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PhotOH! Candidate Mitt vs. “Tired, washed up” Mitt vs. Disheveled Mitt


Compare and contrast.

Mitt Romney, June 2012:

“Tired, washed up” Mitt pumping his own gas, November 20, 2012:

Turkey Mitt's Facebook page, posted November 23, 2012:

Disheveled Willard. God willed it.

Or should I say, God Willard it?


PhotOH! "Tired, washed up" Mitt Romney now pumping his own gas


A glimpse of Willard Romney UnPrepped Unplugged, via mkb95 at Reddit, who also posted these comments:

It was definitely not a negatively inspired post, I just thought it would interest some of you.

No, he didn't have any security with him.

He talked about perhaps moving to La Jolla permanently one day on one of our local radio stations a few months ago. Lo and behold, here he was tonight at the Shell station in Downtown LJ.

Woah, pal. I said he looked tired, I didn't demonize him in any way! Sorry you took this picture for more than it was meant to be.

Uncoiffed, un-ironed, uncomfortably caught on camera in yet another awkward moment. I'd feel a twinge of sympathy for him if I didn't know what kind of anti-47%, corporate, outsourcing, secretive liar he is (scroll).

H/t: Gawker