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Lauren Mayer: Take the Stairs



Lauren Mayer is a singer/songwriter/pianist who writes comedy songs about everything from Supreme Court decisions to the Kardashians. She proudly supports leftist causes including equal pay, reproductive choice, fair minimum wage, addressing climate change, and marriage equality.
Note: Check out Lauren's CDs, including her latest, "If My Uterus Were A Gun (And Other Musical Rants From The News)" - available at as well as on iTunes and Amazon.

Please note: Lauren will be part of "Comico Cabaret" at Society Cabaret in San Francisco - 2 nights of comedy songs with a variety of terrific performers! (I'm there on Sat. Oct. 18)

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A parody of "Shake It Off," in response to a Fox & Friends host's advice to women who want to avoid domestic abuse


Doonesbury snarkitude-- "Fox": If rumor "proves to be false, we STILL pass it on!"


doonesbury snarkitude roland hedley fox lies

How do I love thee, Garry Trudeau? Let me count the ways: 1. Your snarkitude. 2. Your snarkitude about Fox. 3. Your snarkitude about Fox spreading lies and propaganda based on rumor and/or headlines of their own creation. 4. Your snarkitude as a vehicle for telling the truth. 5. Did I mention your snarkitude?

Bill Maher touched on all those Republican lies on his HBO show, "Real Time." You can watch the video of that segment here. He referred to the GOP habit of perpetuating provably false b.s. as "Zombie Lies." They keep schlepping around threatening real journalism and democracy itself, way after their apparent demise, influencing voters despite being utter fiction, figments of what's left of conservative minds (assuming they had minds to begin with).

zombie lies bill maher

Which brings us to Trudeau's "Doonesbury" strip, in which he brings journalist Roland Hedley back to skewer the Fox fact-mangling machine. Hedley welcomes us to another edition of "Inside Fox News" in which he reports about their "elite team of mongers" who "break rumors." And what rumors they are! He ticks off a list of memorable Fox lies from President Obama being Kenyan to the War on Christmas to "Islamic sleeper terrorist Bowe Bergdahl."

Take it away, Roland:

doonesbury fox lies roland hedley


Maher: GOP "Zombie Lies won't stay dead." (VIDEO)


zombie lies bill maher

On Real Time last night, Bill Maher's rant was a particularly good one, all about how the GOP perpetuates lies. He started out mocking (what else?) politicians in both parties and how they invented their own euphemism for lying: "I misspoke." He then went on to nail Republicans on one of their own rules: "When they get caught in a lie, they don't have to stop telling it," as opposed to Democrats, who are more apt to admit their lies and correct the record. Maher noted that Dems understand that "there's this thing called observable reality." Republican talking points, he continued, "which have been disproven, remain! Like a guest who's been asked to leave a party, but does not! It reminds me of a horror movie where you think you've killed the lie, but it won't stay dead. Which is why I call them "Zombie Lies."

He came up with a whole ballot box full of examples, such as the mythical Obamacare "job killer" (that didn't happen) and "death panels" (there were none), not to mention the big bad "government takeover" of health care (that never materialized). He brought up nearly as many Zombie Lies as the House GOP has ACA repeal bills. He slammed "trickle down" economic policies, fracking, you name it. Watch:

Take it away, Bill Maher:

Finally, New Rule: Now that there's been an uproar over all the neocons who lied about the Iraq war with no consequences, someone must tell me why there isn't a similar uproar over all the Republicans who lied about Obamacare with no consequences.

It's been four years since the bill passed. Has anybody come across even one death panel? The next liberal to tell a Republican "You’re entitled to an opinion but not your own facts" should really just admit they’ve never seen Fox News....

Zombie Lies are neither alive nor dead-- like Dick Cheney...

They pass a Zombie Lie down to dumber and dumber people who believe it more and more...

And when you think the Zombie Lie has finally gone to die at the Idea Hospice of the Absolutely Stupidest People on Earth, there it is being retweeted by Donald Trump.


Big hat tip to Heather over at Crooks and Liars for the video.


Fox Noise Creates Fake Scandale About an "Abortion Activist Attack'





"How's this for tolerance?" screamed the Fvx headline.

"In a public forum you lose a reasonable right to privacy ... that's the law.' brayed guest activist and ProLifer of Columbus Ohio, who has already generously, Christian-likely 'forgiven her' ... the liberal harpy who is hell bent on killing babies, Victoria Duran.

They were just trying to 'defuse the anger' and document, so that their poor ProLifer selves could bring some civility to this whole Evil Abortion issue.

abortion choice cut funding to cancer programs


Have a gander, it's truly the best of topics The Curvy Couch of Ick over at Fox and Friends can gleefully jump aboard and go utterly hysterical on. One RWNJ Winger got jiggy with it - he added his own drama layers, via animation.

Of course there's no substitute for the Curvy Couch of Ick and the Fvx Friends, so here's the Doocy and Crew empathizing with the Wingers.

Fvx sympathized deeply with the poor, abused, trod-upon ProLifers that landed in their studio to bitch by remote. They had all kinds of soft-spoken, pretend-urbane hostility to pile on Ms. Duran's shoulders.


These bully-boy asshats are doing precisely what they do outside Planned Parenthood clinics, so-called 'abortion doctors' homes, and within the Vanished buffer zone that SCROTUS just yanked out from under American Women.


Apologies for a Steve Douchie audio file, but you truly have to hear it to be enraged by it, and enraged by it to get Fired Up, and get Fired Up(!) to vote in Novembers.