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VIDEO-- Jeb's flip-floppy day. As for Bush 2016, Herman Cain says, "Not so fast, Kimosabe!"


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Jeb Bush wishes Romney were president, and his poor little heart is broken because Obama won a second term and Willard lost. Bush clearly admires the failed candidate because he's doing his best impression of all those infamous Mitt flip flops:

TPM: Jeb Bush made a surprising return to the immigration reform debate by announcing he no longer supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. But after a backlash from immigration activists, he seems to be opening the door the slightest bit to changing his mind once again.

Not the best role model, Jeb. You may want to think that strategy through before you find yourself flailing around in that vast, losery, Etch A Sketchy political abyss.

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Video via TPM.


Inventor of Etch A Sketch dies in France at 86, Mitt Romney Inconsolable



Farewell, you brought much joy into the Democrats hearts! Added- Just heard from my "sources"** that Mitt is just riding up and down in his car elevator, swigging buttermilk and sobbing softly.

BRYAN, Ohio — Andre Cassagnes, the inventor of the Etch A Sketch toy that generations of children drew on, shook up and started over, has died in France, the toy's maker said.

Cassagnes died Jan. 16 in a Paris suburb at age 86, said the Ohio Art Co., based in Bryan in northwest Ohio. The cause wasn't disclosed Saturday.


Then an electrical technician, Cassagnes came upon the Etch A Sketch idea in the late 1950s when he peeled a translucent decal from a light switch plate and found pencil mark images transferred to the opposite face, the Toy Industry Association said.

Ohio Art saw his idea at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 1959. The toy, with its gray screen, red frame and two white knobs that are twisted back and forth to create drawings, was launched in 1960 and became the top seller that holiday season. More than 100 million have been sold worldwide since.

Though passed over in popularity for video games and gadgets, the toy has a steady market, the company has said. It got a big jump in sales after Etch A Sketch was featured in the first two "Toy Story" movies, and Ohio Art capitalized on a much-publicized gaffe by a Mitt Romney aide during last year's presidential election, who was asked about his candidate's views during the primary season versus the general election.

"Sources" just equate to the voices in my head, but hey, at least I'm honest about it!


PhotOH! New Yorker: Mitt Romney's tattoos. Oh, and new poll says Pres. Obama leads in Ohio 51-47



And this just in, via PPP:

PPP's newest Ohio poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 51-47, up from a 49-48 margin a week ago.

It's starting to look like Obama might have turned the corner with his wins in the second and third debates. ... Obama's approval is on positive ground at 51/48, while Romney's favorability is in negative territory at 47/51. Ohioans trust Obama over Romney on both the economy (52/46) and foreign policy (54/44).

Obama's built up a big lead among early voters in the state.

More at the link.

I love this post.


VIDEO: Mitt Romney's "solution" to extremism against women? Promote the extremists.



In 2011, Mitt Romney was caught on camera ranting, “We should have a prohibition on abortion… You’re trying to tell me that I’m not a faithful Mormon!”

He got a little testy when the radio host tried to nail him on his Romnesia.

Know who else is all over Willard and Todd Akin's personhood co-sponsor Paul Ryan? The man who will be re-elected for another four years.

He's making sure America knows that Romney is backing Richard Mourdock, the guy who says rape pregnancies are "intended by God."

America needs to know that this is Republican policy now, and that it is no longer out of the norm for the GOP. Is being this offensive what Romney meant by "big change"?

If his kind of extremism is "big change" it's not the kind we can believe in.


Mitt Romney's "solution to extremism against women? Promote the extremists.



"Which do you believe? What Mitt Romney's TV ads say about women or what Mitt Romney himself says:"

Mitt Romney:

"Do I believe Supreme Court decisions should overturn Roe v. Wade? Yes."
"And it would be my preference that they reverse Roe v. Wade."
"Hopefully reverse Roe v. Wade."
"Overturn Roe v. Wade"
"Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that."
"I'll cut off funding to Planned Parenthood."


"No matter what Mitt Romney's ads say we know what he'll do."


2011 VIDEO-- Mitt Romney: "We should have a prohibition on abortion... You're trying to tell me that I'm not a faithful Mormon!"



Mitt Romney on Jan Mickelson's show on WHO-AM in Des Moines. At about 6:20, Romney starts in on Roe v. Wade:

"The right course on Roe v. Wade is to have it overturned."

"We should have a prohibition on abortion"

"I was effectively pro-choice some years ago... I didn't ever call myself pro-choice. I said I would preserve and protect the laws as it existed..."

