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Audio- Limbaugh: African-Americans "Thought A Whole Bunch Of Getting Even" Was Going To Happen Because Obama Was Elected


I'm sorry, but was there an alternative Obama that was campaigning somewhere, 'cause that sure doesn't sound like the one I saw in '08. Via Media Matters.


VIDEO: "The 1st black president only has one term...This is what the right wing hopes and prays for more than anything else."


Bill Maher told comedian Arsenio Hall he believes if Barack Obama isn't re-elected, Americans might see having an African-American as president was a failure.

One more reason to not take this election for granted. The president's first campaign speech in Ohio knocked it out of the park, during which I saw tweets in which people are saying things like, "Romney's toast."

No, he's not. He has voter suppression, super PAC money, and hatred of President Obama going for him. We need to get out the vote, register people, provide rides to providers of voter identification, and of course, we need to educate and inform.

Via The Daily Beast.


Alabama county celebrates official Obama holiday


By GottaLaff

We hear a lot of criticism of President Obama, and how the honeymoon is long over, how people are disenchanted. Oh yeah? Well, we'll show them! Here are some who are still very enchanted:

The rural, mostly black county has proclaimed Monday as an official holiday celebrating the election of the nation's first black president, Barack Obama. It's one of Alabama's poorest counties, but it's sparing little during five days of festivities.

County employees, as well as city workers in Marion and Uniontown, will get a paid holiday Monday as government offices close, culminating a series of events including an old-fashioned civil rights rally and march, a golf tournament, a weekend carnival and a parade Monday through Marion.

"I feel great about the holiday," said county maintenance worker Leon Brown. "It's history. It's the first time ever we've had a black president. I hope it's not the last time ever." [...]

The Obama holiday was proposed by Commissioner Albert Turner Jr., whose father was one of the marchers beaten on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in the 1965 "Bloody Sunday" voting rights march in Selma. [...]

He said another reason for the holiday was to let the nation know the role Perry County played in protests that led to passage of the Voting Rights Act. Some of the events recall the demonstrations.

"It's not that we're celebrating Obama. We're celebrating America living up to it's creed that all men are created equal," Turner said.

Then a Rushpublic did his Rushpublic thing and found a way to spin a very positive moment into a negative:

But Michael Brooks, a Judson College professor who is a Republican Party official in Perry County, wondered if the five days of events celebrating Obama's election wasn't a little too much for the small, poor county.

"I question whether we needed another paid county holiday in the middle of a recession," Brooks said. "For the first year, it seems it could have been a bit more modest."

Yeah, celebrating is way too much for people bursting with pride to handle when they're trying to find a silver lining during tough times. What could they be thinking?

G.O.P.: Grumpy Old Poopyheads.
High school student Matt Morgan displays his Obama Day holiday tee shirt as he attends a rally at the Marion Military Institute in Marion, Ala., Friday, Nov. 6, 2009. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)