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Video- Highlights of Kathy Griffin on Glee as "Tea Party Politician"



Glee's "Mr. Shuster" campaigning for Ohio Democrats


I'd also love to see "Sue Sylvester" (Jane Lynch) get up there and kick some improvisational ass for our side. That would make me Glee-ful:

Matthew Morrison, who plays glee club director "Mr. Shuster" on the hit Fox series, will be in Ohio to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Lee Fisher and Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland.

Fun Fact: "Glee" is set in Ohio.


VIDEO: Glee's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with Oil Spill Images



envirodefensefund — June 16, 2010 — This beautiful song and the tragic images from the Gulf Coast oil disaster remind us that we have a choice to leave a better world for our children.


Frank Rich: Two Weddings, a Divorce and ‘Glee’


(via Barry Blitt)

Frank Rich:

The Gores and Limbaughs are free to marry, for better or for worse, and free to enjoy all the rights (and make all the mistakes) that marriage entails. Gay and lesbian couples are still fighting for those rights. That’s why the most significant marital event of June 2010 is the one taking place in San Francisco this Wednesday, when a Federal District Court judge is scheduled to hear the closing arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the landmark case challenging Proposition 8, California’s same-sex marriage ban. A verdict will soon follow, setting off an appeals process that is likely to land in the Supreme Court, possibly by the 2011-12 term. [...]

What was the unqualified Blankenhorn doing at the Prop 8 trial? Like Rekers, who had a lucrative history of testifying for pay in legal cases attacking gay civil rights, he also profits from his propaganda. [...]

Another likely motive for opposing cameras at the trial was to shield viewers from the sympathetic gay plaintiffs — ordinary tax-paying Americans whose families, including four children, were often in the courtroom. [...]

And though some — including Elton John, of all people — have claimed that civil unions are tantamount to marriage and remedy marital inequality, that is a canard. [...]

[A]s long as gay Americans are denied the same right to marry as everyone else, they are branded as sub-citizens, less equal and less deserving than everyone else. That government-sanctioned stigma inevitably leaves them vulnerable to other slights and discrimination, both subtle and explicit. The damage is particularly acute for children, who must not only wonder why their parents are regarded as defective by the law but must also bear this scarlet letter of inferiority when among their peers. [...]

[T]he growing adult acceptance of unconventional family models can be found in the phenomenon of “Glee,” the prime-time hit on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, no less [...]

The leading teenage characters in “Glee” have single parents (both widowed), absentee parents and, in one case, two gay dads. [...]

The Times’s Sunday wedding pages chronicled the Massachusetts same-sex marriage of Jane Lynch, the actress who steals the show as Sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach who is the students’ comic nemesis. It’s a sunny article until you read that Lynch’s spouse, a clinical psychologist named Lara Embry, had to fight a legal battle to gain visitation rights with her 10-year-old adoptive daughter from a previous relationship. [...] Dr. Embry ultimately won [...]

We’ve come a long way in a short time, but as the Embry case exemplifies, glee for gay people in America still does not match “Glee” on Fox. Until the law catches up to the culture, the collective American soul should find even June’s wedding Champagne a bit flat.

Please read the whole thing here.

This one hits close to home, since members of my family are gay. I worry for them, but I am glad to see some progress. The trouble is, we need more and we need it faster.