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A Populace Pump For Electile Dysfunction


Electile Dysfunction

It doesn't get much funnier than this -- and what candidate hasn't worried at one time or another of suffering from "ELECTILE DYSFUNCION?" This one may actually give you a boner, er, Boehner. See if the orange-tinged House Speaker knows the difference as his opponent seeks to pump up the votes against him.

From Raw Story:

House Speaker John Boehner’s Tea Party challenger in the Ohio Republican primary, J.D. Winteregg, released a parody advertisement today that accuses the speaker of suffering from “Electile Dysfunction.”

The Tea Party Leadership Fund PAC decided to back Winteregg after internal polling revealed that only 25 percent of Rep. Boehner’s constituents favored him over a generic Tea Party challenger. The PAC initiated a “two-pronged approach” similar to the one that Scott Brown used to catapult him into office: a dedicated “ground game” on the local front coupled with a national fundraising campaign.


VIDEO: The most important election you haven't heard of


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Chris Hayes:

In August, [the mayor of Pasadena, Texas] started pushing a plan to shrink the number of districts from eight to six, and replace those two with at large seats to be voted on by everyone in Pasadena.

And by everyone, we mean the town's white voting majority.

One of two Hispanics on the council, Cody Ray Wheeler.:

He decided to make a full power grab and he didn't care who you'd have to step over to get it.


To the community, the goal of the plan was clear: Dilute the power of the Hispanic vote and hand two seats to the majority white voting population, ensuring the citywide majority white voting population could band together and retain their power.


What this effectively does is give the south part of town, the Anglo part of town, the majority of the council.


It turns out this is precisely the sort of thing Section Five of the Voting Rights Act was designed to block. In fact, Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited this precise type of discrimination from a pre-Section Five world when the Voting Rights Act came before the court earlier this year.

Justice Ginsburg:

These second generation barriers including racial gerrymandering, switching from district voting to at-large voting...


Did you hear that? At-large voting. It's the oldest trick in the book and it's so immediately recognizable that when a neighboring Texas town of Beaumont cooked up a similar at-large plan, it was blocked by the Justice Department in December 2012.

But then, the Supreme Court killed Section Five of the Voting Rights Act...

Now that Section Five is dead, there are thousands of potential Pasadenas all across the South.

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Cartoons of the Day- The REAL Problems With Congress



Steve Greenberg


Paul Fell


Chan Lowe


VIDEO: Dems didn't lose the House in 2012. Gerrymandering won.


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Rachel Maddow, December 2012:

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Short version: Gerrymandering delivered disproportionate representation.

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Chuck Todd, October 2013:

But let's remember, this is a gerrymandered house. Democrats actually won the generic ballot in 2012.

More people voted for a Democratic member of Congress than a Republican one in 2012, and yet there are more congressional held Republican seats, 234.

Democrats only have 201 even though they won a majority of the vote in 2012.

When gerrymandering wins, democracy loses. We lose. All of us.

Here is the entire segment:

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In This Corner, Barack Obama. In the Challenger's, John Boehner



It takes two to tango, so we're told. And the two we need to tango right now are Barack Obama and John Boehner. So far,only Obama seems to be moving with the rhythm. He's agreed to sign a clean continuing resolution at budget limits billions below his suggested levels. He's willing to move things ahead, forgo any negotiations for the short term in order to keep the government open.

What about Boehner? He seemed as recently as two weeks ago to agree to this, but then he found religion -- evil, dark, sinister black magic. It's called, in shorthand, Tea Party-itis. It's cauldron of bubbly poison is being stirred by Rafael 'Ted' Cruz and his minion, Mike Lee.

If truth be known, and it is in the video below, this pot has been simmering for some time. But it wasn't until the noxious brew was forced down Boehner's throat by the demonic Cruz-Lee duo, that the devil within has been released.

What's at the root of the Obama/Boehner feud? Take a look.


New court filing: Democrats say Wisconsin redistricting files deleted at "suspicious times"


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I've been covering the "alleged" corruption and attempts at voter suppression that have "allegedly" been occurring under Governor Scott Walker's alleged watch, the most recent being: Documents were deleted from WI GOP redistricting computers, per court filing. And before that, WI officials were subpoenaed over missing computers, docs involved in redistricting that benefited Republicans.

You know, the alleged usual. Here's the alleged latest, via WisPolitics:

According to a new court filing, a forensic investigation of computers GOP lawmakers, their aides and their lawyers used in the redistricting process found some files were deleted just after a federal court ordered three witnesses to turn over documents to the plaintiffs. Other files were deleted one week before the lawmakers’ firm, Michael Best & Friedrich, turned over its redistricting files to Dems after they took control of the state Senate following a recall election. [...]

Yesterday’s filing updated the court on a forensic examination of the computers and noted the cost of the review had now reached $100,000. The plaintiffs asked the court to require the Legislature, its employees and/or its attorneys to cover the costs of the forensics.

Ohhh Scotty, you've got some reinventing to do!

lucy you've got some reinventing to do

In other news, Walker won't push for gun background checks.


"The GOP is hanging on to its old ways thanks to its very skillful management of the vote."

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Doonesbury strip by Garry Trudeau

Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "The GOP's 'autopsy,'" Opinion, March 20

Doyle McManus examines the GOP's problems as it relates to winning the 2016 presidential election. The real problem is not the message but simply the math.

The GOP is hanging on to its old ways thanks to its very skillful management of the vote. Republicans control the House even though they received fewer votes in 2012 than the Democrats. Similarly, they control several state houses thanks to gerrymandered districts. They effectively control the Senate through the filibuster.

But this approach, which ghettoizes the opposition and puts many districts in the GOP column by a few percentage points, creates a house of cards. With just a small shift in key districts, it will all come down.

It is time to change the policies and not just the rhetoric. Republicans cannot maintain their voting advantage forever.

Glen Jansma

Newport Beach


With the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq this week, I can only hope that the Republican Party remains divided for a long time to come.

It was this party that took us into war with a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, had no weapons of mass destruction and where more than 4,000 American lives would end up being lost. And for what? Is America any safer?

Republicans should hang their heads in shame this week, and I hope that their embracing of the "tea party" leads to the GOP's demise for once and for all.

Scott W. Hughes

Westlake Village