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Black voters in South could play big role in midterm elections


chris christie fear of black voters

Republicans don't treat black voters well at all. They disenfranchise them, they suppress their votes, they make it nearly impossible for them to get to the polls, they put up all kinds of obstacles to keep them from registering, and they do everything they can to make those Voter I.D.s they insist upon as inaccessible as possible.

Or as I like to call it, GOP outreach.

Thank you, Supreme Court, for your decision last year to gut the Voting Rights Act. How impartial of you.

Consequently, African American voters won't exactly flock to the Republican party any time soon. Nor will they be inclined to fill in a dot next to anyone with an R after their name on the ballot. Can the GOP be any more shortsighted?

Ironically-- with a twist of karma-- black Southern voters are about to play a prominent role in the November elections.

Via Nate Cohn for the New York Times:

Nearly five decades after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, black voters in the South are poised to play a pivotal role in this year’s midterm elections. If Democrats win the South and hold the Senate, they will do so because of Southern black voters. [...]

This year’s closest contests include North Carolina, Louisiana and Georgia. Black voters will most likely represent more than half of all Democratic voters in Louisiana and Georgia, and nearly half in North Carolina. Arkansas, another state with a large black population, is also among the competitive states. [...]

If Democrats win this November, black voters will probably represent a larger share of the winning party’s supporters in important states than at any time since Reconstruction. Their influence is not just a product of the Senate map. It also reflects the collapse in Southern white support for Democrats, an increase in black turnout and the reversal of a century-long trend of black outmigration from the South... Southern black turnout today rivals or occasionally exceeds that of white voters.

You know what this means, right? Say it with me:

gotv 3

As Cohn reminds us, black voters played a big role in Thad Cochran's primary win against a tea party candidate. Please read his chock full o' info, background, and history article in full, here.

And then help everyone you can to register, and in November, to get to the polls. Swarm the polling places. Vote in droves. Use your voices. Because it doesn't do much good to have winning numbers without access to the ballot box.


Cliff Notes: "This is a disease, one that the NRA’s leadership is helping to spread"


gun nut disease

My dear friend and mentor, Cliff Schecter, has a new post up; Cliff has given me permission to share his work with you, so I’ll give you the latest edition of what I call Cliff Notes. Here are a few excerpts from his latest at The Daily Beast, with permission. Please read the whole thing, because he has way more than I’ve included here. It's about the utter insanity and carnage attributed to the NRA and their gun-fondling devotees who are blissfully spreading a deadly Gun Disease all over America.

These bits and pieces don't do it justice. Please, link over for the entire post titled "From Las Vegas to Georgia, the NRA Has Created a Monster":

It’s been quite a month for the National Rifle Association: Massacres at universities, in restaurants, and at retail stores from South Carolina to Las Vegas. Gun nuts porting assault weapons to dinner from Chili’s to Chipotle. The leaders of the take-no-prisoners gun-rights organization have been witness to the logical outgrowth of its policies and rhetoric. Much as the GOP helped create the lunatic-fringe Tea Party within its midst, the NRA chieftains have helped birth a beast whose black heart now beats strongly among its most radical adherents. [...]

The result: They’ve watched impotently as this witch’s brew of mental illness, far-right politics, propaganda, and heavy weaponry has led to one shocking—yet wholly predictable—massacre after another, with the most recent targets including the execution-style murders of two lunching police officers in Las Vegas. [Laffy Note: See Sher's White Supremacy and the Bundy Tea Party Terrorize the Vegas Strip] [...]

Just over the past few weeks, we’ve seen mass murders in Isla Vista, Seattle, Myrtle Beach, and Las Vegas. A catastrophe was barely averted at a courthouse in Georgia—you know, the place that in its infinite wisdom chose to pass its “guns anywhere” bill, because clearly if there was something daycare centers and airports were lacking, it was guns.

Somehow this didn’t stop this self-styled “sovereign citizen.”  [...]

But this is America, the NRA leadership’s version, where a man in this mental state was a gun seller and trader (remember how Timothy McVeigh was a gun seller at gun shows?), who got mad because he had—what else?—outstanding firearms charges against him. So yeah, why not kill the authorities and everyone else you can in a blaze of glory? We make it so easy, after all. [...]

