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Monday Links


Crackpot01w326h244This is a great article on crackpot science and its dangers.
How Vaccine Fears Fueled the Resurgence of Preventable Diseases

And speaking of crackpots:
North Carolina Senate candidate Greg Brannon led crackpot conspiracy-peddling website

I had to laugh while writing this link's so absurd.
Comedy Expert Laura Ingraham Declares Sarah Silverman "Unfunny".

'SNL' Recap: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill Reenact Romantic 'Titanic' Scene (Video)

I'm not sure what to make of this - hint/spoiler: it's about hidden government infrastructure:
Video: What's Inside the House on Wade Avenue?

UFO Welcome Center

In case you missed ridiculous can you get?
Gay Marriage Scares Oklahoma Rep So Much He Proposes Banning All Marriages (yes, you read that right)



Video Mid Day Distraction- Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time


Via John.


Roasting the Roast - How To Gay Bash A Gay Bash


james Fraco roast

Last week James Franco got roasted on Comedy Central. As far as celebrity roasts go, this one was pretty good. The actor/writer/producer/poet/painter/student/teacher/all-round renaissance man took his comedy jabs and pounded out a few licks as well.

The most popular theme to attack the guest of honor that night was his sexuality. Whatever it really is, he was a great sport about it.

Now that the show has run and re-run a billion times, a voice in the crowd has risen up – and he’s just as entertaining if not more than those chosen to “roast” Franco. His name is Guy Branum and not unlike the political parties, he's taken on the mantle of delivering the rebuttal to the often offensive statements made traditionally at these events. Call Guy B. the Marco Rubio or Rand Paul of the alternative party. Only he's funny and has something meaningful to say, even if not electable.

Take a moment and enjoy. Politically correct this ain't... and I'm so glad for that.


Restore Your Faith In Panhandling



A smile leads to another smile. Happiness leads to more happiness, and satire leads to... more happiness. I was a bit skeptical when I started watching this video courtesy of College Humor, but it's subtlety and acute sense of what America has become and actually could evolve to is highly smile provoking. So if you've got two minutes, you can spend it wisely here with something that might make your day, of go worry and fixate about something you can't control and will be eating you up for the next few hours.

Enjoy, and just think, someday this could be you: