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Kids Today Are Just Plain Lazy -- Congressman Steve King


Find a job

Recently Steve King, the outspoken expert on everything but logic, common sense and the need for a three dollar coin, has spoken publicly about unemployment. His full speech is here.

King takes the stage at :40 of this clip and clammers on for way too long, doing little more than criticizing youth for not trying to find work, for being lazy and just not putting in any effort. If you don't have time to watch, let me give you the gist of it from the reporting done by HuffPo:

At a meeting in Charleston organized by Mallory Factor, King attributed rampant unemployment to many Americans' unwillingness to work, drawing an analogy between the unemployed and lazy children, according to Red Alert Politics.


"Now, what kind of a family, if you had six kids and a third of your kids would say, ‘I’m not doing the chores, Mom’? If any of them say, ‘I refuse, I’m not going to participate, I’m not going to contribute to the American GDP.’ Pretty soon those kids [would understand] 'you get to eat after you do the work! Not just in hopes that one day you might actually do the work!" said the congressman.

Well, Congressman King has it pretty much figured out (if you can follow his twisted logic in that second paragraph above). It's laziness that's the cause of so many legal age youth not working. It's become a lifestyle, laziness. Like it's fun being unemployed. A choice. I wish someone had told my son that. Here, is the Facebook post he put up yesterday addressing his personal search for work. See if you agree with Congressman King or with Zack Garber after reading this Facebook post.

Zack Garber:

So, interesting turn of events. As many of you who are just out of college, you're looking for employment, well I am too. I've been looking ever since I graduated with a Bachelors degree from CSUN and I've noticed a pattern.I had come to expect to contact people, set up a meeting, provide a resume, perhaps fill out an application, call back a few days later to check up on things, and be interviewed, right? That's how its done, isn't it? Well it seems I'm perhaps wrong. Everyone I've contacted, from big businesses to fast food chains for employment have all told me the same thing: "Go to our website, fill out an application, and we will get back to you" To which I would reply "But it says you're looking for people NOW on the sign outside"

So, my resume and application are to be sent to an online database where it is to be lost forever among the sea of others, or to be perhaps randomly cherry picked for further observation. By this method I wasn't even granted the kindness of a rejection email, I've a feeling it was never even noticed to begin with which is perhaps even MORE disappointing.So why am I writing this? Well I recently got hired, and the feeling was so...relieving.

After months of traveling to every business within 20 miles phone calls and application filling, with perhaps FOUR callbacks for rejection, I was hired. Is it my dream job? No, but at least I'll be able to pay my car lease.

How can it be that job hunting has become so...impersonal that the miracle of actually speaking to a living being can make you feel so human again and drove me to actually write about it on Facebook?

Maybe if Congressman King had a real job, not one that gives him one day off for each day worked, and he actually was held responsible for impressing an employer to give hard earned wages to one of hundreds, if not thousands of applicants, he'd be singing a different tune.

Now's the time for congress to act on jobs. My son just got lucky. And for how long? Nobody knows, because his job is part-time. But he and millions of other college graduates are out there looking.  They're just not finding. So put your money where your mouth is, Steve. Present opportunities to find work, not to listen to you tear them down as you flap your gums, accusing youth of being lazy. I've watch a good young man struggle for months to take any job and he finally made it. Instead of condemning his efforts to contribute to the GNP and employment numbers, look at your own weak track record. You've not earned the right to criticize.

BTW, Zack's thrilled parents wish him luck as he starts his post graduation entry into the workforce, Friday.


Quickie: Sarah Palin spent over $600 for bookmarks, nearly $14,000 to decorate her bus


Today's Quickie:

SarahPAC’s semi-annual FEC report was filed today. Have fun reading all about it, courtesy of The Note:

Sarah Palin spent almost $14,000 to adorn her “One Nation” tour bus with larger-than-life renditions of the Constitution, Liberty Bell, and her signature. [...]

[And] $683 to the Nashville, Tenn. store Nico & LaLa for bookmarks.

Bookmarks? That would imply that Former Half-Gov Illiterata McSieveBrain, and/or her staff, actually read. Color me baffled.*

*Maybe they use them as coasters.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


John Boehner’s monthly $2,000 tab. So much for cutting spending.


Let's see now... no jobs bills, even though The Boehner ripped into President Obama about unemployment and demanded to know where the jobs were; The Boehner is all about fiscal responsibility, because he and his party are such grown-ups; oh, and he's big on cutting spending...

Wait. Stop. Pause. Cut spending?! Um...

Via Roll Call:

When John Boehner rose from Minority Leader to Speaker in January, he not only expanded his staff and his paycheck, he more than doubled the expense-account check he cashes each month.

Oh, come on. This must be some kind of mistake. Let's fact check.

When he was Minority Leader, he got $833 per month from us, from taxpayers, to cover “official expenses for leaders." Know what he gets now? $2,083.33. Per month.

How's that for being factual?  Here's another  newsworthy little tidbit: Boehner is now the only member of the House who is accepting expense money every month.

Let's compare him to a few others:

  • Steny Hoyer, now the Minority Whip March stopped accepting money in March.
  • Since Nancy Pelosi became Minority Leader, there is no record of any leadership expense-account payments from her office.
  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) doesn’t use the account at all.
  • Assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn (D-S.C.) doesn't either.

As for Boehner the Spender?

The boost in Boehner’s expense account is in addition to the $30,000 increase in the base pay that he began to collect in January after becoming  Speaker. According to the Congressional Research Service, the Minority Leader’s salary was $193,400 last year. This year’s Speaker salary is $223,500.

That means between his pay and his expenses, Boehner saw his annual checks jump from $203,400 to $248,500 in January, an increase of about 22 percent.

So much for what's left of his credibility.

John Boehner: The other Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.

H/t: @steelhoof


"Self-sufficient Sarah Palin's" hunting trip cost $42,000


WARNING: Video is graphic and may offend anyone, as it did me, who can't bear to see animals shot and killed.

Former Half-Gov B.S. McFoolMeOnce got busted by Hollywood Life dot com. They did their homework, and what homework it was!

The piece exposes McFoolMeOnce for the hypocridiot she is. On her reality show, she claimed that hunting puts “food on the table and in the freezer for a lot of Alaskans.” Apparently, she spent a good amount of time hunting, alright... for airplanes, airplanes that use up a lot of fuel taking her to places where the "got to get out and hunt" "pro-lifer" could kill living things.

Let's see just how thrifty and resourceful she and her staged little folly turned out to be. Ready? Hold on to your muskets, here it comes:

The grand Palin total to bag a caribou and get it back to the Palin homestead added up to $42,400, or $141.33 per lb. of caribou meat. Sarah shot and killed a female cow which may have weighed up to 300 lbs.

Just to put this is perspective, the Palins could have filled their freezer with ribeye steak at $10.99 a lb. from Alaska’s Mr. Prime Beef, which is based in Anchorage and ships anywhere in the state.

How "self-sufficient" of her.

Please go here for a breakdown of her rather lavish expenses.

H/t: Symbolman