In Las Vegas, two shooters, a man and a woman... left a swastika and “Don’t Tread on Me” flag on one of the murdered cops’ bodies... Did I mention the man had lived on Cliven Bundy’s ranch for a bit (and was kicked off… one wonders what it took for that to happen)? [...]

This is a disease, one that the NRA’s leadership is helping to spread. [...]

Put simply, the NRA’s leaders have demonized anyone whose job it is to enforce our laws and protect the United States in its pamphlets, emails, speeches, TV ads, Web shows, radio programming, and anywhere else they can unleash this cancer on the American public. So is it then shocking when their more unstable allies and adherents use the same language when planning or executing the mass killing of policemen, judges or other government officials?

If Wayne LaPierre were instead named Wayne Mohammed, do you think we’d still be hearing from him? Or would he be in a black site in Romania somewhere? [...]

If we want to change things, it starts with not sugar-coating or ignoring the treasonous and murderous role played by the leaders of the NRA, but by acknowledging it and taking them on every day.

Cliff Schecter is a bestselling author, syndicated columnist, and political strategist. He consults for the gun-safety group the National Gun Victims Action Council. 

Follow him on Twitter: @CliffSchecter


Paul Broun (STFU-Ga) says Jesus will tell him where to go. So will we.


atheist barbie v Paul Broun

Politico posted an interesting remark by Paul Broun (STFU-Ga), the wingiest of wingnuts from Georgia who just lost a primary election bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Did I say "interesting"? I meant grating.

Rep. Jack Kingston and businessman David Perdue will duke it out in a run-off. Then the winner will oppose Democrat Michelle Nunn in the general election.

What's that? You're not familiar with Paul Broun (scroll)? Allow me:

Both Kingston and Perdue are going after Broun for an endorsement. Gee, who wouldn't want someone as level-headed and rational as Broun vouching for him? In fact, Kingston wanted one up close and personal, requesting to "sit down and talk" to him. Here's what Paul Broun had to say about that:

Broun is willing to talk, but he’s not sure at the moment if he’ll endorse either candidate.

“I will sit down and talk with them,” Broun said Thursday. “I’m just trying to figure out right now where my lord Jesus Christ wants me to go and what he wants me to do.”

Which grated on me. Severely. Between Michele Bachmann hearing voices in her head directly from the Invisible Blue-Eyed White Man in the Sky, to Sarah Palin's confusing Roger Ailes with her god, to Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry (among others) exploiting their version of god in their campaigns, and, well, don't even get me started on Mike HuckaPreach-- my atheist head is spinning.

Religion has no place in politics. The separation of church and state has been increasingly ignored in recent years, which is not only a threat to our crumbling democracy, it's offensive, and not just to me: Saying "prayers in the name of Jesus Christ before luncheons" made attendee "squirm."

That was in response to the Supreme Court decision finding that sectarian prayers in public meetings are constitutional.

Our public officials are supposed to represent everyone, not just those who believe what they believe. Religious discrimination, aggression, or exclusion are not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

That aside, I personally find it annoying, disturbing, and/or obnoxious (depending on the circumstances) when politicians force their religion on an entire populace, gush faux Christisms as they hypocritically refuse to treat others as equals and with compassion, and publicly express their reliance on imaginary beings instead of good judgment, experience, and reason.

Enough with the holier than thou self-righteous b.s. Believe what you want to believe, but respect the rest of us enough to do so privately:

The Lord's Prayer:

"When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 6"But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. 7"And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words.…

separation of church and state Jefferson


Georgia's Anti-Gay GOP Peach of a Candidate


Phil Gingrey 2

Boy, has the state of Georgia's Republican Party hit an all time low with their senatorial candidate, U.S. Representative Phil Gingrey! He's evidently the conservatives' conservative. There's no level too low for him not to try stooping to. He better hope Georgians are homophobic and idiots if he thinks he's got a scintilla of hope as he fights in the primary. Maybe it's that desperation that allowed him to put out this campaign ad:

So just what is this Youth Pride organization that Gingrey is so opposed to? From Youth Pride's website:

For 18 consecutive years YouthPride has remained committed to the LGBTQQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning] youth it serves. Nothing has stopped YouthPride providing critical services to LGBTQQ youth and their families at no charge. YouthPride has prevented 28 suicides in 2013.

So this organization is saving lives, counselling and helping young people deal and cope with the hands they were dealt in life. This isn't a recruitment organization as this conservative moron would have the people of Georgia believe. Rather they are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, uniting, and dignifying the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth and young adults. Neither coming out nor living in the closet can be easy. But if voters allow a candidate's disparaging of a life-saving organization to impact their vote, they deserve the horrors and repression they'll get if they elect Congressman Gingrey to the senate.


#JaneCrow in Georgia - An ATL Call to Take Back Basic Women's Rights




Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:

Reverend Al Sharpton was doing the obligatory MSNBC on-location rope line in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday  evening when a woman of a certain age stood tall and stated what was on her mind about Growing Hope in Politics Nation Live from that historic civil rights venue ... "What about the new Jane Crow?"

Whiplash. #JaneCrow. Eureka, some Southern belle nailed it. [Video at footer of the good Reverend.]

Jane Crow. It's SO sadly, infuriatingly, effing accurate.

Minding the gender gap is about far more than poll numbers and swing states, if the Regressives get their way we will be looking at the same rights for women that our great-grandmothers enjoyed. Be it pay equity or being the acknowledged bosses of our own bodies, the GOP is brashly moving the goalposts back with very little impunity.


Asshattery against women we would rather forget, never mind own as part of our collective Tea Induced history, is a motivating and mounting list of criminal Ick. 

  • God Given Rape or Legitimate Rape or any lunatic GOP Rape 'qualifier'.
  • Binders of Women with Raging Libidos wrangled by Uncle Sugar.
  • Trans-vaginal probes and the legislatures who love them.
  • Purity Balls and  birth control shaming, leading to rape or pregnancy shaming then capped with SNAP shaming.

And it isn't Regressive Ick restricted to the South. A frustrated friend in Kansas tipped me to this letter to the editor in the Topeka Capitol-Journal which sums up the Tea Party offenses against women handily from the heartland.

I can see that the tea party and Republicans have one thing in common — a desire to strip women of their rights as first-class citizens and take them out of the work force. Is this what they want for themselves and their daughters?

Hell Yeah! [But.But.But. … no, they really do want pre-Mad Men Amurrica back.]

Women and their spouses can talk Republican until they are blue in the face, but when it comes time to vote they are responsible for the choices they make in the voting booth.

That is the one place we are totally free, so I beg of women to use it wisely and vote Democrat in November to restore their place in society.

                                                                                      Image, Pink Progressives.

YES! Don't let the work of the suffragettes and the dames that came up before us get systematically stolen back, fellow liberals. The opposition is sly, slick and has more money than their God. Make that vote count and make your indignant voices heard.

Bring on the Lefteous Indignation. Jane Crow has got to go.


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Jumping The Gun On Guns Everywhere Law In Georgia


guns in Georgia

Well, whether or not the police got it right, the fact remains that a civilian in Georgia put a lot of people into a state of fear and anxiety when he brought a gun to a park where little league baseball was being played. He brandished it out of his holster, waved it around, and scared the poop out of most people there.

Little league game

Click on picture above to see the VIDEO.

The police say the gunslinger did nothing illegal. That's actually questionable. First off, the new Georgia "Guns Everywhere" law doesn't go into effect for a few more months. Evidently this dude couldn't wait. And it's still a criminal act of "assault" to put people in fear for their lives, regardless of whether or not a gun holder has a permit to carry.

Free Dictionary:

 Assault is an act that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent, harmful, or offensive contact. The act consists of a threat of harm accompanied by an apparent, present ability to carry out the threat.

Evidently these cops who responded the to many 911 calls of fear and apprehension for their safety, were not scared sufficiently to rise to the level of imminent, harmful or offensive contact. The fright of possibly losing their lives doesn't seem to have risen to that level in the officer's minds. Or maybe they didn't think the gun being brandished rose to the level of being judged as having the ability to carry out the threat. Or even possibly the cops don't understand the definition of the law.

This time the man with the gun didn't shoot, but people reported him. Children were scared. Others sought shelter in the dugouts. Beginning July 1, 2014, when the "Guns Everywhere" bill goes into effect, let's see what happens. The Georgia legislature and the governor don't feel there are any problems. Do you share their confidence?