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Doonesbury: The "Hillary Clinton Frenemy Data Base"


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I don't know how Garry Trudeau does it, but he always does. Doonesbury rarely fails to take a hot topic, especially a hot topic that infuriates, saddens, or shocks, and make it palatable, even funny. Not always "ha ha" funny, but dark humor serves a purpose. In only a few panels, Trudeau communicates messages simple enough to be easily digested by even the casual reader. Which means he's educating some who are uninformed, annoying those who disagree, and delighting those who see things his way.

This time my all-time favorite comic strip concentrates on Hillary Clinton and who is or is not "dead to" her.

Yes, he goes there, zeroing in on the ol' Hillary Clinton "hit list" talking point, courtesy of Fox's very own ace reporter (cough!) Roland Hedley. Apparently, this whole "loyalty status" thing took Hedley by surprise when he is told that he's on their radar, but not in a good way.

Hedley's aggregate score of favorable vs. unfavorable stories about the former Secretary of State have placed him way below the "on the bubble" footing as he mistakenly-- and optimistically-- anticipated. Instead, poor Roland landed smack dab in "dead to Hillary" territory.

Lists, schmists, everyone knows that if you dare to write a critical piece on any given politician (or celebrity for that matter), you'll not only end up in their bad graces, you could very well lose future access, and interviews with the offended parties become a thing of the past.

Sad but true. If only real life were as entertaining as Garry Trudeau's comic strips:

Doonesbury Hillary Clinton frenemy database


The NRA feels threatened by 'N Sync, Mel Brooks, Moon Unit Zappa, Geraldo, and a bunch of deceased actors

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Ooooo, the NRA has an enemies list. Are you a-skeered yet? I wasn't included, but if one day I end up on their Liberals Are Icky List, and if they ever come within ten feet of me, I'm gonna fight them off with my unAmerican bubble blowers and sticks and words. Sweartogod.

They did include AARP. And the Gray Panthers. And National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and National Black Nurses Association. Because they're evil. They're what one might even call "pro-life." Go figure.

Think Progress counted, and they are reporting that there are 506 names on the NRA list. Which of course means that there are at least 506 sane people and/or groups.

Apparently, the Big Gunners feel unusually threatened by:

"Boys II Men - Pop Group" -- Yeah, they're a real threat. And it's "Boyz," geniuses.

86-year-old "Mel Brooks - Actor/Director"

"Jill Clayburgh - Actress" who died in 2010

Other deceased actors

The highly intimidating "Art Garfunkel - Singer"

Fox's "Geraldo - TV personality" -- Who? Oh, him. The guy who is "truly contemplating" a run for U.S. Senate. Why, whatever will ClusterFox say!

Soap opera queen "Deidra Hall - Actress" (which they also spelled wrong; it's Deidre)

"Mary Tyler Moore - Actress" -- What, they take issue with her trademark "Ooooohhhh, NRA!"

"Dick Van Dyke - Actor"-- Well, at least he and Mary are in sync. Speaking of whom...

"N Sync - Music group" -- No, NRA, that would be "defunct music group." And it's 'N, not N, Einsteins.

"Moon Zappa -Actress" --  Omigod, NRA, her name is, like, "Moon Unit"! Barf me out! You guys are soooo, like, totally grody to the max! Gag me with a spoon.

There are so many more Point-and-Laugh Moments here. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: After I Compiled Sarah Palin's Enemy List...


Tina Dupuy is a Twitter buddy of mine, and she has compiled a list.

Columnist Tina Dupuy penned a piece titled "Sarah Palin: America's Full-Time Professional Duelist" and made a list of all the organizations and people the former governor has feuded with since she's been on the national scene.

It's a pretty big list.


"Fox News Channel is Jon Stewart's New Enemy No. 1"


By GottaLaff

Aren't BushCo and ClusterFox synonymous?

"George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are long gone," writes the NY Times' Brian Stelter. "Fox News Channel is Jon Stewart's new enemy No. 1."

Stelter says that in 2010, Stewart has devoted 24 segments to FNC, compared to five segments on CNN.

Only 24? That's not nearly enough... and he might think about upping the number of CNN segments.