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DoJ repeatedly warned Darrell Issa that he could "seriously jeopardize any criminal prosecution of the terrorists"


benghazi benghazi benghazi

Here is the Republican default talking point in one easy visual:

tv benghazi

No matter what else is going on in the world, in our own country, schools, hospitals, disaster areas, civil rights arenas, you can always count on the GOP to shout "BENGHAZI!!!!" from their multi-million dollar vacation home rooftops.

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, has made a career out of witch hunting. He looks for scandals where there are none in the hope that one day... one dreamy, gauze-filtered, sunlit blue-skied day... he'll find something to pin on President Obama and fulfill all his impeachment wishes.

But oops, awhile back, Darrell Issa’s Benghazi document dump damaged U.S. efforts, putting Libyans working with U.S. in danger. While hyperventilating investigating the attacks on the consulate, he disclosed the identities of Libyans who were helping United States officials.

But that didn't stop Darrell the Witch Hunter, nosireeBob! The Los Angeles Times is reporting that he's determined to keep pushing his luck b.s. hysteria, lies, and redundantly false accusations come hell or hot water. And no, that was no typo, he may be in more hot water.

Two of the Justice Department's key witnesses were subpoenaed to appear on Capitol Hill for hours of grilling about "BENGHAZI!!!!" They gave separate legal depositions about any security lapses and how the Obama administration responded.

Now comes the part about how Witch Hunter Darrell might have, once again, blown it big time:

Weeks before the interviews, top Justice Department officials repeatedly warned Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) against doing so, saying it would seriously jeopardize any criminal prosecution of the terrorists. They wrote three times to the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, strongly urging him not to insist on interviewing the agents.

The interviews have not been released. But the Justice Department expressed concern that Issa might reveal some details from the interviews, or that defense lawyers could subpoena them if suspects are apprehended, according to the sources, who did not have permission to speak publicly, citing the ongoing investigation. At least one person has been named in a sealed indictment in the Benghazi attacks.

The interviews "would prematurely alert individuals who may be charged about details of the government's case against them," and would give defense lawyers a golden opportunity to review the depositions and impeach the agents if they testified as prosecution witnesses, the Justice Department warned in one of the letters, according to sources.

Oh that wacky, zany Issa. He's such a super-patriot.

More at the link.


$20 for a 5-Minute Phone Call?



According to this story from Think Progress, inmates at the California Detention Center must pay $20 for a 5-minute phone call:

From the post:

Long known for exploiting inmate needs, immigration detention centers that generally contract out services like their phone systems, are generously paid by the federal government to hold ICE detainees. A group of 40 activists gathered outside the West County Detention Facility (WCDF) in Richmond, CA last Friday to protest the exorbitant phone rates that immigrant detainees have to pay in order to contact loved ones and lawyers.

or this further down:

Immigrant detainees at WCDF pay upwards of $20 to place a five-minute phone call. A connection fee of $3.25 is charged for all phone calls within the state with “per-minute rates running as high as 25 cents for interstate calls and an additional 30 cents when phoning out-of-state.” Calls are often dropped, but detainees must pay the connection fee regardless. A 20-minute phone call costs $14, which means that WCDF receives a 57 percent commission, or $7.98.

I wouldn't bet my life on it but almost that every single person reading this post is an immigrant (unless you're Native American). Your family might have been here for fifty years or one hundred years or two hundred years, but at some point your ancestors left their homeland to make a better life for themselves on the shores of a new continent or across a border.

We have immigration laws and they should either be enforced or changed but these detainees are already in prison.  Is it really necessary to rip them off besides?  Why are there *any* private prisons in the US?  The incentive for the owners of private prisons is to get and keep more people in jail.  How is that in any way in the spirit of the Statue of Liberty which welcomes immigrants to our shores?

All these men and women are guilty of is trying to create a better life for themselves in their native lands.  Crossing the border illegally is a crime and we truly need to reform our laws but I see no way any present-day American can fault people who are just trying to do today what their ancestors did fifty or one hundred or two hundred years ago.


