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Phil Hands

November 11, 2013

Adam Zyglis

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon

Clay Bennett


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2007 VIDEO: Mitt Romney didn't oppose gay adoption as governor


Via , 2007 Mitt Romney on adoption by same-sex couples:

Let the courts decide.

2011 Romney: Let the states decide.

Now it's 2012:

Mitt Romney channeled the social conservative positions of Rick Santorum during last night’s GOP presidential debate in Arizona, arguing that religious organizations should be allowed to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples in the adoption process and claiming that children deserve a home “with a mother and a father” [...]

During an August GOP debate, Romney pledged to institute a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as a between a man and a woman “because I believe the ideal place to raise a child is in a home with a mom and dad.” He doubled down on that position during a town hall in New Hampshire in October ... “the ideal setting to raise a child for a society like ours is where there is a man and a woman.”

2012 Romney is walking a fine line between letting the states decide and letting Ricky Santorum decide.

Today just isn't Willard's day. Then again, most day's aren't.


VIDEO: Anti-gay Komen Sr. VP Karen Handel annoyed by a reporter asking her about gay issues


Via LGBTpov:

Turns out – surprise, surprise – that the woman who is now considered responsible for the destruction of the Susan G. Koman for the Cure brand has an antigay history.

I'm not a violent person at all, but I had a fleeting urge to slap this woman, then put her in a room with a giant-screen Tee Vee Machine and make her watch endless video loops of Marcus Bachmann, Glee, Ellen, ads for this site, this site, and this:

H/t: @Coopster04


Video- Gay SanFran Mayoral Candidate Makes History, Features His Child In Ad


She's a cutie too. Here's Bevan Duffy's campaign site, h/t Bilerico.