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Extreme Christianity is Guided by Faux Fear


Extreme Christianity has been hoofing right round with disseminating Faux Fear for centuries. You tithe, sing, genuflect endlessly, and are load-ded.

Between that, guilt, and greed for the gelt … Nero, tune your instrument.

Enjoy Neil deGrasse Tyson's opinion: Ken Ham’s beliefs are even crazy for Christians, Salon video below.


Russell Brand, not a Republican fan, had some perspective on the lighter side of things. And the horrific siege in Ferguson, Missouri. As it winds down as a militarized and traumatizing police state.

Day after day after day.

From Salon.

"That’s outrageous,” Brand said. “Of course there’s an economic aspect to the argument. Of course there’s a social aspect. You can’t just bring out the author of the book ‘We Deserve to Be Shot’ to bring out arguments just so Fox News can keep being as they are.”

He continued: “People don’t just spontaneously have an attitude toward the criminal justice system …Like the same way you might not have an attitude to your dishwasher. If your dishwasher doesn’t do anything except wash the dishes, you won’t just suddenly wonder one day, ‘You know, it’s really unjust the way that dishwasher keeps shooting unarmed black men!’”



Fast-spreading Ebola Virus in West Africa Has Killed 725 + Victims


lobotomy Presumably Fvx Nation and its cadré of pompous sports casters and Hate Radio sheeple will not give a bloody damned damn until the American death toll begins to mount. Which could be

In the meantime, the Fvxers blew up each other's phones in a massive push to hype their Idjit science-fiction that President Obama has soshalistic roots sown so deep that his propensity toward income redistribution (SO old and SO Whiny-Grum).

And My Gawd, how about those filthy immigrant children Obama snuck into foster care without any input to Governor Mike Pence. [As always apologies for the Fox Noise]

Ronan Farrow Daily did an informative look at the growing number of victims with … and no immunization in sight.

And a harsh look at the reasons for no available med to protect infection and ward off ebola.


Ebola-related travel warnings have already been issued, and many are quarantined. From José Díaz-Balart.

Chris Hayes had an interesting guest-expert on All In, Dr. Stephen Morse, contagion specialist, to to illuminate us on the reason there’s not yet an Ebola vaccine.

Chris Hayes talks to Dr. Stephen Morse, an expert in infectious diseases, about what’s preventing U.S. drug companies from developing an Ebola vaccine.