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President Obama Met With Central American Leaders - Fvx Nation Freaks



Oh would some power the giftie gie us, to see ourselves as others see us.

~ Robert Burns


When you get down, way, way  underneath whichever gratuitous level of bullshite the Regressive Right is forking up this month, you can spy the real issues that need addressing at our borders: key economic reasons.

Said issues are frequently buried under whatever red-meat frenzy is currently being spotted and hyped by the Fox Noise Hysteria Periscope and whomever Morning Schmoe chooses to add frothing from over at messnbc mornings.

Elizabeth Warren, for good reason a Progressive It Candidate, has been a vocal champion of the kind of action President Obama took this week … and that's why so many of us champion her.


This thoughtful president chose not to suit up in combat gear, climb into a helicopter with a presumably-armed Governor-General Good Hair Perry and get his picture taken in staccato unison by photographers there to snap him … NOT the humanitarian crisis at hand.

It was an Obama decision:  pragmatic, active yet not drastic, and assumes that we have equal partners in these massive matters of bubbles, booms, recessions and the flow of humanity they attract, then throw back from our shores.

It also makes sense. Which is anathema to a Regressive Right held hostage by Palin, Hannity and Limpbaugh's Tea Party.


The GOP is proven to be hideous at paying for things, only Obama and Clinton brought deficits down and got us out of conflicts, more than into them. The Right became hysterical in extremis when they realized they had blown the entire cookie jar on Defense and Terrorism and reacted with every xenophobic, self-serving iota of their fully loaded (shekels and bullets galore) selves … it must be communism!

Cuz … Putin.

Then Putin has the annoying and extremely untimely nerve to ratchet up the pissing contest that Reagan is credited by his fervent idolizers for having somehow 'won'.

The GOP decided to formally adopt Israel from sometime after Ron Ron's star peaked until their Rapture … surely, we must be in Armageddon now, gauging the shrill hysteria and panic over at Fvx Nation.

reagan obsolete

In the meantime, here's a surprisingly edifying few minutes from Morning Joe Schmoe -- there was a substantive look at what is happening at the borders, and why President Obama's hosting of the Central American leaders is significant on many fronts. From MSNBC.

And for your compare and WTF(??!!??) moment, here's how the delusional crew at Fox Noise responded to the sitting president doing something practical and statesmanlike by meeting with the leaders of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatomala.

[As always, complimentary Orvis waders and Method™ Antibacterial Troll Spray by the front door.]

Hannity, still high from his own trip to Texass, let Governor Good Hair Rick Perry rant at will.

The Journal Editorial Report, featuring WSJ's Paul Gigot, required three Fvx slash Wall Street Journal pundits to bash President Obama while giving Perry and Paul the Younger all kinds of love for their alleged Feck.



When's A Co*ksucker Not A Co*ksucker? When Geraldo Says So


hate speak

First we have the recent past firing for homophobic remarks by Alec Baldwin. Then we get the Martin Bashir grotesque Sarah Palin comment. Now we have the ensuing kerfuffle going on with the racist and homophobic Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) in a GQ interview. Seems like outrage and a bit  more as opponent and proponents are bashing each other, each side staking out the first amendment claim.

Fox News put their "A" team on the issue of limits and virtues of freedom of speech. Who better, right? These are the folks that discovered WMD in Iraq, the conspiracies behind Benghazi, the IRS, even the secret war on Christmas. They definitively proclaimed Santa AND Jesus are white. Face it, when there's a controversy, there's no source better suited for getting to the bottom of an issue than Fox News. God bless Rupert Murdoch's merry band of men and women.

According to crack reporter and commentator Geraldo Rivera, he's determined that there are times when offensive speak isn't really offensive. It all has to do with your background. If you grew up in a neighborhood where racial or homophobic slurs were part of everyday vernacular, he's discovered a new defense. The Peter Pan doctrine. You never have to grow up. You can use all the hate speech you want because you're inbred with it and don't have to change or learn with the times. It's okay with Geraldo if you go out there and call him a spic-kike cocksucker because that's what he heard growing up.


In a bizarre pronouncement by ever-colorful Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, the veteran commentator has defended Alec Baldwin's recent homophobic outburst toward a paparazzo, claiming "cocksucking faggot" isn't necessarily a gay slur.

"I don't think all insults are equal," Rivera said during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show December 19. Rivera was chiming in to a heated discussion between Hannity and panelists Rachel Sklar and about whether or not A&E made a mistake by suspending “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for recent anti-LGBT and racist statements.

