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10 Car Options the Law Won't Let You Have


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I love new gadgets and do-hickeys.  I want them all and can't wait to get my mitts on 'em.  Sometimes they're safety features, sometimes they're gimmicks and other times they're just plain cool.  Not that practicality or price are the sole factors of getting something cutting edge, but when you tell me I can't have something, especially a safety feature, I like to know why.  And when legislators and corporate self-interested get between me and my gadget, I get frustrated.

So, needless to say, I think you may feel the same way when you read this "future is now" article from Popular Mechanics'  Dan Carney.

Here are some highlights:

Dynamic light spot. They pick up, illuminate and follow pedestrians when they walk into the street in front of you from out of the darkness.

Dual-View Front Video Display. It allows the driver to view the GPS system while the passenger can watch something else or visit the internet to check the menu at the restaurant you're heading off to or watch the trailer for the movie you're going to see.

Aspherical Mirrors. These are sideview  mirrors which allow you to see all the space in your blind spot.  No more almost pulling into someone lurking just out of your mirror's field of reflection.

Dynamic High Beams.  A conventional headlight matched to a computer-controlled blind that shields your headlight beam from an oncoming driver's eye.  You'll be able to drive with maximum illumination without blinding the on-coming driver.

Strobe Brake Lights.  These red lights flash quickly in response to hard brake pressure. The idea is to warn following drivers of a sudden stop from cars ahead.

All of these are great ideas.  Safety first.  No wait, safety second. Corporate greed first. None of these gizmos are legal right now.  They're ready, available, but we can't have them.  Thank our representatives in Congress and the various industries' high-paid lobbyists.  Maybe it's time we take the future in our own hands. Vote out the politicians who put us and our safety second, and their reelection funds first.  I warn you, don't get between me and my do-hickeys!


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