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Breaking: Sanford wins South Carolina House vote, CNN projects



Even worse than it just plain sucks, the R's are sure to be insufferable about it.

(CNN) - Former Gov. Mark Sanford will win the race for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District, CNN projects. With 70% of the vote in, Republican Sanford leads Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, 54%-45%.

Once considered a possible presidential candidate, Sanford left office at the end of his term having admitted to an extramarital affair and under a cloud of ethics violations. He represented the district for three terms before being elected governor.


What I will not write about today



Sometimes I get so frustrated and/or disheartened and/or annoyed by some of the news stories of the day that I can’t bring myself to write about them. Here are a few recent reports that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I am avoiding delving into them at length out of concern for my physical and mental health.

See what I mean? So who’s up for a couple of Margs or a trough of wine?

drunk red white drunk all over


Dep't. of How Fitting: Online dating, extramarital affairs website features Mark Sanford as poster boy


mark sanford adutlery dating servicePhoto via WCSC-TV

affair service adultery SanfordVia

WCSC-TV has the best article ever about a dating service that has chosen Mark "Pretends Not To Hear Colbert-Busch’s Dig About His Affair During South Carolina Debate" Sanford to represent them.

But this isn't just any ordinary website. This one matchmakes (that is now a word) people who are on an infidelity hunt. They are featuring Mark Hiking the Appalachian Trail but Really with Argentine “Soul Mate” Sanford as their Very Special Poster Boy for an ad campaign to market their, erm, "products" to like-minded cheaters, just like Mark!


"Forgiving and forgetting" was never so much fun! But remember, don't tell the kids!

And how ironic that the billboard juxtaposes the word "use" right next to Sanford's gigantic lying mug, as in "Use Sanford"... just the way he used everyone in his life.

Here's what the service has posted on the front page of their site, in a very small, teeny tiny font:

Ashley Madison is the most famous name in infidelity and married dating. As seen on Hannity, Howard Stern, TIME, BusinessWeek, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, USA Today. Ashley Madison is the most recognized and reputable married dating company.Our Married Dating Services for Married individuals Work. Ashley Madison is the most successful website for finding an affair and cheating partners. Have an Affair today on Ashley Madison. Thousands of cheating wives and cheating husbands signup everyday looking for an affair. ...

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It goes on from there. Please click over to read it all. As for Mark "How YOU doin'" Sanford, how's that God Forgives Me campaign workin' for ya?

timing is everything smaller


Video- Sanford Pretends Not To Hear Colbert-Busch’s Dig About His Affair During SC Debate & Full Debate


Haven't seen it yet, but Gotta said she decimated him. Via. Below is the complete debate if you have the time and the interest.