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Top AZ school official: Ban Spanish! "This is America! I'm not being racist."


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Meet John Huppenthal, an Arizona school official. A top Arizona school official. Keyword: School. Where he was responsible for the "public instruction" of, you know, impressionable kids.  Apparently, Mr. Responsible isn't fond of the Spanish language, which is likely spoken by many of the impressionable kids at the schools he oversees. Translated into his version of English that means, "You are not welcome here, brown people." To quote Superintendent Big Tent, "This is America. Speak English."

How so American of him. Give me your tired, your poor, your English Only. Your white. Your Republican.

What was that about America being a melting pot again?

melting pot


1. a pot in which metals or other substances are melted or fused.

2. a country, locality, or situation in which a blending of races, peoples, or cultures is taking place.


Pressure on the state's top school official to resign continued to mount Monday as more anonymous blog posts from John Huppenthal emerged.

Using an online alias, the superintendent of public instruction posted several comments on a conservative-leaning website calling for no Spanish language in the state.

In one post Huppenthal wrote, "We all need to stomp out balkanization. No Spanish radio stations, no Spanish billboards, no Spanish TV stations, no Spanish newspapers. This is America, speak English."

Not offensive enough? How's this? Superintendent Racist went on to say that he "doesn't mind" if Mexican food is sold, as long as the menus "are mostly in English."

Anyone know the English word for tamale? Or tortilla? Or burrito? Or a**hole, for that matter. I'm guessing El Pollo Loco may have issues with Señor Huppenthal, what with the name of the entire chain being so unAmericanly Spanishly balkanized and such.

And how about that First Amendment freedom of speech and press thing that conservatives rely on so often, right Sup. "patriot"? M.I.A. How exactly does he justify shutting down TV stations and newspapers that fall under that constitutionally protected right? Silly me, I forgot. IOKIYAR:


Señor Gilipollas then displayed a total lack of self-awareness when he followed all of that up with:

"And, I'm not being humorous or racist."

Well, he was half right. He sure isn't funny.

All these statements were made in 2010, and as reported above, under a pseudonym. Did I mention he also called welfare recipients "lazy pigs"? Project much, Hup?

Go here for more details and reaction.

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Liz Cheney: "Newspapers are dying, and that's not a bad thing."


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Most people know that Liz Cheney is running for a U.S Senate seat in Wyoming; of course, as with Daddy Dick, controversy has followed her everywhere, and for good reason. One recent public collision resulted in this from Alan Simpson, a response to Mommy Dearest Lynne Cheney's "shut up": "You are going to get facts without rumor & innuendo, BS & mush."

Here are a few more hot potatoes, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times:

For all her pugnacity, however, Cheney has spent much of the early campaign on the defensive.

She was late on her property tax bill because, she said, of a misunderstanding about the terms of the sale. She sparked a family squabble by declaring her opposition to same-sex marriage. "I love my sister," responded Mary Cheney, who is gay and married to a longtime partner. "But she is dead wrong."

Perhaps most significantly, it was revealed that Liz Cheney received a state fishing license 72 days after closing on her Wyoming home, a violation of the law requiring residents to live in the state 365 consecutive days.

blame game smaller

But check out who Ms. Patriotic Defender of the Constitution blamed and what she thinks of one of our most venerable, prevalent, and dependable sources of news and information:

Cheney blamed a clerical error and slammed the newspaper editor who reported that she paid a $220 fine.

"Newspapers are dying, and that's not a bad thing," she told a tea party gathering. "We're not depending on the Jackson Hole News & Guide to get the news out. We're depending on ourselves. We're going over their heads."

This from the Dickette who set out to convince America that she champions the First Amendment like nobody's business, especially if it means smearing President Obama:

Cheney claims that Obama has "literally declared war" on the First and Second amendments to the United States Constitution as well as the interests of Wyoming ranchers and energy workers who face regulations from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.[31]

Of course, the most preposterous part of that statement was "We're depending on ourselves." Yes, let's all depend on the tea party to accurately report and investigate news stories, you know, so we don't have to.

Then again, this implies that she trusts peons like me, a self-reliant blogger, to "get the news out" more than she trusts one of Rupert Murdoch's big news outfits.

Just as banks and corporations thrive on pushing laws to regulate themselves, Li'l Liz would prefer that we rely on ourselves (read: her political allies) to provide and oversee as much right wing and/or self-serving misinformation as possible.

As for those pesky newspapers, they should all just die.

Freedom of the press, my ass.

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Reporter banned from Nevada caucus: “Spy! She’s a spy!”


Here are a couple of excerpts from a story about how one reporter was treated by Republican caucus voters in Nevada. It isn't pretty. The words "GOP paranoia" come to mind.

Via Ashley Powers of the L.A. Times:

After about 10 speakers touted their presidential favorites – most of them backed Mitt Romney – the caucus chairwoman, whose name I didn’t catch, announced that no reporters were allowed in the room. [...]

“You’re a bunch of liars!” someone shouted.

“Spy! She’s a spy!” someone else said.

A woman waved a button at me, which said: DON’T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA. [...]

Then a man walked over to me and said if I didn’t leave, he’d call security. So I left the room while voters cast their ballots.

Another word that comes to mind: "Extreme".

Did I mention "WTF"?

I wonder...  if Powers had been wearing a button that said, "I work at Fox," would she have been allowed to stay?

So much for freedom of the press. Hey Nevada GOP, how's that Constitution thing workin' for ya?

Please read the whole story here.

