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"Such is glamour in the age of lunatics with guns."



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David Horsey Golden Globes

The talented cartoonist David Horsey commented on one aspect of the Golden Globes that I hadn't seen anywhere else: Security at show biz awards shows, or as I like to call it, guns 'n' poses. The panel above was one of four.

In my morning edition of the Los Angeles Times, he added a line to the above comic that the online version inexplicably left out:

"Such is glamour in the age of lunatics with guns."

All that was missing was:

"Who are you wearing?"


This particular strip points out the irony of the film industry which makes zillions of dollars on movies that regularly feature (and profit from) violent and graphic depictions of homicides, shoot-outs, all sorts of crimes, and of course, suicides, all at the point of glorified guns.


Video- 2013 Golden Globes: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Full Monologue



Video- Surprise!! Bill Clinton Gets Standing O Presenting "Lincoln" At Golden Globes



And then when the original dog president, Bill Clinton, appeared to introduce Best Picture nominee Lincoln, Amy followed up in her best Leslie Knope mode with a breathless, “That was Hillary Clinton‘s husband!”


Who is Martin Henderson?


All that is holy, I apologize in advance if I can’t keep it together. I have been very tall for a woman since I was 14 and know of the taunts and teases that go on, but I’ve never been at a physical disadvantage like this, and it just disgusts the hell out of me.

Golden Globes: In his acceptance speech, actor Peter Dinklage, who won Best Supporting Actor for Game of Thrones, referenced a man named Martin Henderson, asking the audience and viewers at home to Google him.

Henderson made headlines this week for being the victim of an assault that has left him partially paralyzed.

The 37-year-old dwarf actor, who is best remember for his role as a Goblin in two of the Harry Potter films, was standing outside the White Horse pub in Wincanton, Somerset, when he was suddenly picked up by an unknown assailant and thrown across the pavement.

Henderson believes the man who attacked him may have been inspired by English rugby player Mike Tindall, who is said to have been a spectator at a “dwarf tossing contest” in a New Zealand bar last year.

“It all happened so quickly – I think he was with a group of mates and they thought it would be a laugh,” Henderson said. “I guess I was an easy target and the only reason I was picked on was because I am small.”

DWARF TOSSING? Picking up a small person and throwing them? Where the HELL have I been and how do I fix this shit. No words.