See for yourself how Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera and Rachel Sklar feel about this controversy. It just makes you hear that old bromide defending children for doing horrific bad things and not wanting to make them take responsibility--

"You know, it's just boys being boys. Cut 'em some slack. You were a kid once."

And just to clear it up for Hannity, both Baldwin and Bashir were fired. For professional courtesy, they were technically invited to resign which they did. Nobody fired Phil Robertson. He's only been suspended. So there's a bit of a double standard, perhaps, but the Duck Dynasty guy will still has a show -- Baldwin and Bashir don't.


Video- O'Reilly And Rivera Continue Fox Tradition Of Demonizing The Poor


This country is going backward every day. Via.


Get Real, Gerry


Geraldo Rivera

He's at it again. Oh, that Geraldo Rivera. From the picture you'd think he just had a run-in with Trayvon Martin, and to listen to him, you'd think he was there fighting alongside George Zimmerman, standing their ground.

Whether opening Al Capone's vault or just his mouth, when Geraldo's taken to the airwaves recently, the pollution levels have risen. He's a popular guy, make no mistake about that. And as a young reporter, he did win a very prestigious Peabody Award for his investigative reporting into the abuse of mentally disturbed patients in a Staten Island facility.  He's not without his pluses.

Old baseball player

But like an aging former all-star baseball player, due to age and complacency, he's lost a step. He strikes out more often. He gets caught stealing. He commits more errors.  But like all of us, he's not going easy. He's going to go kicking and screaming. He's going to try every trick in the book to stay as long as he can.

Ring, Ring, Ring!


That's the call from Dustin Diamond (Screech) beckoning in all aging hasbeens. Gerry's news gaffs are getting more notice than his reporting of the news. That's a bad sign. His "hoodie" remarks are an example of his losing a step. His hitter's "eye" is gone. He's got trouble handling the curve ball and he just can't seem to catch up to the "heater." His batting average is below the 'Mendoza' line.  (for non-baseball aficionados, that considered bad.)

Over the past year he's almost become a laughing stock and brunt of jokes everywhere for his biased and even bigoted statements about the Zimmerman-Martin trial. Let's face it, for a Jewish Puerto Rican dude, he's certainly had to withstand a lot of taunts and snide comments over the years.  He should have learned by those injustices to  become more tolerant and understanding.

Let's underline should.

In the clip below, not only does Geraldo preface his statements with how open minded he is about his Black counterpart on MSNBC, the Rev. Al Sharpton, but he ridicules those who he works with about how little they think of the Reverend Al. That's not a good practice to have to justify your standing by calling those around you biggots and jerks. A smarter man would say  his co-workers are bright, but I'm even brighter. Being the 20 watt bulb in a box of 10-watters isn't exactly making you a tanning salon bulb. Perhaps it's refreshing to see Rivera understands the zoo and clown circus atmosphere he works in. But then he shows that he's one of them when he opens his mouth and basically stops just a silly millimeter short of actually blaming Zimmerman's trial for Travon Martin's death on Rev. Al. Yes, watch this report at 0:38 when Gerry puts the blame on Mame -- Sharpton -- for this even coming to trial. Once again, Gerry's making news, not reporting on it.

Rivera is a lawyer and he knows that investigations take time. Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots player accused of murder wasn't arrested or charged for over a week after the police began questioning him. An arrest is serious move. And Zimmerman, guilty of innocent deserved an investigation before being charged. Had he been held that first night, Rivera would probably have take the "rush to judgment" claim as his rallying cry. The fact is the press is trying Zimmerman and they're doing it through race colored eyes. Why not just let the jury do their job.

Maybe, if we were covering some of the real injustices like the Farm Bill stripped of food assistance monies, or comprehensive immigration reform being broken into pieces so it will have a path to citizenship being removed, or the over-reach of states in mandating unreasonable ambulatory care levels at abortion clinics in order to remove women's right to choose, we'd all be better off.

Peabody Award

So Gerry, go back to your roots. You once cared about the mentally handicapped and it brought you acclaim. Why not go back to reporting on real shocking news -- how America's rights are being systematically taken from them. Then you can go make room on your mantle for another piece of hardware -- No, not the Al Capone Appreciation Award from Fox and Freaks, but another Peabody. I bet you have it in you. You have potential. You've proven that. Now shed the phony outrage and really tackle some bones with meat on 'em.