What I will not write about today


frustrated15Sometimes I get so frustrated and/or disheartened and/or annoyed by some of the news stories of the day that I can’t bring myself to write about them. Here are a few recent reports that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I am avoiding delving into them at length out of concern for my physical and mental health.

See what I mean? So who’s up for a couple of Margs or a trough of wine?

drunk flamingos


Video- GOP Senator Ted Cruz: Obama Tried To ‘Exploit’ Newtown Tragedy ‘Within Minutes’


I think he needs to double check what "exploit" means. Via.


VIDEO: Mitt Romney equates a "devastating, gigantic, national disaster" with "helping Mitt Romney get elected."


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Rachel Maddow blasted Mitt Romney and his fake-"storm relief event" as the self-serving, opportunistic, exploitative sham that it was. This is who Republican voters would be proud to have as their next president? Really?

"Mr. Romney never stopped campaigning..."

"It would be coarse to keep campaigning... They  had to seem like they were being sensitive to the [Hurricane Sandy] crisis"

"The Red Cross does not want your cans, they want your money. And your blood donations."

"This is a real disaster. This is not a plot in a sit-com about how to run for president. This is a real disaster, an ongoing, affecting millions of Americans. And real help really is needed. And that is not the same thing as using the suffering of millions of Americans as an occasion to accrue political capital for yourself by trying to create the appearance that you are helping when you are not bothering to actually try to really help. That is something very different.

"Helping people who are suffering with their lives in danger because our fellow Americans have been affected by a devastating, gigantic, national disaster in our biggest population center is pretty much the same thing as-- helping Mitt Romney get elected! Pretty much the same thing, right? We all come together, right?"


VIDEO: Oops! Condoleezza Rice on Benghazi: "Not always easy to know what is really going on on the ground... let relevant bodies do their work."


Via Think Progress.

Former GW Bush Secretary of State Condi ruined all the Republicans' (and Fox's Greta  Van Susteren's) fun, stomping all over their conspiratorial talking points and using-- What's it called again? Oh yeah-- reason and calm:

"But when things are unfolding very, very quickly, it’s not always easy to know what is really going on on the ground. And to my mind, the really important questions here are about how information was collected. Did the various agencies really coordinate and share intelligence in the way that we had hoped, with the reforms that were made after 9/11?"

"So there’s a big picture to be examined here. But we don’t have all of the pieces, and I think it’s easy to try and jump to conclusions about what might have happened here. It’s probably better to let the relevant bodies do their work."


VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani refuses to answer question in heated exchange with Soledad O'Brien over Benghazi


"WMD? Nope, no weapons over there ... maybe under here?"

Rudy Giuliani went on for what seemed like more than a week about it taking more than a week for the Obama administration to call the Libya attack "spontaneous". Of course, as Soledad O'Brien pointed out, information changed as time went on and was shared as it came in, plus CBS reported that the evidence undermined right-wing charges of an administration “cover-up”.

Matthew Dowd, a former Bush administration official, reminded everyone that during the Iraq War, it took the Bush administration years to make its case and still got it wrong. Where was Rudy then?

CNN-- "This wasn't two weeks. This was months and months and months of a conversation where we never got the right answer to this," Dowd said on ABC's "This Week."


"It took years...By jumping on so quickly and expecting accurate final answers within weeks is I guess unfair in a way."


"We're going to blame this on Bush, too?"

Um, Rudy? That's not at all what she (or Dowd) was saying. Answer the damn question.


"You got to stop putting words in my mouth, sir. Seriously, hang on. Let me finish. Every time I ask you a question, you like to push back as if somehow the question that's being posed to you is unfair. It's not. I'm a journalist. You said some things. I'm trying to get some accurate responses from you. You are welcome to answer. Go ahead."

Meanwhile, Romney’s version of meeting Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi was disputed by best friend, mother: “Pathetic & comical”, not to mention Christopher Stevens’ dad said that the Libyan ambassador’s death should not be politicized.

Yet there Rudy is, totally ignoring O'Brien's point while politicizing what's left of his brains out.