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"How very American: Ease the way for those who can pay while making life harder for everyone else."



Part two of today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Free way's the slow way," April 10

Thank you for reporting on the "surprising" result of converting the 110 carpool lanes into toll lanes. Traffic has slowed in the remaining, already congested, lanes. Well, duh.

It is not clear why this is surprising. When the government in effect privatized a key portion of our overall public transportation system (the roads we want) for the benefit of the relative few, did someone actually predict that the majority of us would benefit?

Gregory Hach



How very American: Ease the way for those who can pay while making life harder for everyone else.

Linnea Warren



Video Mid Day Distraction- Motorcycle Marriage Proposal Shuts Down Los Angeles Freeway


I think I would have been ticked. Via.

Cyclists in Los Angeles effectively closed the 10 freeway in West Covina for about ten minutes on Sunday, as one of them proposed to his girlfriend in a cloud of pink smoke. Apparently, she loved it. The California Highway Patrol did not. The biker club members face possible citations including impeding or blocking traffic. LA Times has more. Looks like it was these guys, and the lovebirds have been identified by multiple local news outlets as Hector Martinez and Paige Hernandez.