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Quickie- Republicans move campaign staff out of New Mexico


Mmm, tasty. 5 nice little electoral votes for us.

Washington (CNN) - Republicans are moving three staffers out of Democratic-leaning New Mexico and shifting them to Colorado and Nevada, two states where the presidential race is more competitive.

The Republican National Committee and Mitt Romney's campaign will continue to maintain staff and victory offices in New Mexico, a spokesman for the RNC said.


Conservative Super PACs Pull Michigan Ads


Giving up Michigan at this point? Shades of McCain/Palin. I like. They do have a couple more "homes states" at least. Via Taegan.

Mitt Romney's conservative allies are "bypassing Michigan with their advertising while stepping up efforts in other battleground states -- suggesting campaign strategists don't believe his road to the White House leads through his native state," the Detroit News reports.

"The pro-Romney groups American Crossroads and Americans for Prosperity are pouring nearly $13 million into advertising in key states, indicating they remain eager to lend considerable financial muscle to Romney in states viewed as truly competitive."

Added- Oh my.

Pro-Romney ads not running in Michigan, Pennsylvania

CHARLOTTE -- If ad strategies are any guide, things look pretty good for President Obama right now in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney and conservative groups that back him aren't running ads in those big states, which GOP aides have had high hopes for, according to local news reports.

Instead, the Republican challenger and allies are focusing on other battleground states, all of which President Obama won in 2008: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.