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Stick it to Rush, Glenn, Sean... and Clear Channel for giving Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes the boot in L.A.


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I was fuming yesterday, and I continue to fume today. However, I am turning that fume-itude into constructive revenge, if you will, by writing this post.

Yesterday I discovered that my local Los Angeles Progressive radio station, KTLK-- the only one that exists to serve the area, including "Liberal Hollywood"-- is dumping all Progressive programming and handing the air waves over to the far right. In other words, what was left (no pun) of the left will be gone: No more Stephanie Miller Show to wake up to and point and laugh with, no more Randi Rhodes to inform us and rant with, no more liberal voices on L.A. AM radio. At all. Anywhere on the dial.

Instead, we get Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and who knows who else spewing lies and slinging mud. And by "we" I don't mean me. Hellz to the NO.

Au contraire, I had a lovely chat with Steph's producer extraordinaire, Chris Lavoie, yesterday who filled my weary, outraged little noggin with options and information that I am now sharing with you, below.

Meanwhile, there was an article about all of this ins-hannity in my morning Los Angeles Times, which has now been inexplicably edited for the online version.

You can read what's left of the article to see what's going on in California's "liberal media" here, but one very important excerpt that was cut is the following:

Tom Taylor, an independent reporter who has covered the radio industry for two decades, noted that the creation of "The Patriot" [the new lineup for KTLK] comes as the United States enters a midterm election year, meaning there will be ample money spent on political advertising. "The calendar's important here," he said.

Got that? Timing is everything. So is money, apparently.

Just FYI, I've listened to KTLK since Day One, back when Air America was barely alive and kicking, and there was absolutely no promotion of that station whatsoever, anywhere. How could they attract listeners without advertising? Uh huh.

The then-station manager and I were in contact often; he relied on me in KTLK's early days "to be his ears" because I would email him when there were audio glitches, and there were many. We'd email back and forth about how the infant station was doing, but still, there were no ads letting Progressive listeners know that there was a radio outlet especially for them.

But as time passed, the general manager lost his job, Air America went away, Thom Hartmann was replaced, and gradually "Your Progressive Talk Station" morphed into something less-than. Steph and Randi are the only remaining nationally known hosts, and now their voices-- and ours-- have been stifled by the usual corporate conservatives. They already monopolize the news media, but that's not enough for these greedy, war-on-everything that's not old, male, and white bottom-feeders.

Should you be searching for a way to stick it to KTLK, to the right wing extremist schlock jocks, and to Clear Channel, Stephanie and Co. have provided different ways to access her show:

The Stephanie Miller Show can be heard on Broadcast radio, SiriusXM, Streaming via Progressive Voices on TuneIn and Premium On-Demand Subscription Podcasts.

You can listen to The Stephanie Miller Show at any of our affiliates that stream live. Here is a partial list of those affiliates with the local times.

  • KPHX-AM Phoenix, AZ :   M – F 6-9AM
  • KTLK-AM Los Angeles,CA:   M – F  6-9a
  • KPTR-AM Palm Springs, CA: M – F 6-9a
  • WCPT-AM Willow Spng/Chicago ,IL: M – F 8-11a
  • KTNF-AM St Louis Pk/Minnpls,MN: M – F 8-11a

A full list of stations  can be found here.

I went to the KPHX website, downloaded their free app, and will be streaming it on my iDevices through my nice, clear Bluetooth mini-speaker.

And to listen to a live feed of the Randi Rhodes Show, just go to and click on Listen Live at the top of the page. Again, PLEASE donate to get Steph and the Mooks back on the Tee Vee machine here.

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George W. Bush Joins Republicans in Publicly Dissing Jews


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Why do Republicans really care about Israel? Is it their compassion for the Jewish state or is it their right-wing religious Christian zealotry? Do they truly care what happens there or does it have to do with belief in the rapture, the destruction of the world?

It's a pretty complex issue. This week former President G.W. Bush is going to be speaking at a fundraiser. That's not uncommon for an ex-president. But what might be is to whom he's speaking. The group is rather controversial, John Hagge's Cornerstone Church.

CORRECTION: THE GROUP GEORGE W. BUSH WILL BE SPEAKING TO IS THE MESSIANIC JEWISH BIBLE INSTITUTE, NOT John Hagge's Cornerstone Church. My apologies for mixing up the two groups. DG

Yet those who have been featured and feted guests of honor at their annual fundraising event read like a who's who of extremist right wing Republican policy. Oliver North, Glenn Beck and Rick Santorum. Now GW. In my post yesterday, entitled, If Only This Was A Book. Watch The Trailer I pointed out some insane plans Bush had for dividing up Israel to bring it in line with the boundaries required for "The Apocalypse" and "The Rapture." It seems with this speaking engagement, he hasn't given up on interference with the Jewish state or the religious beliefs of millions of Jews.


