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Mitt Romney donor is a lobbyist-bundler and registered foreign agent.


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Willard Romney is taking donations from a lobbyist who makes money by pushing policy decisions that, per Think Progress, benefit both domestic and foreign special interests.

So, should the Mittster win the election, one might ponder about which overseas corporations might then get cozy with him, shape his policies, influence his administration.

Think Progress has the whole story. Here's a nibble:

One of those lobbyist-bundlers was [Ignacio E.] Sanchez, who raked in $86,700 for the former Massachusetts governor. This major fundraising raises questions about the level of access and influence Sanchez — and by extension, his corporate and international clients — would have in a Romney administration.

Unlike the other 13 identified lobbyist-bundlers, Sanchez is a registered foreign agent. A form filed Monday with the U.S. Department of Justice reveals that beyond just representing the interests of those domestic clients, Sanchez also represents the embassy of the United Arab Emirates and the presidential campaign of Dominican Republic former president Hipolito Mejia. [...]

President Obama does not accept campaign contributions donated or bundled by federal lobbyists or foreign agents.

Read that last line again. Of course, Romney's probably "not concerned" about too many things beyond making enough money to blanket the airwaves with anti-Obama ads.

USA! USA! "America the Beautiful"! Right Willard?


1,000,000+ Jobs Lost In Districts Where Pro-Outsourcing Chamber Advertises


Think Progress does it again. If anyone can expose the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their zillions of dollars of money-trailitude to GOP campaigns, they can.

Oh, and about that outsourcing:

Today, a new report by the nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog Campaign Money Watch found that more than 1.4 million jobs were outsourced since 1994 in the nine states in which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending significant money. The group also found that more than 184,000 jobs were lost to outsourcing in the 22 congressional districts in which the Chamber has spent $4.8 million on political ads in the same time period.

The Citizens United States of America.

"Corporations can impinge on freedom."

--Jon Stewart to Eric Cantor on The Daily Show.

Please hop over to Think Progress for all the details.


The Chamber Of Commerce Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies


Think Progress has an exclusive, and what an exclusive it is!

Here is one measly little excerpt from an excellent, must-read piece, including an eye-popping chart. Visuals are so effective, are they not?

The Chamber is being deceptive. In addition to multinational members of the Chamber headquartered abroad (like BP, Shell Oil, and Siemens), a new ThinkProgress investigation has identified at least 84 other foreign companies that actively donate to the Chamber’s 501(c)(6). [...]

[F]oreign donations [...] go directly to the Chamber without any intermediary, like an “AmCham” or another Chamber affiliate organization. In fact, a Chamber spokesperson acknowledged the foreign funds go into the Chamber’s general account.

Please read the details here.

Meantime, it turns out that, according to a Bloomberg poll, anonymous business donations DO tick off voters... despite the "conventional wisdom" and the reluctance of most news outlets to acknowledge such an inconvenient report.


Video- Fox's Krauthammer accuses Obama of making "an appeal to xenophobic fear" with attacks on Chamber of Commerce


Good lord. Via Media Matters.