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VIDEO: 92-year-old World War II veteran recites his deliciously "derogatory" creation, "Wherefore Art Thou, Mitt Romney-O".



92 year-old former North Dakota District Judge and WWII veteran, Ralph Maxwell, recites the lyrics from his song "Wherefore Art Thou, Mitt Romney-O".

 "It's sort of derogatory..."

Yes indeed, derogatory, but classy and on point.

And the last few seconds brought me to tears.

H/t: @LJSearles


VIDEO: "Stop with the pious baloney!"


I hate helping out the Newtered one, but I love his ad:

Willard Romney is getting hit from all sides, as he should, but it should have started long ago. We'll have to finish the job for these inept GOP candidates. And if Willard doesn't win, we'll be happy to do the same to the GOPutz who does.

No matter how frustrated I get with the president sometimes, when I hear what comes out of the big, hypocritical, bigoted, corporate mouths of the Republicans, I can't help but revive my old "GObama!" cheer.


President Obama Gives the GOP Hell in Baltimore by Telling the Truth


By GottaLaff

Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash via my pal Mark Karlin:

As Harry Truman said just tell the Republicans the truth, and they'll just think it's Hell.

That's what President Barack Obama did in a bravura appearance before a GOP House member retreat in Baltimore on Friday. [...]

Instead, a newly minted feisty Obama returned to his primary campaign style and let them have it. He broke the mold by debunking the premise of almost every "query" by a GOP House member.

For once, the WH had outsmarted the GOP minority by ensuring the cameras recorded something akin to a political massacre. [...]

Obama reminded you why you voted for him; he exhibited a complete mastery of facts, detail, political motivation, hope and common sense. [...]

The GOP knows now that the Scott Brown win isn't going to lead to a cakewalk to victory in 2010. Obama just sent them that message loud and clear. [...]

Don't put that Obama back in the closet.

We want to see it with great frequency.

You can read the whole thing here, and should.