Glenn Beck sees dead people... literally.


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glenn beck tweets falwell aliveLink

Yes, Glenn, dead people often lose a lot of weight.

skeletonVia Wiki

It's one of the perks of dying ... six years ago:

falwell dies

There he is, ladies and gents, Glenn Beck-- living down to his usual misrepresentations and lack of credibility.

(Added: Yes, I knew he was referring to Jr. In that case, he should have added the Jr. Entirely mockworthy.)


Video- Glenn Beck: Calling Cruz & Lee 'Extremists" Will Give Rise To A Nazi-Style Party


Man, we're powerful. Just criticizing those buffoons is going make a homicidal maniac political party rise. Hmm. Via.


Watch Out. Them Edjucaters Iz Comin' To Took Oway Are Kidz


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You would think that something that unifies the standards for education across the nation would be welcomed. This way, if you have kids and you live in Boston and move to Tulsa, the same criteria and basics would have been taught. There were be, for a lack of a better phrase, no additional learning curve for your child to have to overcome. If they were in the third grade in Beantown they'd have the same foundational learning and assimilate quite smoothly into their new Oklahoma environs.


These Common Core Standards have been adopted in 45 states plus the District of Columbia, and are already being taught in districts around the country. In addition to emphasizing analytical thinking and deep learning, they are designed to make sure all students across the country are held to the same criteria. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says the measure is the "single greatest thing to happen to public education in America since Brown versus Board of Education."

What about the five states that have yet to join the program, Texas, Alaska, Minnesota, Virginia and Nebraska? All but Minnesota are Red States. Hmm. Wonder if there's anything to be read into that observation.

Let's peel away some of the onion and find out what these states have against joining the other 45.

Most of us who lived through this Hitler era remember how British Prime Minister Chamberlain gushed how great Hitler’s Youth Corps was, much like those who support Common Core today.– Donald Conkey, Cherokee Tribune

Today's teachers and psychologists are NOT being trained to educate students academically or to counsel and help people cope with their problems, but to influence their political views. Does it sound like we're becoming Castro's Cuba? I can tell you from personal experience that we're already there - The New Hampshire Tea Party

Your child or grandchild will not be able to escape Common Core materials that are anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, and anti-America. Or that are pro-homosexuality, illegal immigration, unions, environmentalism, gun control, feminism and social justice.– Elois Zeanah

Yep, these well-educated modern voices have captured the feelings and the fears of all of us. This Common Core Standards program is going to defy science and all we know to be right and just and turn our kids into gay, union card-carrying, anti-Christians who's main goal is to take our guns.

Sure sums up the program pretty darn neatly if you ask me.

It's amazing this country runs at all with this kind of stupid free to roam the range. But if you hadn't heard enough crazy yet, let me share with you the words of Glenn Beck, because his is truly the mouth that roared.

This is the progressive movement coming in for the kill. And believe me, if we don’t stop it, this will be the kill - Glenn Beck


The Weekly Upchuck: The place where religion meets your rights


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Please welcome back guest blogger K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. You can link over to her site here for the entire post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a lot of great upchuckable stuff, plus she even posts "antidotes"!

Another Upchuckable Week - the place where religion meets your rights – by K. C. Boyd

The Weekly Upchuck


  • The World’s A Burnin’ and This Is What They Do-Chuck? In the first three months of 2013, 694 provisions related to reproductive health have come before state legislatures, more than half of them involving abortion restrictions.
  • Cucinelli Spews: “They say birth control is liberating. No it’s not. It’s enslavement.”
  • And So It Begins-Chuck: Planned Parenthood Closing Down 3 Abortion Clinics Following New Texas Law

Education – Or Its Antithesis

  •  Ham-Fisted Science-Chuck: Creation Museum’s Ken Ham sez “Evolutionists use dinosaurs more than almost anything else to indoctrinate children into millios of years of evolution.” ‪ 
  • Sneaky Science-Busting Upchuck; In Missouri, Montana and Oklahoma, legislators have introduced bills to smuggle creationism & religious dogma into public school classrooms.


  • Help Me Jeezus-Hurl: Colorado gubernatorial candidate and former Congressman Tom Tancredo: “America Must Turn To God In Order To Free Us From Satan’s Trap”

Fifty Shades of Crazy

  • Way Out In the Outfield-Chuck: Liberty Council attorney sez St. Louis Cardinals ban on crosses puts us ‘in grave danger’
  • We Assert a Douchebag-Chuck: Fischer Asserts That CIA Director John Brennan Is A Muslim
  • If You Are Klingenschmitt, You Should Be the Discriminee -Chuck: Klingenschmitt: If You Are Gay, ‘Then You Should Be Discriminated Against’


  • Kill the Gays-Chuck: John Hagee and Glenn Beck blasted a proposed San Antonio anti-discrimination ordinance as an “attack on the people of faith” and a totalitarian effort to advance “the progressive religion.”