At about 8:50, he gets into an argument about his religion, his "I'm not gonna apologize" for being pro-life" flip flop, and more. Then at about 10:50, off air, they get into a more heated conversation about Mormonism and whether Willard is consistent with his faith:

"Don't confuse with what I do as a member of my faith with what I think should be done by government."

After 13:54 things got more intense:

"Every Mormon should be pro-life? ... You're WRONG!"

At about 15:00:

"You don't understand my faith like I do, so give me for a moment as being a leader of my church... I understand my church better than you do.... You don't believe that, do you?!"

At about 17:10, things got more heated, for Pete's sake:

Jan: "I take this stuff real seriously..."

Mitt: "For me it's just all frivolous [sarcasm]... Come on, I'm running for president!... You're not giving me the opportunity to explain to you that my faith has very strong beliefs that if I commit abortion, encourage an abortion... I was beaten up in Boston because I pointed out time and time again that I encourage girls NOT to get abortions."

Then he went on to say his church allows others to make their own choice, "I disagree with that view. ..  We should have ... a prohibition on abortion."

"I don't like coming on the air and having you come after my church... You're trying to tell me I'm not a faithful Mormon!"

"I'm not running to talk about Mormonism."

As governor, "I vetoed any bill that was in favor of choice."

There's your calm, cool, collected Mr. Moderate.

on Dec 12, 2011:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney appears in this video as he sat down with an Iowa radio talk show host when an "intense" conversation ensued. Mr. Romney has claimed (with Katie Couric) that he'd unwittingly been captured on hidden camera. There were in fact two camcorders in plain site, both on tripods.

H/t: @OFA_Jarryd, @ClarksonChuck


Former "right of center" colleague: Romney "lies frequently and convincingly, and has elastic principles, if any at all."


This one's a must-read. It's not only an endorsement of President Obama, but also a scathing indictment of all things Governor Romney. Via The Providence Journal:

I am an independent with no party affiliation but from an ideological viewpoint, I am well to the right of center. Still, I cannot support Mitt Romney for president. [...]

Having worked directly with Romney during his term as Massachusetts governor, I can tell you that there is nothing authentic or genuine about him. He'll tell you what he thinks that you want to hear and pretend to be what he thinks you want him to be.

He's an ideological chameleon who will say anything to get your support and then do whatever he wants to favor the rich and privileged; he's a caricature of the stereotyped Republican Party.

He lies frequently and convincingly, and has elastic principles, if any at all. He's fundamentally dishonest, while presenting an image of goodness and light. [...]

I cannot vote for someone as dishonest as Romney. I'll stick with someone who has more integrity and is more sincere, even if his performance did not meet expectations.

Thomas J. Curry, now retired, was an aerospace engineer and later, at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, was dean of the College of Engineering, provost, vice chancellor for academic affairs and director of the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center there.

He also sets Romney's record straight.

Please go here for the rest. It is so worth it.

H/t: @mssenator


Lesley Gore VIDEO: Hey GOP, "You Don't Own Me. This war on women must end."


I can't begin to tell you how much I love this video. Lesley Gore. Lesely freakin' "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To" Gore!

Follow Lesley on Twitter at @lesleygoreparty. Big h/t: @CindyScott54


Women constitute more than half of the population. In 2008, 60% of voters were women. It is estimated that 10 million more women than men will vote in this election. Despite this, women make up only 16% of Congress. Women earn only 70 cents to each dollar men make. Women of color and undocumented women make less than white citizens. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are determined to overturn Roe V. Wade. Romney has not supported equal pay for women (The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Romney doesn't want health care to cover birth control. Romney says same sex marriage should be banned with a Constitutional Amendment.

Women, let's rise up. Our vote alone can win this election. A vote for Obama is a vote for your health and your right to choose. It is a vote for equal pay and equal rights. A vote for Obama is a vote for our families. It is a vote to marry who you choose. It's a vote to start a family when you choose. A vote for Obama says that we won't stand for violence against women and that rape is rape. Our vote ensures that our daughters will grow up with the same rights that we've had. A vote for Obama sends a message: This war on women must end. We will not go backwards.

This election is shockingly close. Our safety is at stake. Our silence is consent and our vote is our voice. Let's get active. Let's get out every vote we can. Let's make this election a mandate. A mandate to finally ensure women the respect, dignity and equality we all deserve! This is now. This is our call to action. Once and for all, let's take back the power that is so inherently and naturally ours!