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Seriously, "Joe the Plumber"? "1939-45, 6 million Jews and 7 million others exterminated" weren't Holocaust references?


Remember this video from the other day in which we can plainly hear the words, "from 1939 to 1945, 6 million Jews and 7 million others... were exterminated"?

You heard that too, right? Now what could those references be about? If you said, "The Holocaust" you'd be right. Here's what Not Joe the Not Plumber said, per The Toledo Blade:

[H]e blamed the media for unfairly spinning the story.

"All I said was gun control was implemented, and then governments proceeded to violate human rights," Mr. Wurzelbacher said. "Nowhere did I mention the Holocaust or was I even talking about it."

Psst! Genocide from 1939-1945 means "Holocaust". And you mentioned it.

Phil Christofanelli, spokesman for the Wurzelbacher Campaign, dug himself and Candidate Sam into a deeper hole:

"The argument is that gun control created the environment in which it was considerably easier for Nazis and other tyrannical governments to engage in human rights abuses, so I believe the point of the video was to highlight a number of human rights abuses that were facilitated by gun control... Joe did not say the Holocaust was caused by gun control... I think it's a big difference to say gun control caused the Holocaust, which is not our position... His position is policies like gun control are implemented by tyrannical governments... Well, blacks weren't allowed to own guns in the South, that's a historical fact as well... So, it would seem that the argument would apply there as well."

Yes, you read that correctly. Slavery was due to gun control, too. Who knew? But I'm sure if you ask him about it, he'll say Team Wurzelbacher never mentioned that either.

Then Christofanelli said all the silly controversy was the "sympathetic liberal media's" fault for noticing and reporting the contents of the video. Of course, dear, you just go right on believing that.

As for "Joe," he needs a few history lessons. Or maybe he could learn to use "The Google"! It even has pictures!

H/t: Think Progress


VIDEO- S*** "Joe the Plumber" says: Gun control laws are responsible for Armenian genocide, Holocaust of the Jews


If you hunt or just like shooting guns, the 2nd Amendment will always be a good thing. History also tells us it's our last line of defense in the face of an out-of-control government. And killing fruits and vegetables is... what? Better watch the video to see...

Speaking of out of control, Samuel Wurzelbacher the Not Plumber needs his head examined. He clearly hangs out with Wayne LaPierre and his crowd, because the s*** they say only makes sense to them.

H/t: Think Progress


VIDEO: Newt Gingrich would "instruct the Justice Department to send a U.S. Marshal" to arrest "activist judges."


Newton Leroy Gingrich thinks the President of the United States should be able to ignore the Supreme Court.

And check him out, trying to appear all historian-y and stuff. This former lobbyist loves to portray himself as chock full o' U.S. history (he's definitely chock full o' something), and believes he'd be the wisest, fairest, bestest. President. Evah.

Pot. Kettle. Radical.

Now get back in your clown car and go far, far way, please and thank you.


VIDEO- Michele Bachmann: Anderson! Anderson? Anderson! Pick me, pick me!... Anderson?


Ooo! Ooo! Pick me, Anderson, pick me!

Anderson? Anderson? Bueller?



Margaret Thatcher won't meet with Sarah Palin, because she's "nuts"


Via watchingelection2012

A year ago, I had some fun with Former Half-Gov PipPip McDaftBird's big announcement that she was going on an outing in England to visit Lady Thatcher as part of "a bid to enhance her claim to be the ‘heir to Ronald Reagan’". It was even more fun when Thatcher's biographer called PipPip "ridiculous".

It seems Palin's little junket has hit a fatal snag, as did any shred of respect for her across the pond. Interesting how the British are sounding more and more like us now. Via The Guardian:

This is what Palin told Christina Lamb in the Sunday Times:

"I am going to Sudan in July and hope to stop in England on the way. I am just hoping Mrs Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her."

Beg pahdon, deah, but a Thatcher ally has pulled the welcome mat out from under you:

“Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.”

If I may quote from my earlier post, how lovely, just like home! No wonder the British are our besties!  She really should stick to her ClusterFox telly appearances, things have gone so tickety-boo for her there.

Say ta ta, luv! Ta ta, luv.


Cartoonaroony: Sarah Palin's remaining brain cells are endangered


One of our wonderful readers sent us his cartoon to share with you. Thank you Steven Morello!

To see the original quote about Palin's odd appetite for pollution, go here.

To see the effect the fumes have clearly had on the former half-gov, see a screen grab of her tweet here.


Sarah Palin: "I love that smell of the emissions!"


Get ready, there are even more Palin political atrocities to report. Some have wondered why we  continue to post about her. If you notice, we nearly always share items that make her look as unqualified to hold office as she is. Remember, she lost in '08 in part because we lefty bloggers relentlessly pointed out her frailties, discredited her, mocked her, and made sure voters knew that she had no credibility whatsoever. Her own ineptitude and nastiness did her in, of course, but had we let her slide, had we chosen to keep our readers uninformed, then we wouldn't have been doing our job.

Plus, if something about her is actually newsworthy, we'll print that, too. When I've taken the time to explain that to those who say, "Ignore her! She'll go away!" to a person, they have been convinced that we should keep doing what we do. Besides, does anyone seriously think that if TPC stops posting about Palin the corporate media will? They thrive on her very existence, get ratings, and make money on the endless cycle of Palin stories they choose to air. In contrast, we make no money, but feel compelled to expose her for who she is: A self-serving fraud.

If you still don't agree, then feel free to skip Palin posts, as you should any of our stories that don't sit well with you.

That said, today's L.A. Times had a half-page story about Palin's ridiculous bus tour-slash-embarrassing motorcycle photo op, and three paragraphs stood out to me:

Amid the rumble of motorcycles, she was also asked whether all of her tour events would be so loud.

"Oh, it would be a blast if they were this loud, if they smelled this good," Palin said. "I love that smell of the emissions!"

Either she's totally into the effects of her cooking on Todd, or she has a bizarre pollution fetish.

Moving on... quickly:

Her spokesman and campaign treasurer, Tim Crawford, told reporters to check her website for information about where the tour would go, but as of Sunday, the site only mentioned where she already had been. Reporters were left scrambling to try to figure out the rest of her itinerary.

If that's not the sign of a professional, tightly run, organized campaign, I don't know what is. Imagine how she'd run a country. On second thought, don't bother. It will never happen. Ever. As is clearly evident in the final excerpt:

Some doubt whether her organization is up to the grinding task of mounting a serious presidential bid, and the chaotic uncertainty surrounding her bus tour — the bus went unseen all day — suggested growing pains, at minimum.


As Lawrence O'Donnell stated very emphatically, Palin is the next Trump. I'm inclined to agree.

More here.