H/t: @42bkdodgr


Lara Logan and crew released from Egyptian Military Custody


You can gripe about the media but sometimes the reporters come thru.

ara Logan and her crew have been released from custody one day after being detained by the Egyptian military. Logan was questioned and then detained while outside Israel’s embassy in Cairo. CBS was not commenting yesterday, but in an internal email obtained by TVNewser this morning, CBS News D.C. bureau chief Chris Isham writes:

Lara, Don and Max were released from Egyptian military custody early this morning and are now enroute back to Washington via London. They are scheduled to arrive at Dulles this evening.

New York Times’ Brian Stelter reports Brian Williams and Katie Couric are also returning to the U.S. amid heightened concerns for the safety of all journalists. Couric was in her New York studio last night for “Evening News.” Williams returns



Reporter gets kicked out of Joe Miller "meet and greet"


Joe Miller really hates the press. He has them cuffed and held against their will, he employs militia types to do that, and he flat out refuses to answer their questions. And here we thought he was a fan of the U.S. Constitution. Silly us.

The other day he tweeted:

"Meet & Greet #Joe #Miller OCT 21st 5:30 - 8:30pm 607 W. Northern Lights BLVD Right after Vahalla Shopping Center Come out and bring friends."

What an inclusive, friendly invitation that is! "Bring friends"! What could be more open and neighborly than that?

Why, after such an overture, one might conclude that one could take it literally... that Joe wants to meet people and greet people, that one could bring pals along, kibbitz, chat, maybe even ask a few questions.

Joe must have had a change of heart about all that secrecy and hiding from the press stuff.

Nobody was excluded in that tweet. Nobody!

Except for Julia O'Malley, a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News:

She asked if I was with the news media.

Yes, I nodded.

Media weren't invited to this event, she said.

But it said on Twitter anyone could come, I said. It was a "meet and greet," I said.

That was a mistake, she said.

How could that be? What about all the people who weren't reporters who read Twitter and came over?

The event got changed at the last minute, she said. It was only for volunteers. It was private, she said. She ushered me to the door. If I had questions, she said, I could call the campaign's press person.

I didn't want to talk to the campaign's press person, I said. I wanted to talk to voters.

The voters thought the event was private and that news media wouldn't be there, she said.

I needed to leave, she said.

Conclusion: Joe Miller must have a lot to hide.

More here.

H/t: cbn2


Joe Miller supporter: He "bowled over" my 8-year-old son, "didn't care at all."


A witness to the Joe Miller/Tony Hopfinger incident was a Miller supporter. Not any more:

Lolly Symbol says she drove in from Big Lake with her two young sons because she was a staunch Miller supporter and wanted to ask him a question about his stance on gun control. [...]

Symbol said Miller became angry with an elderly woman who asked him about his military background. "He ended up getting really huffy with her," Symbol said.

Then along came Tony and his big, evil, threatening camera, and Joe skedaddled out as fast as his little cowardly legs could carry him:

She said Miller tried to get away from the reporter and in doing so put his hand on her arm and pushed her aside. Her 8-year-old son, Vincent Mahoney, was standing right behind her, and Miller bowled him over in his attempt to get away. "I don't know if [Miller] didn't see him or didn't care, but he didn't say 'excuse me' or 'I'm sorry'. He didn't even turn his head," Symbol said. "He simply did not care at all." [...]

"I do not believe that [Hopfinger] did anything wrong," she said. "He was rude and he was aggressive but that's just what the press does. Legally he did not do anything wrong that deserved to be put in cuffs."

"The whole thing just made me sick," she said."I was a big supporter of Joe Miller, I really was. But not anymore."

Wait. Just. A minute. Miller pushed her aside? Isn't that what he accused Tony Hopfinger of doing? Isn't that why Miller's (unlicensed) goons cuffed him?

This part of the story was overlooked yesterday... at least I don't recall anything being mentioned about it. It's just one more piece of the Miller Is An Ass puzzle, and it fits so perfectly.

Actually, I don't blame him for running. After all, he had to be aware that it was time to stick a fork in him, and he knew how painful that would be. He was simply trying to get away before that could happen.


UPDATED: Does Joe Miller's private security company have an expired license?


Earlier I posted about how Joe Miller security guards handcuffed a journalist. Yes, Joe's private cops cuffed journalist Tony Hopfinger, detained him for 25 minutes for asking something that Miller didn't like, and all this occurred at a public event at a public place. Hopfinger was no threat, unless of course, a camera and a question are particularly worrisome to the Miller campaign.

He's also not a "liberal blogger". I heard Tony Hopfinger on a radio interview, and he said he works for a news site that is neither liberal nor conservative.

According to his opponent in the Senate race, Scott McAdams, this kind of thing is unheard of. We really didn't need anyone to tell us that, but McAdams said that and a lot more on MSNBC's The Ed Show.

But back to those private cops...

The security company goes by the name Dropzone.

Look what a buddy of mine just found:



As my friend asked, is this company even legitimate? We already know Joe Miller isn't.

UPDATE: It was renewed today (h/t: shawnmccalip )

Talk about last minute.

UPDATE 2: Wait. Didn't that whole incident take place yesterday? Why yes, yes it did.

"I have been the most transparent candidate of the three."


Miller also pre-taped an interview with CNN's John King that will air tonight, in which he reportedly says: "The behavior that was demonstrated (by the reporter) while I was there was assaultive," Miller said. "This was a professional team... I'm sure that they did the right thing."

Professional teams renew their licenses before manhandling a U.S. citizen (with or without cause).

UPDATE 3: The Anchorage Daily News captures some pretty amazing video of the arrest.

UPDATE 4, via my original source, a couple of observations:

The license renewed today was for "trade" (activity code 451110). Fulton had two. Security services (activity code 561612) was still expired.

So does "trade" cover security? It doesn't sound like it.