Legislators and Their Legislation

  • Stung-Chuck: Sheriff’s deputies in East Baton Rouge, LA, have used the state’s “crimes against nature” law—which was invalidated in a TX Supreme Court legalizing sodomy—to conduct sting operations and arrest at least 12 men simply for agreeing to have sex with an undercover cop.
  • Huck-Chuck: Crusader Huckabee looking 4 that final clash of civilizations: Muslims are ‘uncorked animals’ after praying to Allah.

Lying Hypocrites

  • Busted-Chuck: Boston-area priest busted w/prostitute in graveyard
  • Media Is the Message-Chuck: Conservative media’s attacks on climate science effectively erode viewers’ belief in scientists.
  • Unworthy As Hell-Chuck: Janet Parshall, really?, That you dare to disparage Desmond Tutu?   Really?


  • Truth-Chuck: Mikey Weinstein and The Military Religious Freedom Foundation are not out to banish faith from the military, just the in-your-face-your-career’s-down-the-toilet -if-you-don’t-take-Jesus kind.
  • Seems So-Chuck: Does the U.S. Marine Corps has a problem with Atheists.

Same-Sex Issues

  • Klingen-Chuck: The original Islamophobe goes Homophobe and uses MLK to justify. 
  • None Dare Call It Treason-Chuck: U.S. military document teaches atheism is a suicide risk.
  • To A Crisp-Chuck:Pastor wants a recently appointed gay activist member from his city’s Human Rights Commission after telling him he deserved to “burn in hell.”

Chuck It On Up Chuck: The place where religion meets your rights


what's up chuck

Please welcome back guest blogger K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. You can link over to her site here for the entire post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a lot of great upchuckable stuff:

Another Upchuckable Week - the place where religion meets your rights – by K. C. Boyd

The Weekly Upchuck


  • Condescending As Hell-Chuck: Rather than agree to meet with pro-choicers, N. C. Governor Pat McCrory offers a plate of cookies to protesters saying, “ ‘These are for you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you”  [...]


  • Do End Times Believers Care About Climate Change-Chuck? With 40% believing Jesus is coming back, Is there any incentive to preserve and protect the environment for future generations? Many who are concerned about the environment—including prominent figures like Al Gore, E.O. Wilson, and Bill Moyers—argue that for such believers the answer is no.

Education – Or Not

  • The Stupids Step On Themselves-Chuck: Conservative Christian group blames falling SAT scores on lack of school prayer. Could it be faux science & history Or maybe it’s the faux science and history they’re teaching? Or the lack of thinking skills? Submission to the Bible? I wonder . . .  ‪
  • What Happens In Texas-Chuck: Alarm Bells Are Ringing: Creationists Get Influential Positions in Texas Science Textbook Review
  • Dr. Beck, I Presume-Chuck?Glenn Beck Provides A History Lesson To Reza Aslan. I forget, from where did Glenn get his many PhD’s?   [...]

Gay Rights 

  • It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To-Chuck: Fewer Than Ten People Show Up For Ex-Gay Pride Event That Expected to Draw ‘Thousands!
  • Because No Catholics Are Gay-Chuck: Conservative Catholic sez Gay Marriage One of the Most Bizarre Ideas in History  [...]


  • Hagee Spew: John Hagee really said this: Rock Music Is ‘Satanic Cyanide’ That Should Be Taken Outside And Burned  [...]

Legislators and Their Legislation

  • Klan-Like-Chuck: Congressman Steve Stockman has teamed up with individuals and organizations known to be White Supremacists.  [...]

The Loons, Their Lies & Hypocrisy and Mega  Churchery 

  • Heaven or Hell-Chuck? Evangelist and Escape Artist to be Thrown from Plane in Locked Box. He of great faith better hope Jesus really saves.
  • ‘Doin’ The Dirty- Chuck: Pat Robertson: Gay people will destroy the church and military for approval of ‘the way they do sex.’ How do you ‘do’ sex, Uncle Pat. Ooh. Never mind. Don’t tell!
  • Theo-Chuck: Theocracy anyone? Tony Perkins: ‘It’d be a lot simpler if we operated on the Ten Commandments’ rather than civil law
  • What-Chuck?? “By Definition, Only Homosexual Priests Would … Molest Boys” - Well, yes as long as they’re also pedophiles.  [...]


  • Cruz Missile-Chuck: Another Ted Cruz outright lie: “We’ve seen reports from the military of men and women in the military being told if you share your faith, if you tell someone the love of Jesus Christ you face court martial . . . Ted Cruz:The military has no business whatsoever telling the men and women of the military not to share their faith [...]