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NRA Responding to Newtown Massacre Is Like Clint Eastwood Talking to an Empty Chair


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Your Daily Dose of Buzzflash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Eastwood is the iconic image to many gun owners as the man who can "make your day" with the wide barrel of a .357 Magnum cocked to your head. [...]

Nate Silver analyzed figures the other day in the New York Times and discovered that more Republicans than Democrats own guns – and the gap is increasing [...]

Exactly who or what are white males claiming to defend themselves against?

Since Obama was elected, we have heard many extremists on the right shout out slogans such as "to the bullet, if the ballot box fails" – and "if we keep moving toward socialism, I won't rule out war."  You recognize the verbal threats and their variations. Given America's legacy of assassinations and violence – how our dreams and dashed and the course of history changed in the '60s by gunfire – it would be naïve to regard these as idle carping.

Although the NRA and other gun advocacy organizations most often play upon the emotional need for a gun to use in self-defense against alleged criminal blacks and latinos (although they would never admit to playing the race card – but trust me, it's a broken record in the coded appeals of the pro-gunners), they combine that with an anti-government agenda.  [...]

But the real fear of the generally aging white males who are the core of the "you'll have to pry my gun from my cold dead fingers" cult is being psychologically threatened by a multi-cultural, multi-gender society in which the white patriarchal model (that implicitly includes white male privilege) is under siege. [...]

The explosive, vitriolic, sledge hammer opposition to gun control (and we are now, in this day and age, talking about firearms that are hi-tech weapons of war, not revolvers) is due to a fear that the age of white male dominance is in decline. [...]

As time progresses, however, the worship of guns as a religious objects is losing its appeal as the US population becomes more diverse [...]

That is why 82-year-old Clint "Dirty Harry" Eastwood was representative of the revered figure of a "locked and loaded" masculinity so appropriate for a Republican Convention.  That is also why his farcical interrogation of a phantom President Obama was symbolic of a masculine state of mind that may have finally lost its grip.

Please read the whole thing here.


Powerful VIDEO: "It's not a dog whistle. We can HEAR you. And we're calling you on it."


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The words "powerful" and "effective" don't do this short segment by Melissa Harris Perry justice.

"This may be practical political strategy: fear of the 'dangerous black man,' resentment for the mythical 'welfare queen.' It has worked before, but it will not work much longer, 'cause it's not a dog whistle. We can hear you. And we're calling you on it."

Related post here.  And back in 2010, Rachel Maddow covered the fears of the GOP feeling threatened by a white minority here: “Be afraid, white people! The black people are coming for you!”


African American delegate at GOP convention: "I walked out there, I looked around, and I couldn't count any black folks."


The L.A. Times' Mitchell Landsberg has a good article about the demographically challenged Republican party, and how their monochrome-itude was painfully obvious at their convention. The country as a whole is changing, and nonwhites will soon be a majority, and whites will be a minority, which clearly drives some people totally crazy.

Back in 2010, Rachel Maddow covered the fears and feelings of being threatened by that shift beautifully here: “Be afraid, white people! The black people are coming for you!”

Meantime, back in Tampa, an African American delegate from North Carolina named Phillip had this to say:

The day he arrived, Phillip said, "I walked out there, I looked around, and I couldn't count any black folks." [...]

According to unofficial figures compiled by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington, blacks accounted for slightly more than 2% of the delegates at the convention. [...]

By contrast, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., next week is expected to feature delegates who hew much closer to the demographics of the nation at large. [...]

Prime-time television audiences saw speeches by, among others, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is black, and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, the nation's first Latina governor. But as the camera panned over the crowd, black and Latino faces were rare.

Yes, the GOP is great at creating illusions, on stage and off, but the "big tent" facade is as empty as so many of their slogans and promises.

Speaking of pandering:

Romney has spoken to minority groups, including the NAACP, and is about to announce formation of an African American support group. Until that happens, black visitors to his campaign website will find links for coalitions of Latino, Asian American and Polish American supporters, among others, but none for African Americans.

Just another empty chair.

Via Mother Jones


VIDEO: "This is Alabama. We speak English"


By GottaLaff

Yes, Tim, this is all about saving money. It has nothing to do with whites feeling threatened, or the transition from a white male Christian society to a more diverse one.

Welcome to Scapegoat, USA.

Via The Maddow Blog:

In this advertisement, Tim speaks out on the issue of English only. Alabama offers drivers license tests in 12 languages. As Governor, he will push to have the test given in only one language, English.

It gets more disgusting:

On his website, James includes a category called "Common Sense for Crime and Public Safety." It starts with crystal meth and spouse abuse and ends with the prisons' revolving doors, and in between: "Enforce Alabama's Constitutional Amendment declaring English as the state's official language."

That's right. If you can't quite get the hang of Alabama's wannabe official, only acceptable language, then you are a violent druggie. If you're here to work hard and find a good life for yourself, you must be shooting up and throwing your significant other against walls. English-speaking white people never do stuff like that.

And the sad part is, there are voters out there who lap this up the way this guy laps up Tancredoisms.

Welcome to Election Season 2010.