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Breaking: Gov. Brown signs legislation requiring teaching of gay accomplishments


This just in, via an email alert:

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation today making California the first state in the nation to require the inclusion of the contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans in school history lessons and textbooks.

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Landmark gay history bill goes to CA Gov. Jerry Brown


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Watch out, conservatives, here comes that "homosexual agenda" to turn you all gay!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum.

Gov. Jerry Brown hasn't yet said whether he would or wouldn't sign it, and back in 2006 Ahnold the Philanderer vetoed a bill similar to this one.

The bill, passed on a party-line vote, adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as people with disabilities to the list of groups that schools must include in the lessons. It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays.

There goes the neighborhood, right GOP? Students will be brainwashed! actually have to become aware of all notable people, not just those who are attracted to the opposite sex. And this upsets Republicans who think their "children are going to be taught that this lifestyle is good." Yes, that's right, they're playing the indoctrination card. Of course, they'd never think of indoctrinating our kids to, say, discriminate against gays, Mexican immigrants, or African American presidents.

Note to those people: Being gay is not a lifestyle, it's not a choice, it's not a mental illness. And it is far more patriotic to promote equality and civil rights, not to mention embracing the notion of freedom to love whomever one wants.

"This bill will require California schools to present a more accurate and nuanced view of American history in our social science curriculum by recognizing the accomplishments of groups that are not often recognized," said Assembly Speaker John Perez, the first openly gay speaker of the California Assembly.

Denying the existence of an entire segment of the population will not make it disappear.

California law already requires schools to teach about women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, entrepreneurs, Asian Americans, European Americans, American Indians and labor. The Legislature over the years also has prescribed specific lessons about the Irish potato famine and the Holocaust, among other topics.

Psst! GOP... Friedrich von Steuben, one of George Washington's military advisers, was gay. He had to leave Prussia because of that, and we benefited, yet you want to pretend he was a figment of historians' imaginations.

Diversity is a good thing, and to deny that is to deny what America stands for.

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