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Take It And Learn To Like It



Okay. It's not that it hasn't happened before.  Someone has called the police because of a domestic disturbance and the police saw something the caller wished they hadn't, like drugs or weapons, and the caller ends up getting nabbed. It's not common, but it's not unheard of either. That's here, in the U.S.

But what about in Dubai, that desert oasis, the play land of the ultra rich and famous?

Amanda Williams of Mail Online wrote a smack in your face article about a shocking crime, and even more head-snapping recounting of a story that defies any sense whatsoever. It's called "Are You Sure You Didn't Call The Police Just Because You Didn't Like It?

That's what the Dubai police inquired before charging and jailing a woman reporting a rape.

For Norwegian businesswoman, Marte Deborah Dalelv, this was her nightmare. She was raped! For a crime that serious, you shouldn't hesitate to call the authorities. For heinous crimes like these, they're there to help. They're trained to provide much needed assistance in such cases. This has got be investigated and the victim needs compassion and attention.

Hopefully better than you get in Dubai.

Dalely. a businesswoman was dispatched to Dubai on a business trip. Not knowing the local language and a bit confused by the magnitude of the hotel she was put into, she asks a local co-worker to walk her to her room. She also had imbibed a few welcoming drinks and just wanted the added security of having someone she'd met assure she made it safely to her destination. The man walks her to a room,opened the door and she entered.  Quickly she realized this was not her room. The man traps her in there where he proceeds to rape her. She ultimately gets free and goes to the police to report the assault. Instead of helping, the police end up humiliating her, then arresting her for having sex outside of her marriage. As a topper, as she's being incarcerated, she's accused of making a false report because as the police verbalized, she probably just did not enjoying the sex.

Ah, you can build all the modern buildings you want, Dubai, but you're still back a few hundred centuries when it comes to human rights.

Here's the victim's story:

Does it surprise you that she ended up getting a prison sentence longer than her attacker got? Some places on earth your only crime is being born a woman. The UAE, and Dubai in particular, are among those places.

I've heard of injustice and unfairness under the law. But isn't this just a step, or giant leap, too far?


Bonus Cartoon of the Day- Miranda Rights In The 21st Century





VIDEO: Rep. Barney Frank tells GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to stop using "weasel words."


Via The Daily Beast.

Rep. Barney Frank was on CNN’s State of the Union, and he didn't mince words when GOP Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison "hinted at something bad" regarding the David Petraeus scandal. She implied that the Obama administration or the FBI kept it quiet until after the election, but refused to get too specific with her accusations.


Are you suggesting there was some coverup, that the FBI are playing games? I think we ought to be explicit about this. I’m troubled by the implication of your statement and are you suggesting that something wasn’t legitimate here? Because that would trouble me.”

"' Excuse me, 'great concerns' is kind of a weasel word…"

"It seems to me frankly you’re kind of hinting at something bad, and I don’t see what that could be."

I think that if this was an investigation into David Petraeus’s bank account instead of his sex life, all of us would be paying a lot less attention to it.”


VIDEO: A year after winning Ames straw poll, Michele Bachmann’s career is in disarray


Gee, who could have possibly guessed that an extremist with dubious mental stability would lose popularity, credibility, and what's left of her mind?

Remember this?

Michele Bachmann has been named the winner of the Iowa straw poll, taking 4,823 votes out of nearly 17,000 cast.

FYI, Willard Romney came in seventh, with 567 votes. That was then, this is now.

The Hill:

The political career of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), one year after winning the Ames straw poll, seems to be in disarray.

[...] But since then, her political stock has taken major hits and now it is an open question whether she will be invited to speak at the GOP convention next month.

A diverse group of GOP lawmakers, who spoke with The Hill on background, said the 2012 GOP presidential contender’s recent controversy over questions of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the U.S. government is a major distraction in this heated election season.

Her former presidential campaign manager, EdRollins, wrote this:

I have been a practitioner of tough politics for many decades. There is little that amazes me and even less that shocks me. I have to say that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outrageous and  false charges against a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin reaches that threshold.

Her unsubstantiated charge against Abedin, a widely respected top aide to Secretary  Hillary Clinton, accusing her of some sort of far-fetched connection to the Muslim brotherhood, is extreme and dishonest.

Having worked for Congressman Bachman’s campaign for president, I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe McCarthy  level... . As a devoted Christian, you need to ask forgiveness for this grievous lack of judgment and reckless behavior.

It's about time the rest of the country caught up with those of us who saw this coming years ago. Speaking of catching up:

What a difference a year makes.


VIDEO: Newt Gingrich Adviser accuses Democrats of aborting black babies, MSNBC anchors of "race-baiting"


When I saw this live last night, I nearly plotzed. Yes, plotzed.

Meet Newton Leroy Gingrich’s most prominent surrogate, former Communications Director Rick Tyler, who resigned over Newt’s excellent Greek cruise adventure. He now heads his Sheldon Aldelson-funded SuperPAC, Winning Our Future:

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Yeah, Rick, it's all about MSNBC's race baiting. Once again, my deep gratitude to Rachel Maddow, and the white hot exchange with Rev. Al Sharpton was nothing to sneeze at either.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for the group abortion session I'm holding for my African American friends.

H/t Think Progress.

Oops. Paddy posted this video earlier. What the hey, it's worth two posts.


RNC, in an "apparent" bogus smear attempt, accuses President Obama of an "apparent crime".


Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in which he accused President Obama of committing an "apparent crime" and requested an investigation.

There was just one problem. There was no crime, apparent or otherwise. This was just one more attempt to smear the president during an election season while wasting everyone's time by drawing attention away from the GOP's ineptitude, incessant obstruction, and failure to push through more horrendous corporate tax cut/kill Medicare legislation.

Washington (CNN)Priebus accused the president of recording a fundraising appeal in the Map Room of the White House. He said it is "not part of the White House residence, but rather 'occupied in the discharge of official duties,'" and called for the Department of Justice to investigate. [...]

But the Map Room is considered to be part of the White House residence, and has been for decades. The residence is not subject to restrictions placed on rooms used for official business.

I accuse Reince Priebus of "apparent b.s."


Stalkerless in Alaska: Sarah Palin's neighbor wanted author as tenant


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Crankette McGetOffMyLawn really needs to concentrate on bigger issues than this, but since she insists...

Via Ben Smith, who has a lot more at the link:

"No one is stalking anyone," Joe McGinniss, Jr., a novelist whose father is the non-fiction writer, wrote in response to an email from a Palin supporter who confused his email address and his father's. (He shared the email with me.) "A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house."

The neighbor "turned down more lucrative offers from the National Enquirer who wanted the house so they could 'stalk' and take pictures, etc... She said no," he wrote.

"Don't retreat, reload," right, Crankette? It looks like the McGinniss family took her advice, although I doubt that they'd have used such a violent metaphor. Joe Jr. gave it back with both barrels.

Of course, the accusation is out there now for all the righties to play with. Too bad Joe Jr. broke their shiny new toy.

Whatever will Crankette's ghost writer post on Facebook now? I'm betting it won't be an apology.

UPDATE: Fox threatens McGinniss:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

H/t: Rebeccay