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Minnesota Republican Seeks Office So His Daughter Won’t Have To Learn Evolution


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Mid-Day Links - Friday



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From California To Maine, The GOP Is Very Scared


fear 2

Don't let the press scare you if you're a Democrat or an Independent, or if you're a woman, LGBT, believe in evolution or science, are an immigrant, accept climate control, favor social welfare, public parks, clean air, or are young, have college loans or want financial reform. The Republicans who are against all of those things and more are showing signs of cracking. The Republicans might very well lose the House despite gerrymandering and they're certainly not going to regain control of the Senate.

How can I make such broad predictions? Well, here's a taste of what the RNC is thinking and how they're approaching their attack. Here's a piece of a story from BDN MAINE

The Maine GOP’s latest insult to women

Even as Maine Republicans are rolling out a traveling show in an attempt to gain support among young people, they seem to have given up on their attempts at outreach to another problem demographic for the party: the majority of voters that are female.

In a post on the Maine GOP Facebook page today the Party ridicules lawyer Sandra Fluke for considering running for Congress in California with an image macro claiming she “can’t afford birth control” but can afford the filing fee to enter the election.

This is a sign of fear. Why? Well, for starters you can't get farther away from California than Maine on any map of the US. Then look at the target of this attack. It's Sandra Fluke. She's best known for being denied a chance to speak to congress by the GOP as well as the over the top, outrageous misogynist and truly misinformed comments by Rush Limbaugh. He's the cartoon you look at when you want to point out crazy.

Sandra Fluke Ad 2

Finally, look at this campaign against the Fluke filing. She's just filed. So have two others and more are expected to vie for the seat of retiring Rep. Henry Waxman in Los Angeles. It's a Democratic seat and most likely will be filled with a Democratic candidate. But when just the filing of a political neophyte (and that doesn't mean she isn't an excellent candidate), brings on the opposition money and shivering in their timbers by Republicans across the country who will have no say in a Los Angeles area election, it says something. It says a lot. And true colors are coming to the surface. No matter how much lip service Republicans give to being inclusive, having a large tent or any other analogy, they clearly are not. They're white, old, out of touch with reality, anti-women, anti-employment, anti-Black, anti-immigrant and you can take that to the bank (polls).

They say animals can smell fear. Well so can people. And right now, if you take a whiff, that's the GOP's stinking, fear-filled carcass, not the licorice smell emanating from waters of West Virginia.


Bill Nye Makes Ham Sandwich Out Of Creationism Whole Cloth



Tuesday night there was a live debate on creationism vs. evolution between best-selling Christian author Ken Ham and Emmy Award-winning educator Bill Nye ("the Science Guy"). Any doubts on who won?

Hint: Sliced ham on Nye.

Here's a few highlights. The entire (and it's long) debate is below, but here's some nuggets you will surely enjoy. These are from NPR:

To the argument that the creationists' theory is that the earth is only about 4000 years old Nye states:

"I encourage you to explain to us why we should accept your word for it that natural law changed just 4,000 years ago — completely — and there's no record of it.

"You know, there are pyramids that are older than that. There are human populations that are far older than that — with traditions that go back farther than that. And it's just not reasonable to me that everything changed 4,000 years ago."

The story of Noah's ark:

"Then, as far as Noah being an extraordinary shipwright, I'm extraordinarily skeptical," Nye says. He cites his own family's background in New England, where people spent their lives learning how to build ships.

"It's very reasonable, perhaps, to you that Noah had superpowers and was able to build this extraordinary craft with seven family members," Nye says. "But to me, this is just not reasonable."

That's not to say that Ken Ham was a pushover. No, he got his licks in too. Here's his response to the Noah's ark argument above.

Ham defends Noah's ship-building ability, saying he hasn't met him — and neither has Nye.

Nye was at the top of his game for this debate. One of the testier moments came when Ham argued that you can't take the past and project the future. You must believe only in what it says in the bible.

He [Nye] says Ham takes the Bible — "as written in English" and translated many times — as more accurate and reasonable than "what I and everybody in here can observe."

"As far as, 'You can't observe the past,' I have to stop you right there," Nye says. "That's what we do in astronomy. All we can do in astronomy is look at the past.

"By the way, you're looking at the past right now," he tells the audience, "because the speed of light bounces off of me and then gets to your eyes. And I'm delighted to see that the people in the back appear just that much younger than the people in the front."

One final argument to share with you that puts some mustard on this Ham sandwich is this:

Nye discusses layers of ancient stone and sediment in places such as the Grand Canyon, and the various animals you'll see there. He says there is no evidence of intense churning and bubbling that an epic flood would bring.

"And by the way, if this great flood drained through the Grand Canyon, wouldn't there have been a Grand Canyon on every continent?" Nye asks.

He then discusses the layers of animal fossils in the layers — from rudimentary sea animals to "the famous trilobites" and clams, oysters, and mammals. "You never, ever, find a higher animal mixed in with a lower one," he says. "You never find a lower one trying to swim its way to the higher one."

So here's the entire debate. Like I cautioned, it's a bit long. Each of the two combatants got 30 minutes to start off with for statements. Then it becomes Q & A from the audience. That comes around the one hour and 50 minute mark, if you want to fast forward. Enjoy this epic battle.


Video Astronomy Overnight Thread- NASA: Mars Evolution


Very cool. Subscribe to their YouTube channel here.


Deniers, Deny This!!!


Just the facts 2

How serious is global warming?

It depends on who you ask. To most Republicans, it's not really an issue. It's just part of the natural cycle of events. Every so many years or so, there's an anomaly. There's nothing to worry about and certainly no reason to toss money at a problem that doesn't exist but in our minds.

I'm inclined to agree with these GOP sages except...

I'm not crazy!!!

Maybe if these flat earth society members looked at this very clever and BTW,entertaining clip, they might just wake up and smell the coffee, which brewed itself today due to global warming.


The World According To Maps


Flat Earth

With our US political system and so many views of the world its no wonder everyone's getting confused and seeing things differently. Take the shape of the world -- most think its round, some think oval, and in the case of the Tea Party, flat.

The Republicans say the Democrats refuse to negotiate or over the government shutdown. Democrats say they already compromised by accepting the sequester budget numbers.

The Republicans say Obama is trying to take their guns away. Obama has pushed for gun regulations. Seems those views are diametrically polar.

Many Republicans think the Affordable Care Act is taking our health care into the world of socialized medicine. It's going to cause our country to go bankrupt. Democrats point out that not one country with socialized medicine has gone bankrupt over healthcare.

So, no matter how clearly things seem to one group of people, they seem diametrically opposed to others. Who's right and who's wrong? The answer is perspective.

Here's a quick fun perspective on our world -- called 42 Amazing Maps. It's entertaining and enlightening.  You'll find different ways of looking at the same thing -- and yes, it even deals with those who think the world if flat. See GOP, this video's creators consider even the most narrow-minded, creationist ways of thinking to allow everyone to make up their own minds, not refute science, but to see it in maps.