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'America Needs A White, Republican President' Says Joe The Plumber


Joe the plumber

You all remember Joe, Joe Wurzelbacher. That Joe the Plumber guy from the McCain for President ads. The guy who the Conservative media hopped, skipped and jumped into national figure with the Joe the Plumber campaign and then... poof.  Like McCain's aspirations for the presidency, he was gone.

Well, he's been located, not as part of a "where are they now" show, but on the internet and in the twittersphere. Here's what ol' Joe has been writing as reported on MailOnline:

in an article posted to his website on Thursday, Joe Wurzelbacher assured readers that wanting a 'white Republican president doesn’t make you a racist, it just makes you American.'

The controversial post contended that '[i]n the pre-black president era, criticizing the president was simply the American thing to do. An exercise of one’s First Amendment right. Criticism had nothing to do with color, because there had never been a black president.'

But posting to his site isn't all Joe's done. As I said, he's been tweeting:

The Daily Edge wrote: '#ThatAwkwardMoment when racist Joe the racist Plumber says wanting racist things doesn't make him a racist #racism'.

John wrote: 'A white President killed 100.000's in Iraq. A black President gives healthcare to kids with cancer. Joe the Plumber wants the white one. #p2'

This is the guy Republicans spent millions of dollars promoting. He was their front man. Is he still?

Is this what Republicans are thinking? Is this why our government is shutdown -- to show up the Black president? It's becoming way too evident that race and politics are at a schism. Those who want to make things work are stymied by those wearing racially tinted lenses.

Our movement as a country is sadly going backwards after years of progress. Racial profiling is more out in the open now with Bloomberg's New York stop and frisk. We're seeing a Congress where most of the Black elected officials are from one party. From the other party two of the most outspoken Republicans are minorities. Rubio and Cruz are Hispanics in an old white man's party. It leads you to ask, when you see such bigotry as well as dysfunction by the GOP, how did they become part of the old white man's society? Are they really wolves in sheep's clothing?

How else did they get elected. And look what they did when they got their senate seats -- both of them (Cruz/Rubio) are pushing to deny citizenship to those undocumented folks already here. Granted, Rubio signed onto the senate immigration bill, but then has since walked back his pro-citizenship stance.

Where we go is up to us. It's not up to the government because the current elected officials have proven they can't work together. So we must. We must push to replace these elected officials. Some good will be swept out with the bad. But this is no time to start picking and choosing -- it's time to speak out with a clean sweep -- Dump the Chump!

We have to put aside color, race, religion and become a United States once again. Getting rid of the current ineffective and painfully infected Congress will be that crucial step if we're going to move forward.


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Obama administration denying polar bears endangered species status


There has been so much talk of the dwindling number of polar bears due to the increasing temperatures that are melting their habitat.

Why, then, did this happen?

The Obama administration is sticking with a George W. Bush-era decision to deny polar bears endangered species status.

In a court filing Wednesday, the Fish and Wildlife Service defended the previous administration’s decision to give the polar bear the less-protective “threatened” species designation, a move that will frustrate environmentalists who hoped for stronger protections under the Endangered Species Act.