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Mitch McConnell Caught Humming Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile'


Charlie Chaplin

There may be some of you who weren't aware that the soulful, wistful song, "Smile" was actually written by the entertainment genius, Charlie Chaplin. The lyrics go:

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking.
When there are clouds in the sky
you'll get by.

If you smile through your pain and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through
For you.

Rumors are that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been feeling melancholy of late, and in the wee hours of the night, he's been heard coming out of his office, tearful, humming the song. He senses his days are numbered. That's looking more an more likely.

The ever-dour face of Mitch McConnell always appears as if he ate something which didn't agree with him. It could be his conscience with a side of ego. Despite all of the recent problems of leadership, he was spotted with what could be considered a new expression beyond his etched in stone scowl. Some ever think it's so much of a departure they're questioning if it could actually be a smile. You be the judge.

Mitch McConnell

I have a different  take on his expression. It's not a smile. It's actually a gasp for air. He's taking a real hit by his Tea Party competitor, Matt Bevin. Even the Senate Conservatives Fund has backed Bevin over Mitch. And he's not alone. The conservative wing of his party in Kentucky have had enough of the grump on the stump and decided to filet him and turn this chicken over to Colonel Sanders.

And if his own party hasn't all but deserted him, what about his stout adversary on the other side -- Alison Lundergan Grimes? She's not just running against him as a Democrat, she's leading him in the polls after the dyspeptic Senate minority leader has shown his true color -- yellow. He's afraid to do what's best for his state. And to cover up for that, his democratic opponent, should he somehow beat Bevin for the right to face off for the senate seat, has an internet commercial campaign that sums off the efforts of Mitch McGrumpy. And Lundergan Grimes is winning where it counts so very much -- she's leading McConnell in the very important fundraising contest.

McConnell is on track to become the first sitting Senate Minority Leader to lose reelection since Tom Daschle, nearly ten years ago and you have to go back 60 years to find the time before that. At least Daschle lost because of a personal scandal (failure to accurately report and pay income taxes). McConnell looks to lose because he was just a plain outright obstructionist.

So Kentucky is unfolding to become an exciting place to monitor in 2014. History just might be made. No sitting senate leader of either party has failed to make it through a primary. Mitch is looking to set that record. If he can out-maneuver Bevin, he's got his hands full with Alison Ludergan Grimes. His chances there are even less optimistic. In the end, we'll see who's left standing, and who has a smile on their face.


So You Met Ted Cruz And Now You Know How It Feels, Goody, Goody


goody goody cafe

By now we're all aware, or should be, that the imminent dangers of a debt-ceiling default are over and on top of that, the government is once again funded - but just for a little while.

Hopefully the lesson learned is that you don't hold up the entire country over Obamacare or the mad rantings of a lunatic, Ted Cruz. He's the guy who eggs you on to toss a rock, breaking a window. Then when the owner of the house comes out, he points the finger at you and says, "He did it, not me."

Rachel Maddow last night was in perhaps her finest form when she put together the piece below. These 4 minutes will fly by as only Rachel M can make them do -- and you'll see the full hypocrisy and fruitlessness of the GOP's antics. Forget that Boehner's games cost the United States an estimated 24 Billion dollars. Yup, billion with a "B." This is what the Republicans games got for our money as well as a record low favorability rating.


Epic Failure -- And This Time It's Not Congress


Epic Fail

Well, technically 2013 is more than half over.  And we've seen a lot. Some of it good. But in the Political Carnival's never-ending search to bring you balanced reporting and commentary, we also like to share often attempted success with occasional monumental failures.

Go grab some popcorn and a beverage because you won't want to get up and leave the screen. Maybe even close the door and shut the windows because you don't want to disturb your friends, family and neighbors as you howl in laughter as these epic fails.  So now, as Paul Harvey would say, "Here's the rest of the story."


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