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Open your eyes, voters-- U.S. Attorney: “We’re OK now but at some point that will cease to be true.”


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Crackerjack move, Republicans, keep it up. Continue to reveal what true geniuses you are. See, by slashing federal jobs, by cutting resources needed to litigate important matters that affect all of us, you're allowing bad guys to skate. America first! Go GOP!

Then again, since when have Republicans worried about the commission of financial crimes (or war crimes, for that matter)? In fact, this situation, in and of itself, is a crime.

Via Bloomberg:

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said a federal hiring freeze is threatening his office’s ability to carry out its job of prosecuting financial and other crimes.

People are going to get away,” Bharara said today at a Practising Law Institute event in New York. “We’re OK now but at some point that will cease to be true.”

Other governmental departments and offices have faced financial constraints as a result of federal budget cuts known as sequestration. Bharara said he’s not able to replace prosecutors who leave through normal attrition.

When do voters open their eyes widely enough to notice that the GOP is and has been terrible for this country? Between...

  • limiting the ability to prosecute crimes,
  • limiting women's (and everyone else's) ability to get health care,
  • limiting Americans' ability to vote,
  • limiting the little guys' ability to fight corporations,
  • limiting immigrants' ability to make it here and contribute to the nation and its economy,
  • limiting the LGBT community's ability to acquire the same rights and protections as the straight community,
  • limiting children's ability to get a decent public education,
  • limiting families' ability to eat,
  • limiting workers' ability to join unions and collectively bargain for workplace rights,
  • limiting all our ability to generally attain equal rights and equal pay,
  • limiting the president's ability to simply get his cabinet and judicial nominees through...

...between all of that, self-serving, shortsighted Republicans have shown that they are intent on destroying everyone and everything except the things that benefit them directly.

Open. Your. Eyes. America! Vote Democratic in 2014.


Video- On Fox, Rudy Giuliani Justifies Possible Layoffs From Sequester -- "We Employ Way Too Many" Federal Workers


Via MM.


Sestak Says White House Offered Him Job to End Challenge, White House Denies


By GottaLaff

He said, they said:

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) claims the White House "offered him a federal job in an effort to dissuade him from challenging Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) in the state's Democratic primary."

Said Sestak: "I'm not going to say who or how and what was offered. I don't feel it's appropriate to go beyond what I said."

The White House denied the story.


Justice Department seeking lawyers with ‘mental retardation’


By GottaLaff

Will MeanGirl McTelePalmer go after the Obama administration for this?

The Civil Rights Division encourages qualified applicants with targeted disabilities to apply. Targeted disabilities are deafness, blindness, missing extremities, partial or complete paralysis, convulsive disorder, mental retardation, mental illness, severe distortion of limbs and/or spine.

Maybe she and Boss Limpdong can team up for a lawsuit or some good old fashioned slander, since he's on her good side now. Oh wait. She doesn't have a good side.

Via Raw Story:

In its ostensible attempt to create a nondiscriminatory application process, the Department of Justice is inviting candidates with "mental retardation" to pursue attorney posts.

A DOJ job listing at its official Web site reveals that its Civil Rights Division is seeking 10 "experienced" trial attorneys for its Voting Section in Washington, D.C. and is encouraging "qualified applicants with targeted disabilities to apply."

The targeted disabilities it mentions include "mental retardation" and "mental illness," among others such as blindness and deafness.

Cheese and crackers, talk about inclusive! What will the R-word police say about that? Will they demand that future Civil Rights Divisoners take literacy tests?

Or will people just make jokes:

"Recruiting mentally retarded lawyers to litigate civil rights cases for the DOJ may take the expression 'good enough for government work' too far," wrote Above The Law's David Lat.

Former DOJ lawyer Ty Clevenger jested, "Having worked there, I think CRD has plenty of mentally retarded lawyers already. Mostly in supervisory positions."

And who is this David and Ty we speak of?

David Lat.

Ty Clevenger. Another link. And another.


CNN Poll: Specifics in stimulus popular while overall plan is not


Messaging, messaging, messaging. G-damn the D's are stupid.

Washington(CNN) - Although the overall stimulus bill is unpopular, most of its basic provisions are favored by a large majority of Americans, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday morning indicates that 80 percent of the public favors government spending on roads and bridges, and 83 percent approves of aid to unemployed workers. Seven in 10 support the idea of spending some of that stimulus money on tax cuts, and 62 percent think it's a good idea to increase spending on mass transit projects.

Then why is the stimulus bill so unpopular?

"Because, as we have seen throughout the week, there is much skepticism that the bill is wasteful, full of politically-motivated projects, and has benefitted fat cats at the expense of ordinary Americans," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "The positive aspects of the stimulus bill, such as infrastructure improvements and tax cuts, seem to have taken a back seat to those negatives."


Obama Eyes Hi-Speed Trains to Create Jobs


Well let's get it going already. I am convinced, though not as much as Duncan, that high speed rail would be hugely popular.

(CBS/AP) A day after delivering a State of the Union address aimed at showing recession-weary Americans he understands their struggles, President Obama intends to award $8 billion in stimulus funds to develop high-speed rail corridors and sell the program as a jobs creator.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden plan to announce grants for 13 major corridors during a town hall meeting in Tampa, Fla., Thursday, the president's first public appearance following his speech to the nation. It's an attempt by the White House to show that getting Americans back to work is the president's top priority and that he has a plan for how to do it.

The president's visit to the region means Florida's proposal for a high-speed line connecting Orlando and Tampa is likely to receive funding. California's proposal for an 800-mile-long rail line from Sacramento to San Diego and a nine-state proposal in the Midwest are also considered strong contenders.

The $8 billion in funding for high-speed trains and other passenger rail projects is part of the $787 billion recovery act. Besides the 13 corridors receiving grants, a White House official said several smaller awards will be made for improvements to existing rail lines. Overall, 31 states will receive funds.


Video- Fox's MacCallum notes all-conservative panel "on the same page" in criticizing Obama's econ initiatives


Way to be "Fair and Balanced".