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F-Word Beer: Cure For The New Years Hangover


Exit 6 Pub

C'mon, if you didn't have one too many on New Years Eve, chances are you had a bit to imbibe yesterday on New Years Day with the Rose Parade. Maybe you wanted to sober up with a stop at Starbucks and grab a fresh Frappacino. But, maybe in your slightly inebriated state you missed your destination by a block and instead stopped at  Exit 6 Pub and Brewery, in Cottleville, Missouri. Luckily for you, when you muttered the word Frappacino, the attendant poured you a fresh one from the tap. Yikes, it was beer and not coffee. You looked around and realized you were in an unfamiliar small independent bar and not the standard, uniform confines of the huge Starbucks chain. Gone was the Starbucks green circle with the queen mermaid in it (or whoever she is). No one asked if you wanted a Vente or Grande. They just brought you a glass -- not a paper cup. Damn, you were taken. You were fooled. It's as if you had just crossed over the line and found yourself in a modern day episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Starbucks frappacino

Well, as silly as this sounds, check out the attached video. It seems everyone's favorite coffee shop, the Mega huge Starbucks, took umbridge and issued a cease and desist letter to the owners of Exit 6 Pub and Brewery. This single location bar's response to the demand letter is nothing short of hysterical -- snarkiness to the "nth" degree. The entire correspondence can be found here, courtesy of HuffPo. The back and forth between both Starbucks' lawyers and Exit 6 Pub's proprietor is priceless.

From now on, Frappacino Beer at Exit 6 Pub will be henceforth be known as 'F-word beer' to avoid any confusion. And so there's no hard feelings and in a show of good faith, Exit 6 Pub returned the entire $6 profit made from the mistake. Now if that teaser has you wanting to know more, check out the hysterical news coverage of this brew-haha (intentionally misspelled)  below:


Oh f***! Parents group wants FCC to crack down on CBS over Flacco's F-bomb after Super Bowl win


lalala I can't hear you hands over ears 2

NippleGate, aka Janet Jackson's infamous Superbowl "wardrobe malfunction," caused a huge uproar, an abundance of hand wringing, passing out on fainting couches, a surge in smelling salts and hand-fan sales, and outrage-- outrage!-- over such tawdritude being aired on the Tee Vee Machine.

Oh, and let's not forget the upswing in lawyer employment. The Hill:

CBS has been involved in years of legal battles after it aired a split-second view of singer Janet Jackson's partially exposed breast following a "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

Which brings us to yesterday's Superbowl win by the Baltimore Ravens. As I watched and heard Flacco's spontaneous Moment of Sheer Ecstasy, I turned to Mr. Laffy, he turned to me, and we both cracked up and said something like, "Uh oh. They just caught him saying f**k on live television, right?" Right:

Immediately after the game ended, an exuberant Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens's quarterback, could be heard saying "f---ing awesome" to one of his teammates.

Well THAT didn't sit well with the Parents Television Council at ALL. Harrumph! They are boiling mad! How DARE a deliriously happy Superbowl hero not think before he spoke? How DARE CBS let an impromptu expletive change the lives-- forever-- of thousands-- no, MILLIONS-- of unsuspecting children?! How DARE that momentary blur of a word make its way into our living rooms?! Time to for action! Again.

Of course, allowing our kids to watch and/or partake in the violent game of football, that's fine and dandy. All those resulting brain injuries, they're perfectly acceptable. Just as long as children aren't exposed to *gasp!* a word.

But too late now. They've been corrupted. Clearly, kiddies everywhere will turn to lives of prostitution and icky video game-playing, of drugs and rock and roll, and worst of all, of instantly morphing into -- dun-dun-dun-n!-- liberals!

Yet this is hunky dory:

dad child gun

More here.


Mr. & Mrs. Bachmann turn "F*ck Michele Bachmann" concert into fundraising tool


The above is an ad for a hip-hop concert in St. Paul next month. G-Biz, a Twin Cities hip-hop musician, is behind the fliers

Yesterday I filled you in on Mr. Bachmann's needing a fainting couch and smelling salts because the F Bomb was dropped in association with his fragile little bride's name. That didn't last long.

Here  is a closer look at who's trying to profit of the F Word now:

[...] You and I both know they are resorting to these vulgar attacks because they know their time is up - the American people have their number and won't put up with the continued trampling of our freedoms at the expense of their liberal ideology.

Click here now to make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more.

I could not be more proud of my wife as she stands up to her critics and fights for our values every day in Washington, but she can't do it alone.  Michele needs your help to ensure we are able to elect constitutional conservatives to lead our nation ahead to its strongest days.


Marcus Bachmann, Ph. D.

P.S.  There is an important campaign finance deadline on June 30th and together we can send a clear message to the liberal attack machines that we won't back down.  Please Contribute Today!

I guess it's okay to use appalling language against Marcus's wife, so long as she can make money off of it.

H/t: Tiggrr1


VIDEO: Tarryl Clark smacks down Bachmann... whose husband is appalled by the F word


Wonkette nails it. You must go read their post about Mr. Bachmann's (gasp!) F-Word Adventure, but here's the gist:

As long as anyone says anything negative or even vaguely rude about Michele Bachmann — an actual insane person calling for her insane supporters to MURDER THE ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA, WITH GUNS — well, that is somehow “trampling of our freedoms.” Uhh:

You and I both know they are resorting to these vulgar attacks because they know their time is up — the American people have their number and won’t put up with the continued trampling of our freedoms at the expense of their liberal ideology.

So, once Bachmann’s Militia assassinates the elected Democratic leadership and the president and his administration in Washington and anyone who isn’t a hard-right drooling suburban wingnut in Minnesota — everybody in the cities, for instance — then Michele Bachmann’s husband can begin the untrampling of our freedoms, via fund-raising email.

Speaking of juvenile and immature, has Mr. B been to any of his wife's "rallies" lately? Not only is she a child, she's a tantruming one whose irresponsible tirades could easily result in even more hostility and violence than we've already seen lately.

Tarryl Clark must win the election.  Bachmann and her whacked-out radicalism give whole new meaning to the word extreme.