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Time For A Little Girl Fun -- Inspiring


Rube Goldberg machine

Okay, I don't, for a minute think these three young girls came up with this all on their own. And it doesn't matter. What does is fewer than 3 in 10 graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are women. And barely 1 in 10 engineers are women. Why? Stereotyping? That's gotta stop. And this video is just the panacea.

Think of how much fun this must have been to build. Move over Rube Goldberg. Make way for Ruth Goldberg... and her friends.


Viral Shmiral. These Clips Are Great, Anytime, Anywhere


Viral Video 2

It seems every news/entertainment show these days finds time to broadcast some of the recent viral video's that they've come across. And usually they're fun, sometimes embarrassing, but truthfully, there's very few that stand out.

So, it's Sunday, and I thought I'd share three of my recent favorites with you. If you've seen them, I know you'll want to see them again. And if you've never come across them, here's your chance to be entertained.

In no particular order, but with the holiday season fast approaching, I thought I'd start with this -- a special version of perennial favorite "Jingle Bells" as only the NBA superstars can bring it to you.

Now I don't know about you, but I loved watching Malcolm In The Middle when it was on. It was so smart, funny and human. Fortunately, I continued to be enthralled with Bryan Cranston when he became Walter White in one of my all-time favs, Breaking Bad. Now, sadly both of those shows are gone.

Or are they? To maximize your enjoyment of this amazing clip it helps if you have knowledge of the famous Bob Newhart Show finale, but it's not mandatory:

Finally, on my top three this week is a send up of one of the most viewed viral videos of all time, "Dumb Ways To Die." Here's a new updated, live-action/animated version that you'll end up humming or singing when you step away from the computer. Trust me, it's addictive. Here you go:

Seems there's so many dumb ways to die. Keep safe. And while you're doing that, don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @Linzack


Video Overnight Thread- Dogs Popping Balloons Compilation


Via Sullivan.


Video Overnight Thread- Magic Tip For Pizza Delivery



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