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Chris #Christie finally admits that he supports Hobby Lobby decision


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Chris Christie on whether he agreed with the the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court, on July 1 on CNBC:

"Who knows? ... Why should I give an opinion on whether they're right or wrong?"

How straightforward of him. What confidence! Way to take a stand, Governor Hubris. Dance around the issues much?

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"The fact is that when you're an executive, your Supreme Court makes a ruling and you've got to live with it unless you can get the legislative body to change the law or change the Constitution. The point is: Why should I give an opinion as to whether they were right or wrong? At the end of the day, they did what they did. That's now the law of the land."

Now here's Chris Christie on whether he agreed with the the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court on July 17, at a meet and greet at MJ's Restaurant in Marion, Iowa (key word: Iowa):

Christie, responding to a Cedar Rapids man at the event:

"Do I support the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case? I do."

Well that only took two and a half weeks. How blunt and direct of him. Way to go, Gov. Panderer! Oh, and way to appeal to women. What a leader. I wonder how many times he licked his finger before putting it in the air to check who would donate to his 2016 presidential campaign the political wind direction.


Thursday was the first time Christie had expressed his view on the decision. In fact, a day after the Supreme Court ruled, he told a CNBC host that he would not be sharing his opinion at all.

So Governor Rude-y McArrogant flip-flopped. Who does he think he is, Marco Rubio? Willard Romney? A dolphin?

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VIDEO-- Jeb's flip-floppy day. As for Bush 2016, Herman Cain says, "Not so fast, Kimosabe!"


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Jeb Bush wishes Romney were president, and his poor little heart is broken because Obama won a second term and Willard lost. Bush clearly admires the failed candidate because he's doing his best impression of all those infamous Mitt flip flops:

TPM: Jeb Bush made a surprising return to the immigration reform debate by announcing he no longer supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. But after a backlash from immigration activists, he seems to be opening the door the slightest bit to changing his mind once again.

Not the best role model, Jeb. You may want to think that strategy through before you find yourself flailing around in that vast, losery, Etch A Sketchy political abyss.

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Video via TPM.


VIDEO: Within one minute, John Boehner flip-flops on the sequester's impact on the economy


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On Meet the Press today, John Boehner did an about-face on whether or not the sequester will have an impact on the U.S. economy, and he managed to do that within a one minute span.

Not only did he present his usual spin, but he also made our heads spin.

David Gregory asked him:

"Is this gonna hurt the economy? Will it hurt economic recovery?"

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Boehner's response, at about :31...

"I don't know whether it's gonna hurt the economy or not."

... vs. Boehner, about one minute later, when David Gregory said:

"You called the sequester dangerous and it quote "threatens U.S. national security." Did you exaggerate?"

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... to which Boehner replied, at about 1:25...

"I am concerned about its impact on our economy..."

He must be trying to compete with Mitt and Ann Romney's comical interviews on "Fox News Sunday."

Maybe Willard and The Boehner should challenge each other to a flip-flop-off. And if that doesn't appeal to them, how about a nice game of Kick the Hypocrisy Down the Road?



Mitt Romney Never Expected Someone To Make This Video


Via, found on UnitedNY1′s YouTube channel.

Romnesia, hypocrisy, lies, flip flops. There's your Republican candidate, folks.