to produce an honest result. But if you have any doubts, please watch Melissa Harris-Perry below. She'll help you put your mind at ease.

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Creating Your Own Monsters


Reza Aslan

So much has been made of Reza Aslan's book Zealot: The Life And Times of  Jesus of Nazareth, especially from Fox News.

Now before I go any farther, I'll start out with a confession. I haven't read his book and don't even know if I will. But that's the easy part. Confession.

The hard part is the understanding of the Fox News mentality. They may like or not like a book. They may agree or disagree with it's point of view. Frankly, it was their choice to even do an interview with Aslan. They don't interview every writer, even every one who has a controversial take on real events.

Hell, they haven't called me and asked me to do an interview about my book, HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER, and I promise you there's more controversy and revelations in there than the entire old testament. What rankles me is that they're attacking the author, not for his content, but for his current religious beliefs. He's a Muslim who was raised as a Christian, and in his adult years rediscovered his Muslim faith. Does that mean he's not competent to write about Jesus?

Yes, according the the book of Fox. If you have a differing view from their homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-Black slant then you are -- well, one of the others.

What Fox elected to do was attack the author's tome by attacking the academic background of the writer. Bad move. The other night, on All In with Chris Hayes, Aslan gave his credentials.  And here they are:

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Judge for yourself. Pretty impressive, no? If this man isn't qualified to be writing on this topic, I'm not sure who is. The only thing he hasn't done is walk in the shoes of the Fisherman himself... or maybe he has.

What Fox has essentially done is celebrified a writer and his book, but for all the wrong reasons. They made a personal attack on the messenger. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As Laffy and Paddy have oftentimes referred to that outfit as "Fox Noise" or "Faux News" I have to echo their sentiments and say that the way they are creating their own monsters. Let's see, theirs, Hannity, O'Reilly, Palin, Fox and Friends, et. al.


Alive After 45 Years of Being Dead


Zombie attack

No, this isn't a story about a zombie attack.  It's a bit warmer than that.

Just ask Charles Lutzow.  Forty-five years ago he became estranged from his wife, Stella. When they later reunited, she told him that the child they conceived together died during childbirth.

When Stella died ten years back she took a secret to her grave -- their daughter hadn't died, but had actually been given up for adoption. And if it weren't for the internet and an adoption registry, the truth might not ever have been known.

But, as secrets are wont to do, they sometimes resurface when you least expect them. In this case, the surprise was a good one and happened just this week.

Here's the story in a nutshell, and a lot of folks in Rockford Illinois are beaming today: