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GOP Freak Out Because They Can't Read


personal drone 2

One of the problems people have today is they're in a constant state of "hurry." They have so many things on their plate and time ticks by so quickly, they try to do too much at the same time. And the result is sometimes embarrassing.

Take reading regulations for an example. If you're going to run for political office, or if you hold political office, comprehensive reading is a requirement. New bills and proposals are constantly being put in front of you and your understanding them is paramount before you can vote on them. Or at least that's how it's supposed to work.

Talking Points Memo:

Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY) reportedly used an aerial drone to capture images from his wedding to his long-time same-sex partner last month -- and the GOP is not at all happy about it.

Nothing about this should raise too many eyebrows unless you're a Conservative Republican. In that case the idea of a same-sex marriage is abhorrent. That could cause your blood pressure to rise and cloud your thinking. But surprise, that's not what has gotten the National Republican Congressional Committee's undies in a bunch.

Congressman Maloney 2Rep. Sean Maloney - Randy Florke

The straw that broke their back was Congressman Maloney used a drone to photograph his event. I think it's clever and very interesting. The Republican caucus group saw this differently.

The New York Daily News reported on Monday that Maloney had used a small drone to shoot video at his wedding in Cold Spring, N.Y. But the News also said that federal regulations prohibit the commercial use of drones like the one that he and partner Randy Florke used.

The National Republican Congressional Committee labeled Maloney's actions as a "stunning disregard for FAA rules regarding drone use."

"Stunning  disregard." Let's break this down. Here's the one word the Republicans are not reading -- giving them the benefit of the doubt that they can read at all. Today's "secret word" is COMMERCIAL, as in commercial use.

There is a prohibition with commercial use of such a drone, but not personal use. Unless the congressperson and his partner are planning on selling  copies of their wedding video, thus making the usage commercial, this is all completely legal. The chance these two men are planning such a commercial venture with this matrimonial commemoration video seems quite unlikely.

Thus, once again, the misinformed GOP, the Chicken Littles of the world, are screaming the sky is falling. If only it would, it might knock some common sense into them. That doesn't seem likely though. So ignorance of the law seems to reign supreme, once again, in the GOP headquarters.

And to think that the group pointing fingers and accusing another Congressman of breaking the law consists of the very same people who are supposed to know the laws would be laughable, if it were not so sad. It's one thing to be incompetent. It's another to open your mouth and prove it. This is just such a case.

So here's a lesson for all you GOP congresspeople. Before you accuse someone of something, do your homework. And take the time to read all the regulations, not just the ones that your eyes pick up while you're out doing something else, like fundraising or obstructing Congress.

For a change, do your jobs. We citizens would appreciate that.


Four Star Female Admiral Michelle Howard: GO Navy!

Four Star Admiral Michelle Howard. Image, Forbes.

Four Star Admiral Michelle Howard. Image, Forbes.

Admiral Michelle Howard was given the status of First Female Four Star Admiralty member this summer, a national first on two fronts: gender and ethnicity.

Those are some mightily impressive Firsts. The 239-year United States Navy had never before given four stars to a female. She is also the highest-ranking African-American woman in a male-dominated military that did not even allow the promotion of women to general or admiral (of any number of stars) until 1967.

Image, U.N.C. Greensboro Archives

Image, U.N.C. Greensboro Archives

As she told the New York Times, speaking of her early attendance of the newly-Co-Ed Naval Academy,

“There were angry men at Annapolis, but we got through it,” she said. “And there were issues on the first few ships because it was all brand new. Change is hard in society.”


Melissa Harris-Perry was among the first to congratulate the Admiral, on her weekend MSNBC program recently.

The New York Times ran an evocative piece on Admiral Howard's epic move, excerpted below.

WASHINGTON — Adm. Michelle J. Howard was looking for new insignia for her white Navy dress uniform when she ran into an unusual problem.

“I said, ‘I need to order a four-star women’s shoulder board,’ and there’s this silence,” Admiral Howard recalled. “Then the lady goes, ‘Um, I’m not seeing any in the system.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I thought that might be the case.’

“I didn’t know it was possible to grow up to be anything more than a one-star,” Admiral Howard, 54, said in a recent interview, referring to the rank of rear admiral. She said today’s sailors “have never known a life when there hasn’t been a woman admiral, women three-stars, women in command of ships, women in command of destroyers.”


Good Morniiiiing, Fvx Nation! Hasselbeck and Zerlina Maxwell re #YesAllWomen


Good Mornniiiiiing, Fvx Nation!

That's how I imagine they open the so-called 'mews' program Fox and Friends every day, with Hasselbeck singing bass.

Morning Mika and Schmoe were off cavorting, and that's dull, so a quick flip to what serves as the cable news channel between MSNBC and CNN delivered: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, we formerly loathed her on The View, was hawking an upcoming segment on ... The War On Men.

Golf clap.
The teaser alone was Librul Platinum: when we return, the panel discusses whether or not there really is a GOP War on Women.

Hasselbeck furrows her blonde brows … she's perpetually perplexed, that woman. How did Barbara Walters manage to sit anywhere near her for all those years on The View?

How can there be, when all races and sexes turned up at a #YesAllWomen-induced gathering in support of feeble females and the heroic men who tolerate them??!?? The so called "Men's Rights" movement got a Fvx moment in the sun.


Gag. I've got on my trusty Orvis Waders and Method™ Troll Repellant Spray, so let's check out the Tea Party stylings of Ms. Hasselbeck, and Fvx Morning Men, on her new and more fitting couch. (She was in über-suck-up mode as The Donald's Hair had just phoned in for his regular Monday bloviation.)

The splendid Zerlina Maxwell was, albeit briefly, there as a voice of reason. Unfortunately, they put her across from Miss America(?) … but Zerlina did make a great case for not scapegoating feminism with the so-called Men's Rights movement. Have a listen to Ms. Maxwell ably summarizing #YesAllWomen on MSNBC recently.

Poor Maxwell had to sit near Hasselbeck on the Fox and Friends couch this morning around 7:20 VT. She must have vintage Orvis Waders, as well.

"Some would argue that feminism is the cause of 'them' [presumably men] having less "right" in the courtroom,", brayed uncompassionate conservative, Palin Defender and (apparently) open hate-mongerer Hasselbeck.

Aarrghh. Just have a listen,  and again, so sorry to give Fvx this early in the morning. [They opted not to post video ICK , so I had my handy dandy digital voice memo app recorder to commit it to the interwebz.]


They pimped the be-jeebus out of the above mini-segment, saying how fair and balanced it was going to be … then gave it about 2.6 minutes of  'discussion'. [I've peskily Tweeted and contacted Ms. Maxwell for comment on the brevity, will Update if a reply flies in.]

Even for Hasselbeck, that was downright sad. Female Fail. Fact Fail. Fvx Fail.



Props to Zerlina Maxwell for going into the Lions Den of Delusion for #YesAllWomen.