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Phone number on domestic violence, sexual assault victims' rights pamphlet went to sex hotline


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Florida law enforcement officials are saying that a 24-hour help line phone number on  pamphlets that were handed out to domestic violence and sexual assault victims accidentally ended up leading to a sex hotline. As of now, nobody quite knows how this came about, but they're calling it a "clerical error."

Via Taegan and WKMG-TV:

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - The victims' rights pamphlet handed out by deputies offers an 800 number that connects callers to a recorded message that says, "Welcome to America's hottest talk line. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 1 now. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you."

The video at the link shows a reporter holding up the pamphlet saying that "nobody bothered to check this make sure it is correct." The sheriff's office apparently had printed that number on the flyer for years, but for some reason it was only just discovered.


Ordinarily my first impulse would be to poke fun at such a dumb mistake, but then I read the words "victims' rights" in the headline, watched the video, and read the details. It isn't funny to those who have been at the receiving end of abuse.

I've actually been one of those people, but that was a lifetime ago. When the wounds are more recent, it's hard to laugh, or even smile, at much of anything. My heart goes out to every one of them.


Minnesota election decided by one vote may have had 35 of its votes cast in error


8B filing:

There was a ridiculously close election in Minnesota between State Rep. Mary Franson (R) and Bob Cunniff (D). Franson won by one measly little vote.

However, as it turns out, election officials discovered that poll workers mistakenly handed dozens of ballots to residents of a neighboring district. In at least three polling places that shared precincts, there were errors.

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

The state canvassing board will meet at 1 p.m. to set the terms for the 8B recount, which is likely to begin Nov. 28 and continue for several days.

Franson's petition is above.


Video- Ann Romney Responds To GOP Critics Of Campaign: ‘Stop It. This Is Hard.’


Um, wow. You know what I want to say. Via Mediite.


VIDEO- Mitt Rommey and Seinfeld have something in common: Pitching "nothing"


Just as Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza pitched a show about nothing, so is Willard M. Romney pitching an entire campaign to American voters centered around absolutely nothing. Hopefully, unlike Seinfeld's and Costanza's fictional TV series, nobody's buying it.

There's plenty of fiction in the products Romney's trying to sell us, and there's also plenty of nothing. He refuses to offer details about his budget plan, he suggests the U.S. should "kick the ball down the field" in his comments about how to deal with ongoing crises in the Middle East at his $50,000 a plate fundraiser, and at that same event, he has nothing to say to 47% of America because it's not his job "to worry about those people."

He's got nothing.

He did give us one thing that was a pretty stupid "something," and that was to instruct Iran and Hezbollah on how they could smuggle a dirty bomb into Chicago and hold America hostage, which could ultimately leave many Americans with... nothing.

Of course, we voters did get something from what he said in those secret tapes, and that something was  his profound ignorance about this, which was astounding: He did not know the difference between a dirty bomb and a nuclear bomb.

Rachel Maddow takes it from there:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

"The United Nations of Wrong," indeed.

"A new list of problems" for Romney, indeed.

"They target poor people for taxes" indeed.

"This was not a misstatement, it was a blunt statement" indeed.

"Boom!" indeed.