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Texas Voter ID Scam -- Hey Lady, Where's Your Original Marriage Certificate?



Ah, Texas. You always find new ways to amaze me. Your fear of Wendy Davis and her rallying women to see the light and toss off the shackles of  GOP oppression in your right-wing state is clearly evident. If you can't get them to vote for you, stop them from voting all together. Now, it's not just enough to show a birth certificate or your driver's license for voter ID in Texas. WOMEN ONLY now need to provide an original marriage certificate -- a certified copy which cost $20 dollars. Isn't this the same as requiring a poll tax?


Hey, Won't You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song


Say What

One thing about the Sunday Talkers, more often than not it's the same old players singing that same old song. Once in while, you get an Alan Grayson who speaks his mind or a Todd Akin who speaks lacking a mind.

Then you get the next kind of chatterbox, the one who says things you really don't expect to hear -- at least from them. This past Sunday it was the human political piñata , Karl Rove.  He was criticizing the GOP, or at least their most public mouthpiece of late, Rafael Cruz.

Rove, who despite having very little to work with, singlehandedly gave this country 8 years of George Bush. What he did with that Texas rube GW was best described in the lyrics of a song from Fiddler on the Roof--, "...and out of a worthless lump of clay, God has made a man, today." That was Karl at his best.

Well, that miracle worker is seeing crisis right here in the Capital City that starts with "C" which stands for Cruz. Rafael 'Ted' has raised more than eyebrows with his shut down the government banter. He's caused some deep ire among the faithful.

For Cruz, it's not just what he's saying, it's how he's going about it. He's not taking orders, he's giving them.

And for arch-conservative strategists, like Rove and the Koch Brothers, he's proven more rogue that their former poster boy, John McCain. With McCain they knew they had a loose cannon, but they had such a need to keep a Black man out of the White House that they felt encumbered to get behind him because to the Republicans, the alternative was untenable. Something they could never live or work with. And the last five years have proven that to be true.

Now comes another rogue. And his crazy side is identical to the minority tea party which is what the GOP has become ruled by. Rove, the Koch's and Adelson don't like it. This guy won't listen to the money men. He's Pinocchio come to life without any strings.

So, there's a plan -- destroy the monster before he becomes too powerful and usurps their control. So they've sent out hatchet man Rove to start felling the old Canadian oak tree. The first chop has begun. Ax man Rove has taken to the airwaves and the press corps and has fired an anti-Cruz missile hoping to take out some branches, if not totally remove the stump from that smirky adolescent.

Here's Karl Rove setting up the clearer thinking, yet still rightwing of the Republican party.


Long lines at the polls stir calls in Congress for election reform


Voter fraud, schmoter schmaud, take a number, we've got bigger fish to fry. Those endless waits in endlessly long lines at the polls caught the collective eye of a few Democratic Congress members. Glad that got your attention, guys, because that issue was just a tad worrisome to whole lot of us. And by a tad worrisome I mean unbelievably distressing. And by unbelievably distressing I mean embarrassingly appalling.

There were people standing in long, cold lines for up to nine hours, some well past midnight. The pages-long, baffling ballots didn't help, nor did the shortage of voting machines and poll workers. Of course, to some secretaries of states and governors, the confusion and eventual giving up and leaving were music to their GOP ears.

Voting should not only be easy, it should be easily accessible and free. Americans should be encouraged to cast their ballots, not discouraged, suppressed, intimidated, confused, stymied, obstructed, misled or costly. Way too many of us (mostly Democrats, mostly black and Latino) were subjected to the equivalent of a poll tax by the disenfranchisement efforts of Republican governors and legislators.

And early voting should be available everywhere, no strings attached. Instead, officials like Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted restricted it, knowing full well who would be most affected. And don't get me started on Florida's Gov. Rick Scott, also a Republican.

Not very patriotic of them, now is it?

The Hill:

Now, just days after the polls closed, a number of Democrats say Congress should intervene to "normalize" voting nationwide and ensure the snags at the polls in 2012 don't plague elections down the line. 

"This ought not to be difficult. This is not rocket science," Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said in a phone interview Friday. "We've got to figure out how to clean up federal elections."

Rep. Jim Moran, another Virginia Democrat, echoed that message, saying the delays are "unforgivable in a modern society." 

"It's a form of voter suppression," Moran said Friday by phone. "For people to have to give up hours out of their work day … how is that different than a poll tax?

The rash of delays makes it "incumbent on the Congress" to step in and "normalize the process" nationwide, Moran said.

Standing O!

Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.), senior Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is also calling for federal reforms.

Now we're talking.

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But-- and there's always a but-- finding GOP cosponsors is another story.